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  1. cream cheese and chives on NeighboursGo »

    Yesterday I went to the dental hygienist and as I was being scrubbed,scoured and scarified the female hygienist and her nurse were discussing whether or not they would be able to get through the SAS selection procedure. I thought I had experienced the strangest of things then. But I have just watched Bouncer’s Dream.
    Everything finally makes sense.

    22 January 2019

  2. Olvidarte Jamas on The crazy world of Arthur BrownlowGo »

    Apparently Mercy Rimell, painter of “The Raging Ostler” in the Stiperstones shop, is a horse trainer, and indeed the only woman ever to train a Cheltenham Champion Hurdle winner. Wife of the Grand National legendary trainer Fred.
    An Ostler is a stableman.
    So now my only area of doubt is the name of the chandler – Bunner, perhaps. Maybe I need to look up names of chandlers between Snailbeach and Montgomery.

    (I suggest you refer to our A-Z section! – helpful CtSO)

    22 January 2019

  3. Paul on NasebyGo »

    But like Charly, Treeza won’t yet admit she’s finished.

    22 January 2019

  4. Floreat ultonia on The crazy world of Arthur BrownlowGo »

    Back from an enjoyable hill-walking weekend in the Shropshire Hills. We stayed with friends at nearby Walcot Pool- they live in a folly modelled on St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow. The local shop lacked swarfega but had a decent choice of pizzas.

    21 January 2019

  5. cream cheese and chives on DoorsGo »

    Ray Manzarek teamed up very successfully with the Bunnymen on Bedbugs and Ballyhoo . I remember reading somewhere that the rest of the band got on well with him and he developed a taste for brown ale.

    21 January 2019

  6. Chris The Siteowner on NasebyGo »

    The battle there is now only the second biggest defeat for HM Government at the hands of parliament, having just been overtaken by “Theresa May’s Brexit Deal” of 2019.

    21 January 2019

  7. AMOCO CADIZ on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Just seen the MP for Totnes discussing Brexit…can’t help but think there’s a song title in there somewhere but all I can come up with are Leaving Order Squabble Fest or Hair Like Theresa May Blues…any other ideas?

    21 January 2019

  8. Jim in the south china sea on Pre-Gig Chat (2019 gigs)Go »

    Good morning all,

    This has NOTHING to do with gigs, but I’m not sure where to post…..

    Is it just my techno-fear/utter hopelessness on ‘the web’, or is the Probe Plus store only accepting payment via Pay Pal? I have concerns about internet security, and I’ve drawn the line at Gmail and Facebook (!) – i.e. I’d rather not open any more online accounts, notably ones that actually involve cash….

    RSVP. Danke

    21 January 2019

  9. Pirx the purist on But then I encounter Primark FM…Go »

    In their great 1987 (?) track “Beam Me Up”, Benny Profane have the line, “There’s an interstellar fella in the cellar, Barbarella”.

    20 January 2019

  10. Captain alehouse on MagalufGo »

    Went there once. I’m not proud. Shortly after the mayor had made a publicity stunt of dynamiting a couple of the scabbier older hotels to fool folks into thinking the place wasn’t a total armpit. The smell of sewage in the street near the sports bar and watching the Clinton impeachment coverage al fresco, a pint of lager with my full English. Classy.

    20 January 2019

  11. Captain alehouse on MRSAGo »

    Nurses uniforms used to be boil washed daily on site with local laundry services and god help you if you took it off site. Apparently they take them home now and wash them on eco-30. So sayeth the missus anyway.

    20 January 2019

  12. Low drone on MRSAGo »

    Over use of disinfectants and antibiotics.
    My mum used to say “you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die”, we need a bit more of that.

    19 January 2019

  13. JITSU_G on Pre-Gig Chat (2019 gigs)Go »

    Unfortunately I can’t make the re arranged Bilston gig and have cancelled my double room there. So it may still be free if anyone is after one

    19 January 2019

  14. gipton teenager on O2 Forum, Kentish Town gig – 8 June 2018Go »

    @ H-T & PT- That’s why I wear contact lenses to gigs. Also I’ve got a good story about the Stones in Leeds- tell you when next we meet…

    19 January 2019

  15. Phyllis Triggs on O2 Forum, Kentish Town gig – 8 June 2018Go »

    Yup, and Thorsten’s got broke at Leeds…

    18 January 2019

  16. hendrix-tattoo on O2 Forum, Kentish Town gig – 8 June 2018Go »

    I broke my specs Lou in the Mosh at the Ritz….

