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  1. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Built by a consortium called ‘The Harmony Six’, including Pete Best’s granddad Johnny Sr., one of the promoters at the old Stadium.

    18 September 2019

  2. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Ha, Hawkwind were very big round our way. I forgot there were gigs at the Stadium in the early 70’s and automatically i just googled ‘Liverpool Empire 1973 live album,’ hence all I got was Zeppelin bootlegs, so there you go. I even forgot that the stadium had ever been there, and not in the same street by Lime St. where the Academy is, where the boxing/wrestlig stadium always was up to the 30’s.

    18 September 2019

  3. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I can’t remember now how we got talking about 1973 albums, but the answer to my supplementary question (see post 148 above) is as follows:
    1. ‘Space Ritual’ by Hawkwind, released in May 1973. The double live album’s full title was ‘The Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London’, as…
    2. …part of it was recorded at Liverpool Stadium on Bixteth St (now demolished), 1½ miles from The Swinging Arm.
    3. Included on Side 4 was the poem ‘Sonic Attack’, written by Michael Moorcock
    (q v)…
    4. …the full lyrics of which appeared on Karl’s tee shirt at the Devil’s Arse gig last month.

    18 September 2019

  4. Alice van der meer on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Whilst watching Britain at Low Tide last night, I caught a very brief glimpse of one of the diggers at Tankerton wearing what looked like a “Satisfying the bloodlust…” T-shirt.

    If anyone is desperate to confirm this, here’s the link:
    (I used to look for bones on Long Rock, so got my knickers in a knot when they date the worked timber to the Bronze Age, should probably get out more…)

    Has the HMHB Information Service Fartbook page owner collapsed under the weight of bad tattoo and mis-spelt things again?

    18 September 2019

  5. EXXO on Spending their life in William Hill’sGo »

    Ha, no, normally I might have laid on the exchange when it was looking good (for Posh) after 60 mins, but was too busy watching the CL game (with profits there). Sounded like a proper rousing comeback by Rovers. Bet the drums were going something rotten (doing Nigel’s head in, no doubt). It’s not often that Tranmere can say they’ve scuppered a fourfold with Napoli, Salzburg and Leipzig. Made a bit back with those Peterboro scorers – now 5 out of 6 and 8 out of 12 respectively (that’s games scored in, not goals in games).

    17 September 2019

  6. Bobby Svarc on Spending their life in William Hill’sGo »

    Did you cash out?

    17 September 2019

  7. sean mcgrath on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    * and it is on Achtung bono

    17 September 2019

  8. sean mcgrath on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    you do know about joy division though yes?

    17 September 2019

  9. Lord leominster on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    Err, that’s not the direction I was heading in. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Nero fiddles’ and ‘polishing the knave’.

    17 September 2019

  10. sean mcgrath on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    i shall email colin sage and ask him to ask nigel 🙂

    17 September 2019

  11. sean mcgrath on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    joy division we all know about the Nazi link yeah?
    and we all know about the ovens?
    i hope im wrong but there’s even more…..chemical alarms….
    talk to the hanz…talk to the hanz?
    if its her desire….il stick my finger in the fire…..

    17 September 2019

  12. EXXO on Spending their life in William Hill’sGo »

    Some posh value around tonight. Peterborough took a while to get going this season, but have won their last 5 games impressively to nil, withan aggregate of 17-0. They have been scaring defences into mistakes, and will terrify Tranmere tonight.

    Tranmere have been shite, and on the right side of their defence they have not found any sort of replacement for the injured Caprice, their best remaining player IMHO.

    Peterborough will win tonight, but by how many? Asian -1 looks very good at 17/10 (888/Uni) ie money back if they just win by one

    I’ve also nibbled normal -3 at 20/1 with Skybet.

    Eisa has scored in 4 of his last 5 6/4 anytime (many firms) is better value than 11/5 score& win
    Toney in 7 of his last 11 ditto -6/4 anytime (many firms) is better value than 11/5 score& win
    Maddison has scored in 9 of his last 19 13/5 (Betfair sportsbook) anytime is much better value than 10/3 score& win. He takes the pens and Tranmere’s hapless defence have already conceded 4 pens this season. Nibbled him at 15/2 FGS (Boyles) as well.

    Peterborough win to nil looks a decent shade of value too at 9/4 with most firms and a touch higher with Corals/Boyles … but I don’t fancy it as much as the handicaps tonight.

