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Latest Album Release

After a slightly-longer-than-usual gap between albums, the band released that difficult fourteenth album on 18 May 2018. The album is snappily titled No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut and contains 13 tracks. Read everyone’s chat about the new Half Man Half Biscuit album here and we’re getting stuck into the lyrics here.

Change of Lineup: Karl Benson joins Half Man Half Biscuit

Guitarist Ken Hancock last appeared with the band in August 2017, when he was said to be “under the weather”, and has been replaced with Karl Benson.

Karl, who had subbed at a couple of gigs in the past, came on this site to introduce himself after a few people had become confused by previously knowing him under a different (stage) name with another band.

Karl Benson joins Half Man Half Biscuit

Above: Karl Benson (left), with Nigel Blackwell at the Robin 2, Bilston, February 2018

Closure of the ‘Half Man Half Biscuit Information Service’ Facebook Group

This incredibly popular Facebook group was mothballed at the start of December 2017. The group had over 9,000 members, which shows the reach of Facebook. In comparison, this (much older) website has only ever had a couple of thousand different people posting, although the number of different individuals who’ve spent some time here over the years does run into the tens of thousands.

I’ve contacted Andy who ran the Facebook group and trust me, nobody would want to deal with the amount of crap which he had to deal with there. Although you do these things out of love and for the giggle, I know from first hand experience (here) that there are still always people who treat you as if they’re paying customers, complaining about things they don’t like and expecting apologies. It does get a bit wearing after a while.

On top of the stuff I get here (which the Facebook group got many times over), Andy would also have had to deal with machine-generated postings from an endless stream of people selling non-existent, bot-generated ‘souvenirs’ for sale on eBay or Amazon. Many of these sellers have literally millions of products listed for sale, none of which exist until some fool orders one, then they get it made. There’s also a lot of off-list name-calling from people with, shall we say, issues. So its demise is sad from every angle really, but it was fun while it lasted.

I’d remind everyone that if this site isn’t enough for y’all, there’s another website, Gez’s much older Half Man Half Biscuit Home Page, and an associated Yahoo! Groups mailing list for email discussions.

The Lux Familiar Cup 2015

And we finally chose the nation’s favourite Half Man Half Biscuit song. For another four years, at least… In a “Light vs Shite” final, TLATEOTT had gone in as the clear favourite after the Baguette Dilemma qualifying round. But in a head-to-head match, early tournament form went out of the window, and apart from a brief moment in the first few hours of voting, NSD never looked likely to lose. A worthy successor to ACP in the 2011 tournament.

“National Shite Day: a glorious, epic, colossal barrage of guitars and anger, chronicling the grim daily crap we all somehow endure here in the bleak ridiculousness of the 21st century, with defiance and dark humour and even more cleverness. And that opening line – how can I vote against anything with that opening line?” said Featureless TV Producer Steve. Read the full story of the tournament here.