    18 January 2019

  17. hendrix-tattoo on Pre-Gig Chat (2019 gigs)Go »

    @Carrie Anne as just informed me that the Bilston gig is now on the 7th of November.
    Robin2 are contacting everybody who booked a room for 27th September to see if they want their room for the new date….

    18 January 2019

  18. Phyllis Triggs on O2 Forum, Kentish Town gig – 8 June 2018Go »

    Reckon Specsavers should be sponsoring the moshpits!

    18 January 2019


    Kirk Anderson . Mormon lad who was kidnapped and repeatedly raped by Joyce Mckinley ? Oooh gossip she may have had a relationship with Keith Moon

    18 January 2019


    Fine to drive whilst pissed at the age of 97.

    18 January 2019

  21. Toddy the Bingo Caller on MRSAGo »

    “I can’t see why they can’t keep hospitals clean. It never used to be a problem. My Auntie Sheila was feared like Himmler on her ward.”

    18 January 2019

  22. Spork abuser on O2 Forum, Kentish Town gig – 8 June 2018Go »


    It was a cracking mosh, which I am honoured to have co-started. It was worth the eventual destruction of my glasses, which were a bit Timmy Mallet in any case

    18 January 2019

  23. BOBBY SVARC on MormonsGo »

    Mormons Hare’s Running

    17 January 2019


    Nicest, hardest-working, most honest and polite people you’d ever want to meet, but also the clique-iest. If you’re not a member, you will never actually become friends with them, and you will certainly never be considered as a dating partner – no matter how long you worked together, how hard you tried to be nice to her, how well you hid your agnosticism, how much you tried to be the squeakiest-clean little goody two-shoes you can possibly be, that gorgeous little redhead WILL NOT CONSIDER GOING OUT WITH YOU.

    Disclaimer: This opinion may or may not be based on personal experience.

    17 January 2019

  25. Third Rate Les on MormonsGo »

    When The Book Of Mormon came out, the Mormon church (to their huge credit) put adverts in the tube saying “You’ve Seen The Musical – Now Read The Book”.

    A religion with delightfully daft beliefs which are actually, when you think about it, not really any dafter than others. Loosely related to Christianity although being baptised as a Mormon doesn’t make you a Christian, unlike all other Christian denominations. So Mitt Romney I think was the first ever non-Christian presidential runner.

    The musical is extraordinarily funny and weirdly inspiring.

    17 January 2019

  26. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on It’s just a selling plate, nobody caresGo »

    Damn, there goes my PhD proposal. If this was one of those social media type places, you’d definitely get a like for that!

    17 January 2019

  27. transit full of keith on It’s just a selling plate, nobody caresGo »

    Surely, Comrade Gok, in a true Marxist analysis, Jean Greenhowe – a hobbyist knitter, who later built a business empire on the production of knitting patterns – represents the historical process of the Industrial Revolution itself? In her early life – the craftsperson in the cottage, precarious, but in control of the product of her labour – later, the bassline echoing the rumble of the textile mills, Greenhowe growing rich on the surplus value of an army of anonymous knitters. And their products: knitted figures, soft and woolly, stuffed, unable to act out their destiny, arranged in comforting petit-bourgeois tableaux. The very subjects of capitalism itself. Orwell could not have come up with a more telling satire.

    But in this most dialectical of songs, comrade, we can hear the calling of another possible world. Could the mispronunciation (koh-vert for kuh-vert) be a revolutionary gesture, encoding Lenin’s concept of the “covert”, conspirational Party vanguard as the accelerators of historical change?

    The overthrow of the old autocracies, the final “eating of the Battenburgs” (he’s even giving us clues!) lies somewhere ahead, in an unknowable, but inevitable, future. But our protagonists, at this juncture, occupy themselves with the consumption of a pacifying capitalist product, a mass-produced, pink and yellow confection – whose very name mocks them with the name of their oppressors.

    At this impasse in late capitalism, they are trapped, as Bragg memorably put it, “between Marx and marzipan”. Harsh times. Let them eat cake, indeed.

    17 January 2019

  28. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on It’s just a selling plate, nobody caresGo »

    Eniale (Elaine backwards) is an odd name for a dog – have I missed something?

