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  1. Bobby Svarc on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Coventry had their biggest game of the season in the Birmingham Senior Cup v Nuneaton. The Boro’ won 3-0

    20 November 2019

  2. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Ooh look. A chance for Cov to realise their revenge on Robson’s rogerers in the 2nd round, and earn a home-and-away tie with Brum in the 3rd … or an everybody needs good neighbours tie with Leicester or a bit of country practice near Stroud.

    20 November 2019

  3. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Jocky Wilson, even.

    20 November 2019

  4. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @ TFOK – Alas, it appears no clip exists on You Tube. Just discovered the guys who wrote that also penned the classic ‘Head Over Heels In Love’ for Kevin Keegan.

    @ Mister Tubbs – Ta for the extra half point. Rather annoyingly, I had ‘Scotland the Brave’ written down as the answer to the second part of Q.17, but neglected to post it.

    Here’s that wonderfully evocative BBC World Cup Grandstand theme from ‘78. Interestingly, Jocky WIlson, recently mentioned on this site, appears at 0:22…

    20 November 2019

  5. professor abelazar woozle on Ernie ShackletonGo »

    Now has a whisky named after him, based on the contents of the bottles that were found cached under the floor of his base. Not as good as the limited edition one that was intended to replicate it as exactly as possible, but quite drinkable none the less. Slainte!

    20 November 2019

  6. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Mr Tubbs: Ha Ha, that sounds like The Huntsman. I think that game was on a Sunday afternoon because of Christmas shopping. You took the lead if I remember, Lineker got a hat trick.

    20 November 2019

  7. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Here are the answers to last Friday’s Quiz:-

    1 – The 4 players mentioned in HMHB songs that were in the squads for the World Cup were:- Rossi, Zoff, Zico and Arconada, although Arconada didn’t get to play
    2 – Holland were the only team Argentina played on the way to winning the World Cup, that failed to qualify for the next World Cup
    3 – Martin Tyler was commentating at his 1st World Cup, and his 1st match was Tunisia-v-Mexico
    4 – The 3 commentators appearing at their last World Cup, and their final match were:- David Coleman(Argentina-v-Holland), Alan Weeks (brazil-v-Poland) and Arthur Montford (scotland-v-Holland)
    5 – In the Argentina-Hungary math, Gerald Sinstadt complained that he couldn’t read the black and white Argentinian numbers on the back of their blue and white shirts, he also didn’t know why there was a minute’s silence before the game, and he also complained about the host broadcaster identifying Norbert Alonso as scoring the winning goal, after Sinstadt had correctly called the scorer as Daniel Bertoni
    6 – Helmut Schoen(west Germany) and Georg Ericsson(Sweden) were the 2 managers who also coached the same teams in the previous World Cup
    7 – the 3 managers at the 78 World Cup, who also managed the same teams in 1982 were Cesar Menotti(Argentina), Enzo Bearzot(Italy) and Michel Hidalgo(France)
    8 – Ernst Happel was the Dutch manager, and Vienna is the city where the national stadium was named after him, when he died
    9 – Andras Toeroecsik was the other Hungarian player sent off in the closing minutes of their opening match
    10 – Roberto Bettega was the Italian who hit the bar 3 times in the match with Hungary
    11 – The Hungary-France match was delayed for 40 minutes, because both teams turned up in their white away strips, and France ended up wearing the green and white stripes of a local club in Mar del Plata
    12 – West Germany were involved in 3 goal-less draws against Poland, Tunisia and Italy
    13 – 1-0 shared the most frequent score-line with 3-1, if you include the final which was 1-1 at 90 minutes.
    14 – Robert Rensenbrink and Teofilo Cubillas both scored hat-tricks against Iran
    15 – Ernie Brandts scored for both teams in the Holland-Italy match
    16 – Julio cardenosa was the Spaniard who missed a sitter against Brazil (divot or no divot, he should still have scored)
    17 – Graeme Souness was seen singing God Save the Queen before Scotland’s win over Holland – 4 years later he would have been singing along to Scotland the Brave
    18 – Tunisia and Iran are the other two finalists from 78, who have since changed their national anthems
    19 -Rod Stewart recorded “Ole, Ola”
    20 – Ennio Morricone recorded the official theme tune for Argentina ’78 (a slightly more jaunty number than the one Mick Hucknall did for Euro 96) (it can be heard at 59.50 on this you tube clip)

