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  1. kittymc on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!

    22 September 2018

  2. BOBBY SVARC on Trad. Arr. TunesGo »

    Lots of Jalapenos on YouTube.

    22 September 2018

  3. Gipton Teenager on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    Didn’t realise I just got another palindrome there.

    22 September 2018

  4. Gipton Teenager on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    Hope everyone enjoys the “Mordant Wirral dolecore ” (Grauniad) on Friday.

    22 September 2018

  5. EXXO on Trad. Arr. TunesGo »

    Well I recently saw new guitarist Karl’s punk covers band, and trust me they’re just going to get better and better at such covers. He’s surprisingly adept at mockney vocals himself (Pistols, Jam, Jilted John, Sham 69, etc), but I don’t expect he’ll be taking over from Mr. B for songs like theirs any time soon.

    22 September 2018

  6. EXXO on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Given that we know from the last interview there has been a recent correspondence between Messrs Blackwell and Osman, I do suspect that rounds such as last week’s “words that end in …ock” have been very much inspired by the song. Art imitating art imitating life.

    Karen (and all who intend to join the “tour” on Friday), email me to let me know when you’ll get to L’pool, I’m away a couple of days, but then I’ll work out on Monday night/Tuesday am what the exact itinerary will be, with options to leave on bus from Liverpool at 2.15 pm or for some to join us later on a bus leaving L’pool at 4.20 pm, when we’ll still be drinking in the Swan (yes I know I keep saying that – I just like the sound of it). I’ve had official permission to show you the house where HMHB was formed, which is just round the corner from the Swan. Back to L’pool at 6pm.

    22 September 2018

  7. Cathedral juice on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    He comes in at no. 12 in the table, I think. (Their highest position since Snooker Loopy.) A widely underrated combo, about whom much will doubtless be gleaned from BBC4 repeats next Saturday.

    22 September 2018

  8. Chris The Siteowner on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Nobody going on after Chas & Dave any more.

    22 September 2018

  9. Attempted moustache on Trad. Arr. TunesGo »

    Can’t remember many covers way back at early gigs (late 80s or so) , probably due to my cerebral condition during most gigs. Did play before HMHB a couple of times (We didn’t even have an album out!) , I’d say ‘support’ but it was far from that…

    I do remember seeing them at the long gone ‘Duchess of York’ in Leeds in late 98 or 99? They finished with a just perfect version of ‘Transmission’. I remember shutting my eyes and thinking how much it actually sounded like Joy Division.

    I’ve always liked the was HMHB tend to just recreate these songs in the original style rather than try to do their own. Holiday in Cambodia being another where they just became The Dead Kennedys for a few minutes.

    Just a few thoughts.

    22 September 2018

  10. mister tubbs on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Last week on “Celebrity” Eggheads, the former BBC sports reporter Chris Hollins, whose dad was John Hollins of Chelsea and Arsenal fame, was selected for the sports round, one of his questions should’ve been right up his street – What position did Lev Yashin play? – Hollins’ response was “I’ve never heard of him!”

    22 September 2018

  11. CArrie Anne on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    On today’s Pointless, there was a round about films with birds in the titles.
    I was faintly amused to see one of the the questions was “- Soup (1933, Groucho Marx)”. Even better, the answer put forward by the knobhead contestant was “Chicken”.

    21 September 2018

  12. Chris The Siteowner on HMHB on SpotifyGo »

    I can see some of the more data-analysis-inclined regulars to this site having fun with scatter charts on some of this stuff. Happy to post anything you come up with. – CtSO

    21 September 2018

  13. Chrisp on Hear the word ‘aplomb’ being usedGo »

    There’s definitely no “yes” in the second line of the first chorus (before “she’s keeping…”). Pedantic nitpickery I know…..

    21 September 2018

  14. transit full of keith on Rule number one – carry on walkingGo »

    More evidence of prophetic tendencies:

    21 September 2018

  15. transit full of keith on Cemetery GatesGo »

    He liked a pint, he liked a brawl, by all accounts. Not sure if he like a scone though.

    Whillans’s comment to two badly-equipped Japanese climbers on the North Face of the Eiger could also be said to the protagonist of Mod Diff V Diff:

    “You going up?”
    “Yes, yes!”

    “You may be going a lot higher than you think.”

    21 September 2018

  16. dr Desperate on Cemetery GatesGo »

    The BBC broadcast a live programme in 1963 featuring Whillans and Joe Brown scaling Cloggy. Unfortunately technical problems meant that little was seen of it.

    21 September 2018

  17. transit full of keith on Cemetery GatesGo »

    Definitely worth noting – that is a lovely half-hour of telly. And much better for not having music, slow-mo, headcams, or other gimmicks you tend to see in more recent climbing docs.

    Don Whillans was a legendary character in the mountaineering books I devoured as a teenager, but I’d never seen him on camera before. Nice moment when he rocks up smoking a fag inside his motorbike helmet.

