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‘CD Rarities’ Album


And Some Fell On Stony Ground is the title of a CD released in November 2016, bringing together some much-loved non-album material. It consists of a compilation of the band’s four EPs, as well as a B-side and a track contributed to a charity album. It includes favourites such as Bob Wilson – Anchorman, Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years and Vatican Broadside. No new material, but welcomed by a lot of fans regardless. More details here. The CD is available by mail order from the Probe Plus Store.

Change of website domain

After more than 8 years as part of the chrisrand.com website, this site was moved here to halfmanhalfbiscuit.uk in January 2016. It started off as a little sideline, but has become a bit of a monster which was slowing down the old site. Now it’s on new, state of the art ‘cloud hosting‘, so it should be as smooth as Primark FM. If you spot any problems resulting from the change, do let me know. – CR

The Lux Familiar Cup 2015

And we finally chose the nation’s favourite Half Man Half Biscuit song. For another four years, at least… In a “Light vs Shite” final, TLATEOTT had gone in as the clear favourite after the Baguette Dilemma qualifying round. But in a head-to-head match, early tournament form went out of the window, and apart from a brief moment in the first few hours of voting, NSD never looked likely to lose. A worthy successor to ACP in the 2011 tournament.

“National Shite Day: a glorious, epic, colossal barrage of guitars and anger, chronicling the grim daily crap we all somehow endure here in the bleak ridiculousness of the 21st century, with defiance and dark humour and even more cleverness. And that opening line – how can I vote against anything with that opening line?” said Featureless TV Producer Steve. Read the full story of the tournament here.