    21 – this is the trick question – Remember this is 1978, with Argentina ruled by a ruthless, right wing dictator, and in those days it wasn’t common place for celebrities to appear at opening ceremonies, so sadly no gig for Elton John at the River Plate Stadium – instead the 12 inch version of the Argentinian national anthem was performed by a bog standard army band (it can be heard on the above clip at 41.30 minus Elton John)
    22 – Pat Partridge was the English referee who booked the Peruvian goalie. I always remembered him as coming from Cockfield, Co.Durham, although I’ll accept Billingham as well.
    23 – Swedish referee Ulf Eriksson awarded the only 2 penalties at the 78 World Cup, which weren’t scored. Don Masson’s penalty was saved by Ramon Quiroga(Peru) and Kazimierz Deyna’s penalty was saved by Ubaldo Fillol(Argentina)
    24 – French ref Robert Wurtz awarded Scotland a penalty for hand-ball by Joe Jordan in the decisive qualifier against Wales
    25 – According to FIFA, the reason why Clive Thomas wasn’t allowed to referee any more games at the World Cup, was because he held his head in his hands when a Swedish defender almost put through his own-goal.
    26 – the official reasons why all of Argentina’s group games kicked off at 7.15pm, were firstly, as in West Germany in 1974, it was agreed that any other games being played at the same time would suffer at the turnstiles, if the host nation was also playing, and secondly, the main European TV companies wanted all the games played at prime time in Europe, as had been the case in Mexico 1970, but Argentina insisted that their games at least, should be played at a time when people could either attend the match or watch it on television, rather than miss it through work or school
    27 – Dr.Henry Kissinger was the politician alleged to have visited the Peruvian changing rooms, along with the Argentinian president, before or during their match with Argentina
    28 – David Coleman called out 1-0 twice in the early stages of the Argentina-Peru match, firstly when Juan-Jose Munante of Peru had a shot that came back off the inside of the post, with Coleman thinking it had gone in, and secondly when Mario Kempes scored Argentina’s 1st goal
    29 – Coventry City fans would’ve been rooting for Arsenal in the 78 FA Cup Final, as an Arsenal victory combined with a Liverpool win in the European Cup final, would’ve given Coventry the final place in the following seasons UEFA Cup, with Arsenal going into the Cup Winners Cup, and Liverpool into the European Cup.
    30 – A very brief rendition of Everything’s AOR can seemingly be heard during the Brazil-USSR match in the 1982 World Cup – I don’t known if Neil was at that match?

    20 November 2019

  8. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Lux Inferior – I’ll give you that extra 1/2 pt for q.13, I remember in 1986, I thought I’d won a few quid when Belgium knocked out USSR, but the bookies said they’d only pay out on the score at 90 minutes. I’d like to see HMHB cover the West German song from possibly 1986 – I can’t find it on you tube – it was a very slow number, led by a German version of Julio Iglesias, really dire stuff!
    @Bobby Svarc – Great model, that brings back some memories. Love your other models of Filbert Street. I think I only went there twice with Coventry, one of them was a 5-1 hammering at Christmas time, I remember a really good Everards pub on one of the side roads near the ground, can’t remember what it was called, but you wouldn’t want to wear a Cov replica shirt over your jumper round there!

    20 November 2019

  9. transit full of keith on Cambridge Junction, Cambridge gig – 6th September 2019Go »

    Flying Pig pre-gig loiterers, and those there on the night of the cancelled gig back in April, and especially anyone who signed the online petition, might be pleased to hear that it has been saved from demolition. Although it will probably be surrounded by skyscrapers by the time of the next Cambridge Biscuit gig.

    20 November 2019

  10. Alice van der meer on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Given the number of tribute acts on the O2’s schedule any time you look at it, that’s probably not a bad call, actually. Apart from a band night at the Jericho where I can only remember the one act that impressed with their shiteness, I think the only other bands I’ve seen in Oxford in almost 20 years are John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett and All About Eve (now there’s an interesting night’s line up – HMHB, O&B, & AAE!). Actually, tell a lie, I forgot Richard Thompson.

    20 November 2019

  11. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Is it a good moment to confess that I’ve seen only *them* in Oxford?

    20 November 2019

  12. Alice van der meer on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Is this a good moment to confess that I’ve *only* seen them in Oxford?

    No? Bother! Ah well…

    20 November 2019

  13. MALCOLM of arimathea on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    @ Dr D @ Lord L. My dad was also at school there with Ronnie Barker, a few years younger. By the time I went to what was nominally the same school it had been merged with another on its present site in Glanville Road, off the Cowley Road and closer to the O2 than the original. It’s called the Oxford Spires Academy these days.

    Very much looking forward to Friday, I think the last time I saw them was the previous Oxford O2 gig.

