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  1. Proud Salopian on CheckatradeGo »

    Spent a distressing day at the national stadium in early April watching my lot get bullied by Lincoln City, led by the chief bully Matt Rhead, a pub footballer on a professional pitch. We definitely didn’t come out of the woodwork, less than 12,000 from Salopia bothered their arses paying the king’s ransom to “enjoy” the show.

    15 November 2018

  2. Mark on CheckatradeGo »

    Hopefully this is a song that is about a competition that will soon be consigned to the history books.

    15 November 2018

  3. BOBBY SVARC on CheckatradeGo »

    Cov will be playing at The Griff next season

    15 November 2018

  4. Mr Ed on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    I have a spare ticket for Manchester. Get in touch if anybody needs one.

    15 November 2018

  5. Cream cheese and chives on CheckatradeGo »

    First became aware of the brand when I noticed it as a sponsor of Saturday drama on ITV in the adverts of ‘The Americans’.Shown at the l ludicrous time of 9pm on a Saturday, I think it ended up on DVD and then Amazon tv by about series 3. It’s a shame because it is a top show.
    Next thing I knew it was sponsoring the football.

    15 November 2018

  6. Graham paine on CheckatradeGo »

    Wonderful concept but let down slightly by the fact that Ipswich Town Reserves don’t compete in it.
    I don’t think the Checkatrade/Johnstones Paint Trophy/Autoshields etc has ever been prestigious. This season Mark Robins has picked deliberately weakened teams to ensure we didn’t go beyond the group stage! He succeeded.

    15 November 2018

  7. Brumbiscuit on CheckatradeGo »

    The trophy was won by Coventry City recently. My how the Sky Blues emerged from the closet as the prospect of a Wembley trip loomed large. Of course, when Birmingham City beat Tranmere Rovers in 1991 in the equivalent competition it was far more prestigious.

    15 November 2018

  8. Third Rate Les on Captain BlighGo »

    Captain Bligh’s nemesis Fletcher Christian was my great great (and then some) uncle. I have a portrait at home of his aunt.

    Glad to say I’m not his direct descendant, as that would mean I’d be from the Pitcairn Islands; his descendants tell a sorry tale about the brutal life there (worth reading Tom Christian’s obituary in the NYT from a few years ago). Blackburn’s much better…

    15 November 2018

  9. transit full of keith on CaldyGo »

    Not really a case of anyone getting it right – just one spelling winning out over time but place names staying as they were first called. I’ve bothered someone with OED access & sent you an email, should you wish to know more.

    To link back from etymology to the actual topic of the thread, let’s relish the fact that according to a blog on Wirral place names, “Caldy comes from the Anglo Saxon word calders, which was the name given to a nearby hill which meant cold arse.”

    15 November 2018

  10. Paul Fairweather on Who needs the library or the pub?Go »

    I could have sworn Ptolemys Hock was one of those craft beers they have on the shelves at Sainsburys. If not it should be.

    15 November 2018

  11. EXXO on CaldyGo »

    Cheers Keith, that’s very beautiful, kind of like the record of a light sabre battle between opposing forces in a galaxy of linguistic imperialism.

    But then again I suppose its natural that people who write and publish the kind of books that have words like “Belvedere” in would be getting it right, more so than the road-namers of Merseyside, and any answer to my OED question would have been equally skewed.

    14 November 2018

  12. GORDON BURNS on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    Just checked the status of myManchester ticket on Ticketbastard and the notice has changed to:

    “Dispatch Status
    We’ve received the tickets in for your event and we’re now starting to send them out. Don’t panic if your friends get theirs before you – we send tickets out in batches, so they may not all arrive at the same time.”

    Slightly less nervous now.

    14 November 2018

  13. dr Desperate on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »


    14 November 2018

  14. Transit full of keith on CaldyGo »

    Exxo, Google Books Ngram viewer is good for that stuff. Here’s belvidere vs belvedere:

    14 November 2018

  15. Transit full of keith on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »

    Not the only tenuous Biscuit reference in the round either – the last one (Christmas carols category) was SWTHRSHPS.

    They missed a trick with ZRR and KNDNGSKI under ‘mask-wearers’.

    14 November 2018

  16. dr Desperate on CaldyGo »

    And as chance would have it, ‘belvedere’ was one of the answers on University Challenge this week.
    (Oops, spoiler.)

    14 November 2018

  17. paul f on CaldyGo »

    Cheers Exxo – come for the lyrics, stay for the education.