    Am contemplating a PhD on Marxist post-feminist critiques of the lyrics of this song, in which the petit bourgeois knitting pattern business of Jean Greenhowe is considered in the light of the prevailing patriarchal nature of Wirral society.

    17 January 2019

  29. EXXO on It’s just a selling plate, nobody caresGo »

    Given Mr. B’s liking for messing about with names, it is mathematically pretty definite that the choice of Geraldine is, as I mentioned, a deliberate anagram of ‘Nigel dear’ (which I think has a Michael Winner sort of ring about it). But that’s just on the level of wanting to include the name in a song. It won’t mean that the character is necessarily to be identified with him. In ‘Multitude’ Elgin is a much cleaner anagram of Nigel, but that’s just about wanting to include that anagram and not really about including himself. In ‘Mileage Chart’, Elaine is a real dog’s name backwards, and in ‘Lilac Harry Quinn’, well that’s how a child might pronounce her favourite kind of rabbit. But none of them mean that anything is anything else, they all just seem to be a bit of Mr. B messing about with names like wot he is wont…

    The Nigel might be “you” interpretation really belies the whole Jean Greenhowe dolls scenario which is signalled very deliberately by the album cover in the same way that the last album cover very deliberately gave clues to the whole Soylent Green scenario in Gwatkin. Plus you’d then really need to twist things to make it “only one human in that song”, which he really did mean literally.

    16 January 2019

  30. transit full of keith on MenloveGo »

    John Menlove Edwards, a top rock climber of the 1930s alongside Colin Kirkus, and relevant to the song, also a Cloggy pioneer. Like Kirkus, Menlove started out climbing on the sandstone rocks at Helsby. Son of a vicar from Liverpool, and a sensitive soul, a poet, a psychiatrist (who practiced on Rodney Street), wrote guidebooks, etc. He was gay and in the way of those times suffered for it (although the climbing crowd in North Wales seemed to have been a pretty tolerant bunch). He had an intense friendship, probably not platonic, with Kirkus’s young cousin Wilfred Noyce (who was on the successful Everest expedition in 1953). Menlove had something of a tragic life after the war, plagued by episodes of mental illness, and commited suicide in 1958.

    Though they didn’t climb together often, Kirkus and Menlove pioneered a couple of new routes together including the Chimney Route on Cloggy, which involves a pitch of ‘alarming’, grassy, loose rock known as the Rickety Innards.

    16 January 2019

  31. dR desperate on It’s just a selling plate, nobody caresGo »

    Now I come to think of it, that anagram (first spotted by Exxo) does raise the possibility of Nigel being the character addressed as “you” throughout, with all the stitchwork stuff being merely metaphorical.
    However, I still think it’s “mainline” (see comment 53 above).

    16 January 2019

  32. THE DUKE OF WESTMINSTER on It’s just a selling plate, nobody caresGo »

    It’s even possible to read the lyrics as NB being the narrator character casting the mind of Geraldine (“Dear Nigel” in anagram) and there being something a bit “meta” about it all. A bit like in Coroner’s Footnote where the narrator intrudes, moving the train backwards and forwards or even leaving it an uncertain position (not unlike John Fowles and the narrator turning back his pocketwatch in The French Lieutenant’s Woman).

    In the Coroner’s Footnote, “the fates around these parts are ruthless”. In Geraldine, the fates are a bit kinder but the picture framed is still a sad one.

    16 January 2019

  33. SPT on MercGo »

    Ah yes Paul McGregor. Forest fans were a bit sniffy about his quality at the time, but he scored the goal that got us into a UEFA cup quarter final. Little did we suspect that it was (one Dave Bassett-helmed D1 title notwithstanding) about nearest we’d get to the open-top bus ride and standing tall on the town hall balcony for another quarter of a century. Still counting.

    16 January 2019

  34. dR desperate on CloggyGo »

    Clogwyn Du’r Arddu is usually translated as ‘Black (Dark) Cliff’, though put it into Google Translate and you get ‘Black Horse Cliff’.

    16 January 2019

  35. EXXO on BorehamwoodGo »

    Best response was from Barrow AFC fan who said “it already takes us 8 hours to get to Dover Athletic even without the lorry jams.”