    17 September 2019

  13. lord leominster on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Going back to 1973 question 4 – Time by David Bowie on Aladdin Sane – the following is shamelessly copied and pasted from Wikipedia “The song’s best-known couplet is ‘Time – he flexes like a whore / Falls wanking to the floor’; RCA allowed it to remain in the US single edit, being unfamiliar with the meaning of the British term ‘wanking’. [I don’t recommend that you click Wiki’s link on a works computer like I just did, by the way.] However, when Bowie came to perform the song on the U.S. television special The 1980 Floor Show in August 1973, he slurred the line in such a way as to render it ‘Falls swanking to the floor.’”

    A year or so ago I heard Professor Briiiiaaan Cox on Radio 6 Music say that Time was one of his favourite Bowie songs due its subject matter (time, not the other thing) but that it could not be played on the radio due to its X-rated content. Months later I heard Marc Riley play the studio version of the song on the same radio station and I wondered how the offending word would be dealt with. I’m not 100% certain now, but I think it was neatly converted into ‘swanking’ again. I’ve had a quick look to see if I can find a radio edit of it to check but I can’t find it. But it was played on the radio and the rude word was changed.

    A further bit of Aladdin Sane trivia is that the original release of the album included a card insert inviting the listener to apply for membership of Bowie’s fan club. The fan club wanted to know: Name, Address, Boy/Girl, Date of Birth, Name and Address of School, Brothers & Sisters. That just feels a bit creepy to me but it was different times, I suppose. It’s a good job that we are no longer snooped upon by faceless corporate bodies masquerading as our friends.

    17 September 2019

  14. lord leominster on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    Oh. I thought it was about a man who was very pleased with himself because of his lovely oven gloves, but now I think I can see where you’re going with this. Is he pleased for an entirely different reason?

    17 September 2019

  15. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Okay, anyone? The clues are:
    1. An official LP from one of Karl’s favourite bands, released in 1973…
    2. …partly recorded within 2 miles of Birkenhead…
    3. …including a piece written by someone fully namechecked in an HMHB song…
    4. …which appeared in full on Karl’s tee shirt at a recent gig.
    I’ll give the answer (or my best wishes to any correct answerer) tomorrow.

    17 September 2019

  16. dr desperate on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    Go on…

    17 September 2019

  17. sean mcgrath on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    Cant belive nobody on heres actually sussed what this song is about?
    Pennys just dropped on this one and lets put it this way……its got nothing to do with ian curtis and it all majes sense now all of it.

    17 September 2019

  18. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Got me there. The band t-shirt trivia tends to go in one eye and out the other with me.

    I guess it won’t be the Band-Its live at the Swinging Arm, featuring their various Paul Weller numbers?

    [Incidentally, if anyone ever asks you which regular live music venue has the best view of Liverpool, it’s a trick question and the answer is the Swinging Arm in Birkenhead].

    17 September 2019

  19. EXXO on Who needs the library or the pub?Go »

    @Matt – see comments 110 and 113 above.

    17 September 2019

  20. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Correct on the first; the second was an official release which reached the Top Ten. It included a piece written by another HMHB reference and featured on one of K’s tee shirts not that long ago.

    17 September 2019

  21. Mattl on Who needs the library or the pub?Go »

    Now I’m wondering if “Ptolemy’s hock” isn’t an artisanal beer of some kind and thus should be “Ptolemy’s Hock” and perhaps in quotes or something?

    17 September 2019

  22. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Well played john. The first of your two is Quo’s Hello! and the second must be one of the unofficial Zeppelin bootleg-type albums?

    16 September 2019

  23. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    1. Julian Assange (Roger Waters).
    2. Pete Townshend (The Age Of Anxiety).
    3. Paul McCartney (‘Grow Old With Me’).
    4. Iggy Pop (‘James Bond’).
    5. Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett (touring with The Wailers).

    16 September 2019

  24. The houghmeister on The beautiful sparkling healthy spa water of Bath, in AvonGo »

    I always sang ‘A writhing mass of calcium went shopping in the superstore’


    ‘The shelf stacker’s work of art in ecstasy crashed to the floor
    And meanwhile the same was going crazy at the fire door’
    The shelf stacker was going crazy trying to get out of the fire door.

    16 September 2019

  25. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    That should of course read “Outside of The Who and Pink Floyd, who is the only member of any of the other groups in the quiz still touring witha group of the same name…?”