    20 November 2019

  14. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    A great quiz Mr Tubbs. BTW You may like this model that I did. Of course, I felt quite wretched until it left my studio. In return, I received the CDs ‘Sent To Coventry’ and ‘Sent To Cov Too’.

    20 November 2019

  15. Transit full of keith on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Lux, Last June in London they did a quick burst of the England 1982 effort “This Time (we’ll get it right)”

    20 November 2019

  16. LUX INFERIOR on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Cheers Tubbsy. I’m chuffed with that. You’ve brought back a shed load of memories and had me humming the Beeb theme tune repeatedly. The sticker album will get a viewing later, as will You Tube clips from the time, in particular Nelinho’s outrageous goal in the third place play-off.

    I could possibly quibble over a potential half point in relation to Q.13 – seems there were six 2-1 scorelines and seven of 3-1. However, one of the 3-1 outcomes was in the final; the score was 1-1 at 90 minutes, which is the score on which bookies would settle. So, in theory, we could say there were 6 of each.

    Do you think the boys would cover a World Cup theme tune at an appropriate time/venue?

    20 November 2019

  17. lord leominster on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    @ Dr D. That could well be my dad’s old school, then, as he went to school with R Barker, and Heinz Wolff too (but that might not have been the same school at the same time).

    In all seriousness, I am sorry not to be able to attend on Friday and my no-show is entirely due to boring domestic arrangements. The Cowley Road has bags of character (and characters) and is well worth a visit. Just don’t waste your time trying to drive along it, that’s all.

    20 November 2019

  18. transit full of keith on Ernie ShackletonGo »

    Ice-axe leg-pullers might enjoy spending half an hour browsing the Scott Polar Research Institute’s Shackleton collection (the museum in Cambridge is worth a visit as well) here:

    20 November 2019

  19. Lu on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Thanks for the possible timings! Hopefully Mr LU won’t be held up, or our daughter will have to use his ticket instead!

    20 November 2019

  20. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Lux Inferior – well done, I make it that you got 20 pts, (I’ve given you 1pt for the 78 FA Cup Final, getting the right reason).
    Q3-Motson made his debut 4 years earlier
    Q11-the France-Hungary delayed kick off was nothing to do with the weather, or the state of the pitch
    Q13-You were one goal out with the most popular score-line
    Q21-As far as I know Caballe didn’t have any role at the 78 World Cup
    Q22-I think Jack Taylor had retired by then, although he did referee in the qualifying rounds
    Q30-Chatteris was knocked out by the song in question, in controversial circumstances, it seems the prick barriers weren’t strong enough to keep Dr.Kissinger at bay!

    @Exxo – I’ve got you down for 11pts. Re the Kissinger thing, I’m not sure there was any evidence that he was involved in the alleged fix. From what I’ve read, and heard over the years, of the Peruvian players who were aware he was in the changing room, they reckoned all he said was something along the lines of “Good luck”, rather than anything more sinister like “that’s a nice white shirt with the red stripe, be a shame if it ended up in the Atlantic” there’s been so many different allegations about how it was fixed, we’ll probably never know what actually happened!

    @Bobby Svarc – Re the Coventry being done out of Europe twice, in fairness in 78 Liverpool did their bit by beating Bruges in the European Cup Final, but it was immaterial then as Arsenal had cocked up against Ipswich a few days earlier. As a Coventry fan, it was very satisfying in 1980, when Arsenal lost the Cup Final to west Ham on the Saturday, and then lost the Cup Winners Cup Final to Valencia a few days later, and if I remember correctly, about a week after that they got hammered at Middlesbrough to miss out on the final UEFA Cup place as well.

    20 November 2019

  21. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    And is called The Four Candles, as it’s two doors down from the building that used to house Ronnie Barker’s old school, but you probably already know that too.

    20 November 2019

  22. LUX INFERIOR on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Have you short-changed yourself there Exxo? You seem to have got a few more than 6.75-7.75. I was working on the basis that a point could be awarded for every single correct answer so that, for example, 4 points were available for Q.1, 1 point for Q.2, 2 points for Q.3, 6 points for Q.4,etc (total available overall = 54).

    Re. that ’78 World Cup theme – couldn’t agree more. As stated previously, second only to ITV’s ’86 effort in the list of greatest ever World Cup TV themes.