    21 September 2018

  18. paul f on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Yes – one of my ODAM messages was played back in their Radio 2 days causing much hilarity due to my message referencing my location (Berkshire) in sharp contrast to my accent (Scouse). Thankfully very few of my work colleagues were regular listeners.

    21 September 2018

  19. Gipton Teenager on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    @Exxo I don’t listen to Radmac much, as I work outside and DAB requires industrial quantities of batteries. It’s 4 for me, usually for a laugh, although on Wednesday there was a repeat of ‘The 56’ (about the Bradford City fire ) which upset me greatly. Football supporters of whatever stripe should give it a listen.
    (I’m still getting the ExxonMobil problem, how do I stop it?)

    21 September 2018

  20. Bat Walk Leader on Cemetery GatesGo »

    A week or so seems long enough to assume that my previous attempt at commenting here is lost forever.
    I thought it was worth noting that there is a somewhat well known rock climbing route in Wales called Cemetery Gates (which I discovered by watching this short doco). It’s in the Pass of Llanberis (about 10km south of Capel Curig).

    21 September 2018

  21. kittymc on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »

    Thank you, all is clear! Top notch punning there, I really should have got it. The “jumping up and down” bit in particular – marvellous. I once read a very amusing comment BTL in The Guardian about Frank Field’s extraordinary capacity for fence-sitting and I think that threw me. Plus the original Michael Buble joke. But all of this is no excuse. I haven’t listened to Urge for Offal for ages, and I’m going to listen to it again NOW, as a matter of urgency.

    20 September 2018

  22. kittymc on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Ooh. Just read the article more … carefully.

    “Vans with illuminated signs, parked at each end of the fenland town’s bypass signposted its arrival.”

    Does this buttress the prick barriers? Philosophically, I would say yes, though it pains me, as it is Tesco’s we’re talking about. What a pickle!

    20 September 2018

  23. kittymc on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    “There’s clearly not much to do on a rainy day in Chatteris; that’s why so many people are here,” said Robert, a local resident who said he had come down “to see what all the fuss was about”.

    20 September 2018

  24. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Meant 56th. Everything is spinning today. As ever, it’s the hope that you didn’t even really knew you had so strongly that kills you.

    20 September 2018

  25. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Soz for assuming everyone’s a Radmac listener. Overnight Drunken Answering Machine is how the first chain suggestion is done each day.

    Just had my hopes dashed for work this autumn or winter. Again. Imagine that and the change to Mary frickin’ Anne frickin’ Hobbs in the daytime on 6Music this winter. I’ll be lucky to make it to my 59th Spring.

    20 September 2018

  26. Gipton Teenager on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    ODAM? Whaddat?

    20 September 2018

  27. Crown greeN bowler, age 29 on New Half Man Half Biscuit Album in 2018Go »

    Dear Probe Plus,

    Can I get my money back as there are no clues for 12 down and 22 down ?!

    Or are they hidden in the lyrics somewhere?

    I feel very short-changed…

    I may have to leave a bad review.


    Disillusioned of Crieff

    20 September 2018

  28. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Why do I ever waste time and energy on the flipping miserable old HMHB-snubbing Chain? They haven’t featured Our Lads for well over 2.5 years now.
    I don’t send them anything like as many suggestions as I used to, ‘cos I haven’t been able to text since a phone got smashed at the Sheffield gig well over a year ago, and the SIM just won’t do outgoing texts in another phone for some strange reason, so it’s always email or ODAM. Too much information, I know. But note to self: let’s try to change that to not bothering, ever.

    Although I am slightly tempted for BBC music day, just as an annoying art experience, to use the Chain ODAM for 206 separate increasingly drunken messages starting at midnight that day, showing that you can in fact connect any song by anyone to any HMHB song. Like the pleading, increasingly pathetic messages of an obsessed ex. That would be one way to retire from several years of Chain rejection.

    20 September 2018

  29. WARDEN HODGES on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    Haha, not that I’m in the habit of hanging around bogs either but yes the Phil’s are the cleanest I’ve ever been in.

    20 September 2018

  30. Gipton Teenager on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    @ Gordon. If you don’t mind going into pubs the Gents toilet in the Philharmonic Dining Rooms is well worth a visit. Tate Liverpool is on the waterfront.

    20 September 2018

  31. Bad wools on Hot soup in the aftermathGo »

    Even more poignant, unless it’s just me and it usually is: Hot Soup In The Aftermath is what you get when you’re too old for Hot Fun In The Summertime. But just before, one assumes, Hot Soup In The Afterlife.

    20 September 2018

  32. EXXO on Drinking weak lager in a Camden boozerGo »

    Your band doesn’t seem to be one of them, but “things that are disambiguated under BA on Wikipedia” would IMHO be a dead good round on Pointless.