    16 January 2019

  36. Chris The Siteowner on MercGo »

    Ok, ‘fess up, I Photoshopped the number plate to one that Robert Of Blaby might have had, if he was an Actual Person. And well done Exxo, that is indeed a Maybach S600 Pullman Guard, ‘for the select few who require both the room of a stretched limo and the armored protection of the S600 Guard.’

    16 January 2019

  37. cream cheese and chives on MercGo »

    Given the personalised plate, I wonder if it isn’t something to do with a former Man Utd and England captain who liked a drink.
    Was reminiscing recently about the Football League game against a World XI for the centenary of the League. Their team included Robson , Whiteside and McGrath. I suspect a home win in the post match drink up.

    16 January 2019

  38. Bobby Svarc on MercGo »

    “The Merc” was a nickname the Leicester Mercury. A very good evening paper in it’s day but nowadays is a shadow of it’s former self. Now nicknamed “The Mockery”. A sports Mercury was a must for football fans on a Saturday tea time, called “The Buff” because of it’s colour, sadly long gone.

    16 January 2019

  39. Bobby Svarc on MercGo »

    The Notts Forest britpop refugee was Paul MacGregor.

    16 January 2019

  40. Idriethechiseller on MercGo »

    I vaguely remember a Nottingham Forest player in the 1990s moonlighting in a band called Merc. No idea if songs about the Zuyder Zee featured in their set list.

    15 January 2019

  41. EXXO on MercGo »

    Maybe if you were expecting some serious flak on the way to (or from) the funeral, because it looks to me much more like one of the armoured “600 Guard” range as used by heads of state from Azerbaijan to India (although to be fair, if you were driving from Azerbaijan to India you’d definitely need serious air support as well).

    Post-structural analysis follows.

    15 January 2019

  42. EXXO on MenloveGo »

    @ CtSO

    Are you saying it’s the Menlove that we dare not mention his name?

    15 January 2019

  43. Len on ZuiderzeeGo »

    A possible influence on NB?

    Adge Cutler and the Wurzels with ‘I’d Like to Swim in the Zuider Zee‘.

    15 January 2019

  44. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on MercGo »

    Short for Mercedes, which was the name of the daughter of Emil Jellinek, one of the founders of the Daimler motor company in the 1890s.

    The one in the picture above looks like an undertaker’s stretch body version, possibly on its way to deposit mourners at a pub that gets the cemetery trade.

    15 January 2019

  45. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on BorehamwoodGo »

    Seem to have renamed themselves Brexit Wood if this rather odd piece from their website is not a wind-up

    15 January 2019

  46. paul F on MenloveGo »

    Thanks for that link CQ! In my teens/early 20s I quite fancied the idea of living in Menlove Gardens if ever I could afford it – the lack of a Menlove Gardens East is of course due to the roads being arranged around a triangular area of grass, with East being the direction least closely aligned with any of the roads.

    And Dr D – I used to pass Strawberry Field(s) every day of my secondary school attendance as I was at St Francis Xavier’s.

    Another interesting aside – Mr McCartney claimed that Eleanor Rigby’s name was an amalgamation from the actress Eleanor Bron (who appeared in Help) and Rigby from a shop in Bristol. It was some time later that somebody came across the headstone. He then claimed it may have been a subconscious thing, but it certainly lends doubt over such matters as nobody in the Beatles apparently making the LSD connection when Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was written and recorded.

    15 January 2019

  47. Chris The Siteowner on MenloveGo »

    Well, the comments are into double figures and you’d think that the reference wasn’t to John Menlove Edwards at all.

    15 January 2019

  48. dR desperate on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    I don’t know which is the more insulting suggestion in the last paragraph of this review: that I didn’t exist, or that I stood at the back. (AB start another tour this week, you know.)

    15 January 2019

  49. dR desperate on MenloveGo »

    ‘Menlove Avenue’ is also the title of John’s least successful album, containing out-takes from ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and ‘Walls and Bridges’. It was released six years after his murder, with artwork by Andy Warhol (q v).

    15 January 2019

  50. dR desperate on MenloveGo »

    Aunt Mimi’s house on Menlove is, as we know, just around the corner from Strawberry Field.
    I only really mention this because it’s a mile from the GP surgery where I did a six-month gig in the early 80s, two minutes’ walk from St Peter’s Church where John met Paul in 1957 and where Eleanor Rigby is buried.

    15 January 2019