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  1. dr desperate on Uncle KeithGo »

    Where does he stand on hip hop?

    22 April 2021

  2. professor Abelazar Woozle on Uncle KeithGo »

    I have an Uncle Keith, who is to a large extent responsible for shaping my sense of humour…

    Alright, I admit I’m only posting this to get Uncle Keith off the ‘least discussed’ list of shame on the A-Z main page but my uncle’s a sound bloke, plays guitar and likes his beer so I don’t like to see him languishing there!

    22 April 2021

  3. dr desperate on Rain, shine or gale force nine, his frames remain intactGo »

    And his Friday Night is Boogie Night.

    22 April 2021

  4. peter mcornithologis on Rain, shine or gale force nine, his frames remain intactGo »

    Aaah. De ye ken John Peel . Old English hunting song . With his hounds and his horn in the morning .

    22 April 2021

  5. dr desperate on Stephen StillsGo »

    Interviewed in this month’s ‘Mojo’, Stills admits, “Cocaine enhances your personality – but what if you’re an asshole?”
    Amusingly (to me), The Times of London, quoting this yesterday, censored the last word as a***hole.

    22 April 2021


    So I understand there was some sort of mild disturbance in the world of European football recently. Glad to hear that it’s all been ironed out satisfactorily.

    Seriously, my hat is well and truly doffed. If that happened stateside in, say, the world of college football*, as it very well could, and 15 or 20 of the most elite programs got together and formed a super league, we would probably just shrug and say, “Figured that might happen. Oh, well. It’s about the money. Whaddya gonna do?”

    But you blokes took to the streets and stopped it. I can’t even imagine. Kudos, all.

    *(Please don’t ask me to explain why we watch collegiate sports with the fervor we do – it just happened that way, okay?)

    22 April 2021

  7. EXXO on HungaryGo »

    Think Orban’s helped give our lot a few ideas on using football in populist politics.

    On Today this morning, Sunak actually dodged a difficult question on a completely different topic by saying that he’d been too busy with football matters yesterday to know the answer (he must have heard whatever kind of imaginary kerrching his imaginary vote-grabbing machine makes, and then remembered he was on Radio 4).

    Anyway yeah, my football brain is utterly shellshocked at the moment, feel like I haven’t slept for 3 days with all the kerfuffle, but happy for you FF, and hope Fradi might just have fewer qualifying rounds in the CL next year.

    21 April 2021

  8. Brumbiscuit on HungaryGo »

    Err, it does in Magyar Hirlap:

    21 April 2021

  9. John Anderson on Meat LoafGo »

    My wife worked with Jim Steinman on a West End show once and says he was an extraordinarily nice bloke.

    21 April 2021

  10. Ferencváros fan on HungaryGo »

    The big 5, and Spurs, will be disappointed if they were hoping last night that their ESL climbdown would play second fiddle in the media to Ferencváros being crowned Hungarian champions once again…

    21 April 2021

  11. PAUL F on Meat LoafGo »

    Steinman wrote most of the songs on the who-exactly-did-they-expect-to-buy-this? Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler compilation album, Heaven and Hell.

    21 April 2021

  12. EXXO on Meat LoafGo »

    Jim Steinman. Gone when the mourning comes.

    21 April 2021

  13. johnny on In return for my Sally James scrapbookGo »

    Restored 1930s motorbike sat in boxes for decades (sadly not a Bonneville)

    A man has spent lockdown restoring his father’s 1930s motorbike after it had lain in parts for decades.

    Ralph Goodson, from Derby, said prior to the coronavirus lockdown, he had struggled to find the time to carry out the restoration and it had become “a bit of a standing joke” with friends and family.

    21 April 2021

  14. PAUL F on The film trivia book at the bog-sideGo »

    I should also add that Parnes had a German Shepherd dog called Prince, but I am not aware of him mourning a Sheba.

    21 April 2021

  15. Paul F on The film trivia book at the bog-sideGo »

    Can I just say that “Grace Desperate” is a name only Larry Parnes could have dreamt up?

    21 April 2021

  16. dr desperate on The film trivia book at the bog-sideGo »

    My daughter Grace would like those boxes (but not the Pollen).

    21 April 2021

  17. EXXO on The film trivia book at the bog-sideGo »


    Meanwhile I keep bringing home posh food from work that would otherwise have gone to waste and my fridge is more full of nonsense than ever. Lunch yesterday was a “Moroccan Immunity Box” and today it’s a “Mexican Power Box.” And I have more date-expired tofu than even Lynette McMorrough would ever need, ‘cos you literally cannot give it away around here.

    20 April 2021

  18. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2019–2021 gigs)Go »

    (For more on that topic, see Exxo’s post 28 on the ‘Get Kramer’ thread, two years ago.)

    20 April 2021

  19. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2019–2021 gigs)Go »

    Hmm, interesting. They (styled Walkingseeds) were on Probe Plus, who released their first EP in June ’86, and their first album the following year.
    They moved to Glass Records for their second album, which was produced by (Mark) Kramer (q v).
    They also had a single called ‘Mark Chapman’ (q v) and a split single (q v) with The Bevis Frond.
    Four Peel sessions, apparently.