    20 November 2019

  23. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Liverpool’s Heysel shenanigans scuppered Coventry’s ECWC qualification by winning the FA Cup in 1987. Hilariously, the Sky Blues reward for the European ban was a half-arsed attempt to get both English and Scottish Cup Winners in a sort of Anglo Scottish Challenge Cup affair, Sillet’s army were paired with St Mirren, the first leg in Cov was that bad the whole charade was scrapped. The trophy, bizarrely, ended up in the General Wolfe pub on the Foleshill Road for a time. PUSB

    20 November 2019

  24. Alice van der meer on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Bother, if I pass comment on that one, it labels me a farmboy! Ah well, in for a penny…

    20 November 2019

  25. Alice van der meer on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    It was a far from National Shite Weekend for some of us, combining my first ever HMHB gig with my first ever overseas cricket tour (Holland). Though some of the National Shite is in a friend’s shop window (I’ve never mentioned it)…

    The Spoons is on George Street, so quite a trek from the O2, but you probably already know that.

    20 November 2019

  26. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Of course I’m mixing up the fabulous World Cup Grandstand 1978 theme tune, the “dang-diddle-diddle-dang-dang, ding, dang-diddle-diddle-dang-dang, ding” one and the Morricone one (which although I’ve answered it in more than one quiz over the years, I might never have heard it till about 5 minutes ago).

    But Mick – Kenny Dalglish’s Wembley aplomb enabled an extra English club to have a roller-coaster run to the quarter finals of European glory; ’twas the Tractor Boys i beating Arsenal (them as in “the big six plus Arsenal”, or as in “the top four plus Arsenal, Spurs and United”) who denied Coventry’s 1977-78 season a fitting climax (little joke there for the vintage tractor afficionadoes).

    20 November 2019

  27. EXXO on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Given all that, there’s really not much leeway is there? Geoff hasn’t answered email this week (if he still gets to know about these things), hope things OK with him. My money’s on Dogminder 7.00-7.30/40, HMHB 8-10, but if HMHB were on a few mins before 8, it would not surprise.

    FWIW our participation on Friday is of unknown likelihood but we’re hoping to make it happen. If we do attend, Mrs Exford will be driving a fair way afterwards, so it’s unfair on her for if I want to spend more than the basic pre-gig pub time. This may well be spent taking in some historical architecture (so that’s most likely a Spoons, then).

    If any liveliness happens to ensue at the front of the gig we’ll be (in) it, so do say hello.

    Here, again, is a video Mrs Exford made at and around the same venue in 2012, on the first day of a long National Shite Weekend, when the shops were full of National Shite.

    20 November 2019

  28. Brumbiscuit on Mötley CrüeGo »

    Anyone care to crowdfund some bullets?

    20 November 2019

  29. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Perhaps Paddy Shennan could ask Tom what time they said to Dogminder?

    20 November 2019

  30. Jitsu_g on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    There is a club night on after the gig (Craig Charles again) so curfew is usually 10pm in O2 venues when there is a club night after, so I would of thought an 8pm start time

    20 November 2019

  31. Alice van der meer on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Anyone know what the timings are for Friday, help me time my mad rush in?

    19 November 2019

  32. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Poor old Cov, Done out of European football twice by Liverpool. We’re still laughing.

    19 November 2019

  33. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Well played, Lux. Only a few of your answers confirm my guesses, so if you do get about 15 right, you’re way ahead of me.

    I’m giving nyself 6.75 without guess or google. A few more with clues, and I would of course have got the Wales v Scoland fiasco by now even without a clue, so I might claim 7.75. (How can anyone watch the video of that incident, whatever the sleeve trims, and not be in favour of some form of VAR?)

    The ones I’ve got (without googling) that you haven’t are

    18. Iran & ??(I’ll kick myself).

    19 – Rod Stewart

    20 Ennio Morricone. Fabulous, fabulous theme tune that I used to sing in the shower with “dang-diddle-diddle-dang-dang” type vocals.

    Plus I got 3 out of 4 for number 1, before a clue took me to 4.

    plus I got number 14. I can still picture Cubillas’ free kick without youtube.

    And 27 I found the easiest question, as sadly it’s the fix and the terror of the Argentinian regime that keeps the tournament most in our minds these days, though I’ve never thought Kissinger was in on the fix.

    My vague recollections of 29 turned out to be true when I checked up – Cov would have qualified for the UEFA Cup if Arsenal had won the FA Cup and Liverpool had become champions of Europe for the second time the following Wednesday at that Wembley (which I seem to recall they did).

    19 November 2019

  34. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Here you go then Mister Tubbs. Obviously quite a few gaps. Some were just too difficult to even hazard a guess at. Great quiz nonetheless.