    19 September 2018

  33. EXXO on Drinking weak lager in a Camden boozerGo »

    By deduction, based on number of band members, you are The Ba, which is in no way an abbreviation of Blue Aerpolanes (another first time typo that I’m loving and so leaving), but is very difficult to google. Have a good ‘un!

    19 September 2018

  34. Irish Niall on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    I just cancelled my double room at the Birkenhead Premier Inn if anyone’s stuck for digs on the 28th 🙁

    Ah well -maybe 2020

    19 September 2018

  35. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    ‘Grocer Jack’ last record on the Chain – which can mean only one suggestion on the ODAM 03700 100 600. The only question is how many of us will ring in?

    (This is definitely not a campaign though. Oh no)

    19 September 2018

  36. EXXO on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    @ Gordon. It would in my view be slightly remiss of you not to see something of the landscapes and sights that inspired so many of the songs. I am taking a select few on a top-deck, top-quality bus tour of the Wirral, where the main Biscuity sights are just minutes away from L’pool city centre and some of the more picturesque ones are ceratinly worth the rest of the journey. It will cost about £4-£6 on 2 or 3 buses, depending, cos the schedule is still TBC once we find out who can join us when, but altogether it will take place from about 2.15-6pm, finding out who still drinks in The Swan, then back in Town to allow time for model-admiration. Email the site and Chris will put us in touch.

    19 September 2018

  37. dr Desperate on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    @Bobby: I’ll have the “Get Your Genuine Autographed Photographs Here” sandwich-board ready, à la Wilfrid Brambell.

    19 September 2018

  38. GORDON BURNS on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    @DD: Many thanks. Really looking forward to this trip, especially now that it potentially includes the Bilston gig model.

    19 September 2018

  39. surprised of anglia on Drinking weak lager in a Camden boozerGo »

    Our band is headlining at the famous Camden boozer, The Dublin Castle on Friday. Sadly, we are five, well-fed,punky middle-agers. We will however, be sampling the weak lager.

    19 September 2018

  40. BOBBY SVARC on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    @DD: I’ll get the signed photographs over to you by the end of the week. I was going to say charge them a pound each but just give them away.

    19 September 2018

  41. dr Desperate on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    Covering the waterfront, you’ll be in the right place to take in most of the free exhibits of the Liverpool Biennial.
    Alternatively, Friday viewing times are still available for the Terracotta Army exhibition at the World Museum on William Brown St, though these are £14.50 a pop.
    On Friday afternoon I’ll be at the ‘Richard John Blackler’ ‘Spoons on Gt Charlotte St exhibiting Micky Bates’ brilliant scale model of the Bilston HMHB gig – the light show’s excellent. Probably 4-5pm, depending on other bits of fun.

    19 September 2018

  42. GORDON BURNS on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    Liverpool next Friday…
    I have most of Friday to kill, possibly some of Saturday morning. What should be on the list of things to see and do for this (teetotal) soft southerner, who hates football? Plan A is to park near the waterfront and wander.

    19 September 2018

  43. Keith perry on Grant BaynhamGo »

    Sorry, an ester is a salt of a fatty acid. Obviously I meant Esther. Or did I?

    18 September 2018

  44. Keith perry on Grant BaynhamGo »

    He attended King Edward VI School, Stourbridge at the same time as me. Ran cross – country (I have a team photo)
    Very quiet and unassuming. Very surprised to see him as one of Ester’s boys a few years on.

    18 September 2018

  45. dr Desperate on I’ll tell you about the Cuban’s eight-foot strideGo »

    See my post 57 in the ‘F for The Fall’ A – Z entry for a similar thought.

    18 September 2018

  46. peter mcornothologist on EnoGo »

    The Eno are Native Americans living in North Carolina.

    17 September 2018

  47. Mike Longfellow on Pre-Gig ChatGo »

    Liverpool spare tickets: I’ve now got two spare tickets for Liverpool, as unfortunately, it clashes with a wedding. I’m just looking to recoup the £25 per ticket that I paid out (not looking to make a profit on the deal). Thanks!

    (Update: Tickets now gone – Chris)

    17 September 2018

  48. Bobbybottler on I’ll tell you about the Cuban’s eight-foot strideGo »

    Just played this for the first time in ages, and was immediately struck by how much like The Fall it sounds. Container Drivers perhaps, which I think they’ve covered live in any case?

    16 September 2018

  49. dr Desperate on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »

    Quite so, @TFoK: a deliberate mishearing of Frank Ifield as Frank I. Field, intended for comic effect. Shame Nigel didn’t pronounce his name Efield (or Eelfield).

    16 September 2018

  50. Transit full of keith on The first man into space was Captain BlighGo »

    @KittyMc – Pop over to the lyrics page of ‘Westward Ho! Massive Letdown’ and I think you’ll find enlightenment.

    16 September 2018