    14 November 2018

  18. Bobby Pancake on Captain BlighGo »

    The mutiny occurred when the Captain suggested to Marlon Brando that he stop mumbling about tender coconut and thick, thick, chocolate.

    14 November 2018

  19. EXXO on CaldyGo »

    Probably the only pop video ever set in Belvidere Road

    Provides few clues as to why they called it that (and even fewer why it suddenly becomes Rolleston Drive two blocks north).

    14 November 2018

  20. John Anderson on Nick KnowlesGo »

    Top, top contestant.

    14 November 2018

  21. dr Desperate on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »

    The OCBR in the Missing Vowels round (spoiler alert) was
    S LPK NT.
    Incidentally, I’ve met Cruciverbalist contestants on the quiz, who assure me that there’s a two-second transmission lag on that round to allow non-nut exemplars a better go at shouting out the answers.

    (I have misgivings about the basic premise of OC, in that buzzing early to secure extra points in the first two rounds can lead to incorrect answers being allowed – it happened once for each team this week. By that logic, a team could buzz after the first clue and give any allowable answer, whether correct or not.)
    OK, carry on with the HMHB stuff.

    14 November 2018

  22. peter mcornothogist on ThelmaGo »

    “The File on Thelma Jordon”…

    14 November 2018

  23. EXXO on CaldyGo »

    Nice one Paul . Similar reasons, I’ll warrant.

    And you’ve asked the right man here (though might change your mind about that), ‘cos I used to walk along Belvidere Road Wallasey every day and play footy and cricket on Belvidere Field (Rec) there, where I assume Oldershaw OB rugby still play (?), so it intrigued me why the road (and other places elsewhere in UK) was called “Belvidere” when beautiful views were afforded by places called “belvedere”, a landscape and architectural term from Italian. My (very) educated guess is that the English knew Latin and didn’t want to know Italian, which they regarded as corrupt, so whenever on the Grand Tour they came across a “Belvedere Palace”, a “Belvedere Tower” or an “Apollo of Belvedere”, they reported it back as “Belvidere.”

    The OED has the word entering English from Italian in the late C16 and I wonder if someone with work access (Keith?) could check whether “belvidere” became a common spelling in C17, cos it certainly was by C18.

    What you’d then get, surely, is a pedantic school founder or school board chairperson insisting that they should stay with the correct spelling. I know that’s what I’d have done.

    14 November 2018

  24. paul f on CaldyGo »

    Exxo – re your spelling question, Belvedere School in Liverpool is located in Belvidere Road. Don’t ask me why.

    14 November 2018

  25. CREAM CHEESE AND CHIVES on Nick KnowlesGo »

    Announced as a competitor/participant/ member on that I’m A Celebrity programme. Rumours that he was a deadline day signing by fellow ‘celeb’ Harry Redknapp as yet unconfirmed.

    14 November 2018

  26. paul f on Who needs the library or the pub?Go »

    I can’t believe it took me this long to realise (on listening to the song again) that “that lot up the road” would be up the road from the song’s narrator, rather than any characters in IAWL (who of course do not hug each other on New Year’s Eve at any point in the film). Still struggling with Ptolemy’s Hock though.

    14 November 2018

  27. EXXO on Captain BlighGo »

    Joined the navy as a cabin boy aged just 6 years, 9 months and 22 days. Was on Captain Cook’s final, fateful four-year voyage as sailing master of the Resolution from age 21 to 26, where under Cook’s guidance he fine-tuned the navigational & cartographic skills that would ensure his survival & sanity when cast adrift by the Bounty mutineers later in his career. By most accounts a decent commander.

    14 November 2018

  28. Flintlock on Boardman BikeGo »

    A friend of mine has a Boardman cyclocross bike that he refers to as his “Stan”.

    14 November 2018

  29. Archie Walker on Boardman BikeGo »

    I only joined my employer’s Cycle to Work scheme two or three weeks before this song was released, and i nearly wet myself . I had even looked at the Boardman bikes in Halfords but in order to reduce my salary sacrifice i opted for the less expensive Voodoo Bantu. Again, it’s extremely ironic, as i have not ridden a bike since i was 13, when i was a in a bike vs car traffic collision which left me comatose, four days before Mr Cave…. was recorded at John Peel’s session, and the position in which i lay on the road was identical to the graphic on 90 Bisodol[Crimond].