    1. Zoff, Rossi, Zico, Arconada
    2. Netherlands
    3. John Motson
    4. D Coleman, A Weeks
    5. C
    6. Schon,
    7. Bearzot, Hidalgo
    8. Happel
    10. Bettega
    11. Snow
    13. 2-1
    14. Cubillas, Rensenbrink, Iran
    17. Souness
    21. Caballe
    22. Jack Taylor
    24. Wales v Scotland; penalty incorrectly awarded to Scotland
    27. Kissinger
    29. Not sure of team, but they would have qualified for the UEFA Cup if Arsenal had won the FA Cup
    30. Chatteris

    19 November 2019

  35. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Lux Inferior – By all means, you can put up your answers – 15 correct answers would be a very decent score, especially as this is from so long ago – There’s people on this site, who probably weren’t even born then!
    I’ll put up all the answers tomorrow sometime, in case anyone else wants to put up their answers

    19 November 2019

  36. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @ Mister Tubbs – I wouldn’t have minded skiving the past few hours at work so much if I’d been able to solve a few more of your quiz questions. Without recourse to either google or my ’78 World Cup sticker album (complete), I reckon I’ll be fortunate to have earned 15 of the 54 (I think) points available, perhaps nearer 20 if I struck lucky with a few of my guesses.

    Let me know if I’m okay to post my efforts.

    19 November 2019

  37. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    We’ll be in the Angel & Greyhound before decamping down St Clement’s St to La Cucina for pre-gig pizza at 5.30, Laure.
    (I see you’re still tracking all darts-related posts.)

    18 November 2019

  38. Alice van der meer on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    If the worst comes to the worst, just stick your nose through pub doorways until you spot a Dukla Prague away kit!

    18 November 2019

  39. Laure on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Trying my dang hardest to get to Oxford on Friday… Trust there will be a man over there who said I could meet – well, anyone?

    18 November 2019

  40. Exxo on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Bah, why they didn’t film the songs when we were playing darts over the drummer? My superb check-out during Hell Raiser deserved a wider audience.

    18 November 2019

  41. hendrix-tattoo on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Yes Bobby.
    (That’s me at 2:29)
    What a great band….

    18 November 2019

  42. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Was anyone at The Band-its gig?

    18 November 2019

  43. LU on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Getting rather excited about the Oxford gig – it was approximately 33 years since my last HMHB gig (time flies by etc). (Actually, in the-reading that sounds like the start of a confession!). So – can anyone who’s been to a more recent Biscuit gig help me out with rough timings for the evening? Husband may have to arrive fashionably (but annoyingly) late and “doors 18:30” sounds like a very early start without him!

    18 November 2019

  44. John Anderson on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Coming soon to a podcast near you; Jon Moss on The Referee’s Alphabet.

    18 November 2019

  45. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    That didn’t work, so here’s a you tube clip which hopefully works, which has picture clues which may or may not help identifying the managers in questions 6, 7 and 8

    18 November 2019

  46. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I don’t know if this will work or not – but if a picture appears underneath, it’s a picture clue to q.9 QUESTION 9

    18 November 2019

    18 November 2019

  47. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Lux Inferior – Sure, no problem – there’s no rush to finish the quiz. I’ll delay putting the answers up until at least tomorrow afternoon.

    18 November 2019

  48. LUX INFERIOR on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @ Mister Tubbs – A selfish request – any chance of delaying the publication of the answers to your superb quiz by a day? My weekend was a little too busy to devote sufficient time to dredging the old 70s footy memory banks, but a quiet Monday in the office should allow ample time to give it the attention it clearly deserves. I’ve been humming the ’78 World Cup theme (BBC one, if memory serves) repeatedly since you posted – second only to the ITV’s 1986 effort in the World Cup TV theme hall of fame. Thanks for triggering a lengthy bout of nostalgia.

    18 November 2019

  49. Transit full of keith on T’PauGo »

    “exclamation by Yorkshire Batman”

    18 November 2019

  50. Alice van der meer on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Hmm. Personally I’d rather rim Satan than drink beer with peanut butter in!

    I’ve manged to blag a bed for the night in town so I can drop the car there as soon as I get in from work, and head for the O2 area. Hopefully I’ll be in time to manage a quick half of shandy somewhere first and who knows, maybe afterwards too if anyone can still move apres mosh? Though the location of the pre-pint may depend on timings.

    As far as I can find out, the A&G is still branded a Youngs pub, and Youngs beers are now owned by Marstons, so you should still find a decent pint there. If a weirdo in a homemade Enschede T-shirt wanders by, it’ll be me.

    17 November 2019