    16 September 2019

  26. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Oh yeah.

    5. Who is the only member of any of the groups in my 1973 album quiz still touring with a group of the original name, and who will celebrate his 73rd birthday in November after twenty-odd dates of their forthcoming US tour?

    16 September 2019

  27. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I’m going to add another bunch of easy-to-google supplementary questions, though (transparently) I am doing so largely as a vehicle for my own opinions.

    I wonder how many you can guess without ye olde googleballs?

    Forty-six years on and thanks to the wonders of medicine, a healthy number of 1973 artists are still active today.

    1. A member of the band from the quiz above who released the first 1973 album I bought (finally purchased in 1977, with about 3 months’ pocket money) is someone who despite his faults, I have always had a lot of time for – not least because of his courageous support in recent years for the cause of Palestinian rights. But he did a live performance just two weeks ago in support of whom?

    2. Which member of one of the groups in the quiz will publish his debut novel in November (after a bit of internet research, no doubt)?

    3. Which member of one of the groups in the quiz has performed on a track to the album of a former bandmate which will come out in about 3 weeks , written by a second former bandmate, and sampling a bit of a tune by a third former bandmate? All of which ensures it will be super-successful in The States.

    4. Someone who sang on a highly influential 1973 album which was not mentioned in the quiz has a current record out which is basically a simple bassline and some pathetic lyrics referring in the chorus to a stupid character from the movies. Whenever Mrs. Exford hears the first seven words of the song on 6Music (which, unfortunately is far too often in recent weeks), she changes channel within about one second, saying “no she f*cking doesn’t.”

    Who is the miscreant misogynist she hates so much (his last record was even more misogynistic)?

    16 September 2019

  28. hendrix-tattoo on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I was way off the mark with my answer for question four. Thanks for the answers Nigel.
    And Hello John….

    16 September 2019

  29. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Thanks Exxo, both for a superb quiz and for re-posting my supplementary question. Let’s leave it till next Monday for the answers to that one, eh?

    In the meantime, how about a couple of other 1973 LPs almost certain to feature in Kicking Karl’s Kollection, one containing a song mentioned in your post 133 above and the other a live album, partly recorded 2 miles from Birkenhead?

    16 September 2019

  30. hendrix-tattoo on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    As for question four my guess was Ken wanted to replace that horrible word Slag for Skank.
    And the both Bowie albums from 73 Pin Ups and Sane I do not get the connection for any of the songs that as you put it Exxo in the present particible on any of them albums.
    So I am looking forward to see what the answer is for question four.

    Ken also likes to roll his Cigs like Bob does on the cover of Catch a Fire.

    @Keith, I would of not got the answer of your quiz question in a million years, So well played….

    16 September 2019

  31. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Good quiz that. nice one.

    16 September 2019

  32. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    So I guess we can now leave Dr. Des’ supplementary questions for the rest of the week?

    To repeat them – 13 September 2019 – DR DESPERATE

    “And since it’s now become traditional to add supplementary questions, here’s one to go with Exxo’s ‘1973 Album Quiz’:
    Of the seven albums mentioned, the names of three of the bands/bandleaders are specifically mentioned in HMHB songs, as are the first names of three of the solo artists/bandleaders.
    The remaining band name appears (without its definite article) in the title of a song – which one?”

    Dr. Des then added:

    “In fact, now I come to think about it (I didn’t before), that remaining band name appears at the beginning of a song title without its first letter.”

    16 September 2019

  33. Flintlock on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Ah, too slow. I’ll read the answers now. Ta Exxo.

    16 September 2019

  34. Flintlock on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Jeez! (that’s journalese) my research tells me that the Wikipedia entry for 2 goes on a bit and that the answer to 5 is not Photos Of Ghosts by PFM. So that’s the only one I haven’t got.
    I’ve never been close enough to a copy of 3 to notice the band members in the mirrors.
    I always used to get that song on 7 mixed up with “Draw Your Brakes”, which would also help the poor bastard.

    16 September 2019

  35. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Yes, spot-on. To confirm the answers, then:

    1. The “fugitively-titled” 1973 album by Paul McCartney’s Wings was of course Band on the Run. It did not actually reach number one until well into 1974, after its two boring singles had charted. Its final track is called Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, the year in which HMHB started their recording career of course. The cover features several apparently random celebrities of that era, including Christopher Lee, whose film The Wicker Man (the most referenced film in HMHB) just happened to be released the day after the Wings album. If it is the most boring album in this quiz, nevertheless there is much memorable trivia to be gleaned from its recording in Lagos. Just three examples: 40% of the band refused to fly to Lagos due to fears of cholera, the studio assistants were chaps called Innocent and Monday, and the McCartneys were mugged for their lyrics and demos shortly after their arrival (not necessarily a setback to the albums quality, some might say).