    14 November 2018

  30. Archibald walker on Boardman BikeGo »

    I nearly wet myself when i heard this lyric, a fortnight earlier i had actually joined the cycle to work scheme run by my employer. AND had considered a Boardman bike. Opted instead for a cheaper Halfords voodoo, but i haven’t used a bike since i was 13, due to ending up prone on the road, lain like 90 Bisodol artwork .

    14 November 2018

  31. Justin Derbyshire on CaldyGo »

    See also; that Danny from that Ladytron.

    13 November 2018

  32. EXXO on The Chief Executive, fresh from ReykjavikGo »

    I assume the song originates in the exact same re-start/back to work experiences you’re describing there, Lou. I used to wonder if Mr. B ever sent in any spoof applications for top exec jobs, re-cycling the jargon back at them, but I doubt it ‘cos then he’d have been in some danger of actually getting a job. And then where would we be?

    One job he could definitely have though, with lines like “The chief executive, fresh from Reykjavik” is as a writer of Icelandic sagas, with all their wonderful assonance and alliteration.

    13 November 2018

  33. EXXO on CaldyGo »

    Along with TRFC legend Ken Beamish of course.

    And latterly Max Power of the same parish.

    13 November 2018

  34. Justin derbyshire on CaldyGo »

    Harold Wilson went to Wirral Grammar, Chris. So did Barry Grant.

    13 November 2018

  35. Phyllis Triggs on The Chief Executive, fresh from ReykjavikGo »

    I remember being on some back to work bollox late 90’s/early 2000’s sat looking through the same employment pages in the same newspapers over and over again and it occurred to me that if only a person could be arsed, all these hideous corporate phrases could be put together to make a poem of sorts. Of course I couldn’t be arsed, all I was interested in was applying for the required number of jobs so I could high-tail it out of there. Anyway, hearing this song years later, it was great to discover that a very highly skilled and suitably experienced candidate had risen to the challenge.

    13 November 2018

  36. CHRIS QUINN on CaldyGo »

    Harold Wilson went to Calday Grammar, and my sister teaches there.

    13 November 2018

  37. Proud Salopian on Boardman BikeGo »

    I bought a Boardman bike on the Cycle to Work scheme about 10 years ago. Superb Hybrid Team which is still going strong and was worth every penny of the subsidised price.
    My pedals take both SPD cleats and ordinary shoes, hilarious, ungraceful dismounts often ensue when I forget that it’s a cleat day.

    13 November 2018

  38. EXXO on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »

    Found the missing vowels pretty easy last night, and did OK on the walls too, but can’t remember what the OCBR was.

    I often think of the advantage you have Doc (as an exemplar of a crossword nut), when I can’t quite get the more crosswordy connections quick enough, though that suffix one last night was do-able.

    13 November 2018

  39. BrumbIscuit on Boardman BikeGo »

    My first and only SPD experience – actually it was Crank Bros Eggbeaters, come to think of it – was when I cycled along the canal to Lidl and safely unclipped. On the way home, however, I got to my cul-de-sac which is on a slight slope downhill. My habit was to allow the bike to gather speed and to then put the brakes on at the last minute just before hitting the garage door. This I did, and suddenly remembered that I was clipped in. Cue my graceful, inevitable fall onto the floor. No witnesses, thankfully. Pedals ditched for normal ones very soon after. It wasn’t the Harry Quinn, which has toeclips and straps that I am used to.

    Boardman bikes are actually quite good, considering Halfrauds sell them, especially when they are sold off at large discounts in the summer before the next year’s models arrive in the shops.

    13 November 2018

  40. Peggy mountS boyfriend on CaldyGo »

    If you get the 82 bus from/to West Kirby you can frighten the life out of the locals by getting on or off one of Caldys bus stops.

    13 November 2018

  41. Jim_Chimney on Boardman BikeGo »

    I’ll tell you this for nothing, I’ll tell you this as well there’s a big difference between SPD for MTB’s and SPD-SL. Boardman’s seem to beloved of Halfords. I’m Cannondales, GT and Klein so never gave them much of a look. A mate of mine had a lovely Boardman which he built up (replacing stock components) He’s was all Shimano Ultegra when it got swiped. I found myself humming “Excavating Rita” when he was near.

    13 November 2018

  42. dr desperate on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »

    I don’t think it’s giving too much away to say that there’s a song reference in the Missing Vowels round of this week’s Only Connect (Motorheads v Time Ladies).