    2. The first side of Pink Floyd’s “obscurely-titled” The Dark Side of the Moon, the best-selling album of 1973 and the seventh-best-selling album of all time, even though it never actually made number one in any particular week in the UK, closes with the track The Great Gig in the Sky . HMHB of course have various songs mentioning “gigs”, including two titles: Secret Gig and Styx Gig (Blab Bla).

    A bit of trivia that I should have worked into the quiz is that the guitarist who walked out on McCartney just before Wings flew to Lagos to record Band on the Run was the very same man whose voice can be heard on The Dark Side of the Moon at the end of the song Money, saying the words “I don’t know, I was really drunk at the time.”

    3. Quadrophenia is a word invented to describe a quadruple split personality – supposedly the personalities of The Who, whose four mug-shots are “reflected” in the mirrors of a scooter in the bad artwork on the cover. The scooter is driven by a random alleged petty criminal who was recruited in the pub near the studio in Battersea, and who, in a possible bit of myth-making, missed one recording session for a court appearance regarding the taking and driving away of a Clapham omnibus. One song, from the album which became the famous 1979 film, is The Punk and the Godfather. The clue referred to HMHB giving a run-out to The Members’ song Sound of the Suburbs at the recent Peak Cavern gig.

    4. I don’t know if Ken Hancock really likes a mass skank, but I was told he did suggest that word when he was a bit nonplussed by the line “mass wank for the RNLI” on Baguette Dilemna. David Bowie’s 1973 Aladdin Sane album, its cover featuring “the most iconic image of its singer – arguably the most iconic image of any singer – ever,” includes the song Time, in which “time falls wanking to the floor.” Which is nice.

    5. Kark likes a bit of so-called Krautrock. Can’s (“able”) 1973 Album, the forward-looking Future Days, has the Greek character psi and a (smaller) symbol from the I Ching on its cover. Nigel Blackwell once said something very witty about the imaginary tribute band “Can’t”, in an interview or onstage, or both. But I can’t remember what.

    6. Neil Crossley apparently likes a bit of Lou Reed, and on stage a while back in a live version of DPAK, Nigel indicated that the “dodgy transformer” made a noise a bit like Metal Machine Music, Lou Reed’s “unlistenable” 1975 album, which was the follow-up to his great (if somewhat misogynistic) 1973 album Berlin. The album includes Caroline Says I and Caroline Says II. As live cover vesions, HMHB have played Status Quo’s Caroline on various occasions and reportedly Matching Mole’s (ie Robert Wyatt’s) O Caroline in Matlock Bath in 2001 too – but I think I was at that gig, and I don’t remember it not being Status Quo’s song there too. Needs some confirmation.

    7. “One of the seven albums had a limited-edition better lighter cover than any other album cover.” A flip-up cardboard relica of a Zippo lighter encased 3,000 collectors’ copies of Bob Marley’s “incendiary” 1973 Catch a Fire album, which included the song Stop that Train, (which is something that the rejected lover in The Coroner’s Footnote might say to the poor driver in order to save them both from a deal of anguish). Stop that Train was written by the great Peter Tosh (“nonsense name”), but unfortunately isn’t as good a tune as some other songs of the same name.

    I note that those who had this album very rarely managed to keep the “hinge” of the lighter intact. I wonder if a newer reproduction has fared any better, after its Record Store Day re-issue a few years back?

    16 September 2019

  36. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I thought No.4 was ‘Time’

    16 September 2019

  37. BOBBY SVARC on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    Shite, Best get tooled up.

    16 September 2019

  38. Transit full of keith on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @IdiotSaul, correct, Umberstone Covert it is.
    @Exxo, 4/7 and I’ve thrown in the towel.

    16 September 2019

  39. hendrix-tattoo on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    One. Band on the Run -Nineteen Eighty Five.
    Three. Quadrophenia-The Punk and the Godfather-Sheena is a Punk Rocker.
    Six. Berlin-Caroline….

    I’m sure somebody will no the others Exxo and Thanks what a brilliant quiz this is my friend….

    16 September 2019

  40. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Excellent. Those were precisely the sort of red herrings I aimed to misle you with.
    One clue does refer to Pin-ups, of course (I even thought of further confusing you with the two covers of songs by the group it stopped from getting to number one).

    So, as Delia Smith didn’t need to say on Saturday, Letsby Avenue. Does anyone who isn’t totally sure they’ve got them all want to have a go, to spin it out slightly further?

    16 September 2019

  41. paul f on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    FWIW Exxo the bit sthat caused my temporary stumping were both related to the same album, Aladdin Sane. The reason being: questions 1-3 used very mildly cryptic descriptions to allude to the titles. So for 4 I assumed the same would be true, and took “iconically illustrated” to of course refer to the other 1973 Bowie album “Pin-Ups” rather than the literal meaning which eventually got me to Aladdin Sane after I couldn’t get the specific track question. This was further complicated when your cover clues talked about “arguably the most iconic image of any singer ever” which at a pinch could refer to the spliff-sporting Marley cover for Catch A Fire. Only because your other clue was so clearly for Catch A Fire, did I feel the need to try harder to get the right answer.

    16 September 2019

  42. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2019/20 gigs)Go »

    New gig announced at the Rock City, Notts next May.

    16 September 2019

  43. IDIOT SAUL on Hot soup in the aftermathGo »

    Some bounder has crept up unseen and nicked the toposcope from the top of Win Hill, near the Devil’s Arse, in the Peak District. Sorry, it’s not in service any more.

    16 September 2019

  44. Transit full of keith on RNLIGo »

    Currently getting attacked by nationalistic tabloids and dismal Tory MPs for using a tiny proportion of their income on international projects.

    A more cheering fact is that Steve Ignorant of Crass is now a lifeboatman, working out of sleepy Sea Palling in Norfolk.

    16 September 2019

  45. EXXO on I gave up hope ironically for LentGo »

    You’d need one if Twmpa was about 6 metres higher, or if either Rhos Dirion or Hay Bluff were about 9-10 metres lower.

    15 September 2019

  46. Captain bligh on I gave up hope ironically for LentGo »

    There is no trigpoint on top of Lord Hereford’s Knob! You lied to me. You lied to me on your posters!

    15 September 2019

  47. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    I just think he ignores the ‘love’ element of the song (not because it isn’t obvious, but because he’s writing about Tranmere), but gets the anti-Checkatrade element right. Don’t forget that she is swerving the Checkatrade before he is – he just gets the courage to swerve it with her. We need to picture her as a season-ticket holding left-wing campaigner on all kinds of football and non-football issues. Like the woman in Tour Jacket she stamps her Doc Martened feet independently as she walks down his street ranting, about the evils of the current FL Trophy format. And forget your nostalgia for past glories, Andy – it is that current format we are talking about. The trophy as is and Checkatrade trophy as was (but is in the song) are definitely NOT the Leyland DAF as was.

    The character in the song is obviously not Mr. B. Although Mr. B would probably deplore the current format of the FL Trophy, he would be allergic to any sort of campaign or boycott. And as he’s been “happily married” for the best part of 30 years he isn’t any of his comically lovelorn characters, is he? But inspired by real strong match-going women he knows and rants he has heard from supporters passing by his house and the general area? Undoubtedly.

    The voice of this character is, as has been pointed out, very George Formby, very much over-shadowed by stronger women, like so many of Blackwell’s pathetic infatuated fools.

    Anyway, for sure, like I say, the author is wronger about Friday Night.

    15 September 2019

  48. dr desperate on Fire-eatersGo »

    …with the inevitable asterisk.
    My cousin Damian is one. His sister, contrariwise, presented a BBC documentary on The Secret Life Of Ice.

    15 September 2019

  49. Embrace the margin on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    @BRUM agree that there’s no sense of anti-Checkatrade protest in the song. I’d also taken the choice of trophy to be pointing up a certain romantic caution or even half-arsedness that characterises a lot of men’s efforts. Implicit in being prepared to swerve the least of the trophies is a “…but maybe not the League Cup, and definitely not a league match.” But I’m probably just applying my own standards. Both romantically and in my total inability to remember any details of Forest’s three Johnstone Paints campaigns.

    15 September 2019

  50. Huddersfield's very own Steve malkmus on Fire-eatersGo »

    Jonathan was one…

    14 September 2019