    13 November 2018

  43. Stephen Crossman on Boardman BikeGo »

    Perversely the “clip in” type of pedal is called “clipless” in cycling jargon.
    Serious roadies will go for the type which has a protruding engagement plate on the bottom of the shoes, hence the slightly cautious duck walk.
    Mountain bikers will use a Shimano “SPD” pedal which still has the clip in function but the shoe and clip design means it protrudes less and the walk is normal. These are much better for normal use.
    Have you discovered Wiggle yet?

    13 November 2018

  44. Nigel,no not that one (nx3to) on Boardman BikeGo »

    Cleat covers would do a job negating slippery floors.

    13 November 2018

  45. dr Desperate on CaldyGo »

    Ref Olaf, I did try reading ‘Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future’ last year as we were going to see an arty film based on it at the Manchester International Festival.
    I found that by reading every tenth word or so I could get through it within a weekend without sacrificing any of the plot, such as it was.
    (As it turned out, the film concentrated on only the last couple of chapters of the book, so I could have got away with reading even less of it.)

    13 November 2018

  46. EXXO on Boardman BikeGo »

    Just noticed from your pics that the bike shops these days put up pics of their bikes without any pedals. Googled a bit and found that this is ‘cos you can now buy them with different types of pedals, some of which I had never heard of and seem to involve scary footwear. I never even realised that there were such things as cycling shoes. All this reasearch meant that some you tube vids started playing and before I knew it I had been compelled to weigh my bike, and learned that most club road cyclists these days are on bikes that weigh less than half of what my bike-around-town bike weighs. I now want to try a posh bike on an open road, and some of the non-clip clippy wotsits. Though how do they work when you stop for a pint? Could be lethal on a slippy jakes floor?

    This is how you get sucked in to any hobby I suppose, by an obsession with the gear. What’s the betting I’ll be timing my braking efficiency for marginal gains on my fishing trips, by the time we get to ‘S’ for Strava?

    13 November 2018

  47. Peggy mountS boyfriend on BladderwrackGo »

    Covers the rocks around Hilbre. Once you’ve navigated the quicksand you can break your neck clambering over the rather slippy stuff.

    13 November 2018

  48. eXXO on CaldyGo »

    Poshest and most expensive village on the posh side of Wirral. The golf club is one of several very exclusive ones in the area, and how humble John McNamara knew the right people to get invited to join is a mystery from the domain of secret handshakes no doubt. One assumes he doesn’t just pay the £80 fee for 18 holes every time he wants a round (though winter rates are much cheaper – £27.50 incl. breakfast). No casual or golf clothing in the clubhouse (I once got banned from playing snooker at a similar club nearby ‘cos, though a guest of a member, I took off my suit jacket to reveal a pair of trendy red braces that were considered too working class).

    Mates from school who lived in Caldy had the best parties, especially when their folks were posh doctors/academics and just left them to it. But I doubt there’s many academics that can afford to live there these days when they can sell their mansions to footballers and car dealers.

    Talking of academics, home to Olaf Stapledon who wrote huge quantities of bad inter-war sci-fi which was widely considered brilliant just because of the vastness of its imaginative scope across the history and especially future of the universe and the human race. Try some and tell me you don’t find him unreadable.
    ‘The Referee’s Alphabet’ of course is set in Stapledon Woods. Which like so much of West Wirral is superb for bird noises.

    Is Calday Grange Grammar School possibly the only one in the UK that spells the place differently to show it’s old and posh? I always used to score loads at CGGS in hockey matches.

    Caldy has been happy home to Goofy for the last 14 years
    Rafa has possibly the best view of the whole beautiful Deeside area, because Caldy Hill is the only place you look down on Hilbre to the NW and still look back along most of the Flintshire coast and Clwydian Hills to the South and SW.

    13 November 2018

  49. Coops on The Chief Executive, fresh from ReykjavikGo »

    I always had ITA down as “Individual Training Accounts”.

    13 November 2018

  50. cream cheese and chives on BladderwrackGo »

    We go out to the Hebrides a fair amount and seaweed of all sorts is held in high regard there. Traditionally it was used in dying tweed, fertilising the lazybeds that were used to grow vegetables and its ashes were used to wrap cheese. Some of these practices are still ongoing but as the islands-especially Harris-get more gentrified so there are less exponents of these old crafts. I think it is used in the now obligatory gin distilling that goes on. I suspect this is the ‘unique selling point’ of their brew.

    13 November 2018

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