    20 April 2021

  20. James on The film trivia book at the bog-sideGo »

    I can only hear “a bridge full of nonsense”. I keep trying to hear it as “fridge”, but it’s not working for me.

    20 April 2021

  21. EXXO on Pre-Gig Chat (2019–2021 gigs)Go »

    This was a very similar support set by the Walking seeds 2 weeks later on May 4th 1986. Sounds very familiar, like I might have seen them support someone too.

    20 April 2021

  22. Bad loser on Pre-Gig Chat (2019–2021 gigs)Go »

    Not pre-gig but a gig anniversary. Today is the 35th anniversary of my first HMHB gig at the Manchester International. Support was by a terrible band called The Walking Seeds. Their leads singer looked a bit like Jimmy Connors and jammed his microphone in his mouth. I deciphered one line ‘Who shot my leather. You did, you bastard’. More admiral support was provided by Jegsy Dodd though Ken, on guitar, was unknown to me then.

    The days when I could survive a whole gig in the mosh pit.

    19 April 2021

  23. lord leominster on SkyGo »

    I wondered why I had a certain Tracey Ullman song as an earworm this morning…

    19 April 2021

  24. dr desperate on SkyGo »

    Just watching Gary Neville fulminating against the “pure greed” of football clubs. I think it’s him, he’s got a Sky Sports mike covering his mouth.
    (Personally, I quite like the idea of having a new Super League sponsored by a chocolate biscuit.)

    19 April 2021

  25. peter mcornithologist on StranraerGo »

    Favourite Scottish team owing to my fathers lifelong love.. May I add that neither Stranraer nor galloping Hartlepool have any interest in joining a European Superleague .

    18 April 2021

  26. Brumbiscuit on StranraerGo »

    @EXXO: Not mid table, nor mathematically safe, but I’ll settle for that result.

    Looks like another season of Championship mediocrity (at best) awaits.

    18 April 2021

  27. Ferencváros fan on HungaryGo »

    It’s good to see I’m not the only person keeping a close eye on the OTP Bank Liga. We could have won title without kicking a ball this afternoon. Anything but a win for nearest challengers and emerging force Puskás Akadémia would have meant we were out of reach. However they beat 5th placed side MTK Budapest 3-0 to close the gap to 11 points with 4 matches remaining.

    Despite the 11 point cushion there have been some stumbles since the winter break, most notably a 1-0 reverse at home to bottom side DVTK. I’m not sure we’ll have it all our own way next season.

    Incidentally Vasas, who some of us will remember as a crack outfit from the late 50s and early 60s, currently sit top of the Hungarian second tier. It would be good to see them back in the big time next season.

    18 April 2021

  28. BOBBY SVARC on SubbuteoGo »

    Take from The Roof fanzine

    18 April 2021

  29. EXXO on StranraerGo »

    Aye well, that was the Wigtownshire Blues’ third game in 5 days, so the drubbing was unsurprising. Happier for the Warwickshire Blues, though I had been hoping Tranmere would be in a Division One next season with about eight clubs who would fill the away end (any three of Derby, Brum, Cov & Sheff Wed to be relegated, I hoped, plus Sunderland, Ipswich, Blackpool, Pompey, Donny, etc).

    18 April 2021

  30. dr desperate on Do you ever get to Roots Hall?Go »

    I wouldn’t necessarily put it in quotes, but I would use numbers – I’d beware of the band who styled their track timing “three minutes seventeen”.
    (Come to think of it, I can’t recall having seen the timing on a single, except maybe promos.)

    18 April 2021

  31. Schoon on Do you ever get to Roots Hall?Go »

    Where it says ‘Where it says three minutes seventeen, it’s twenty-two’ shouldn’t ‘three…’ be in quotes? I have no idea myself, just wanted to be a pendant about the bit about pedants.

    18 April 2021

  32. dickhead in quicksand on Not long now before lollipop men are called DarrenGo »

    The link John Burscough posted in 2011 has 404ed, so here’s Red Bull lollipop man Darren letting off his feelings in German – Es war schrecklich.

    18 April 2021

  33. Brumbsicuit on HungaryGo »

    Bearing in mind the great lengths Orban has gone to to suppress press & broadcast media freedom over the last decade, that is a breathtaking act of hypocrisy.

    17 April 2021

  34. EXXO on HungaryGo »

    Blimey. Football has for several years been a key player in Fidesz’s populism, but this one takes the Biscuit so far – a diplomatic incident in which they accuse Germany of intolerance!

    The sacked coach made the remarks about the more tolerant views of the current Hungarian national (and RB Leipzig) keeper, who incidentally played 17 games for Tranmere Rovers in 2010.

    17 April 2021

  35. EXXO on HungaryGo »

    I see that Ferencváros have eschewed sealing the title for the second Saturday in a row… can’t help wondering if they’ve been trying to set it up to clinch the deal at home to arch rivals Újpest on Tuesday? Ah well they’ll have it well wrapped up by the time they next play Honvéd, and hopefully the latter will be mathematically safe by then.

    17 April 2021

  36. EXXO on Some contain top, top playersGo »

    Sorry, that should have been in the A-Z under Leeuwarden.

    17 April 2021

  37. EXXO on Some contain top, top playersGo »

    Congratulations to Cambuur Leeuwarden, promoted after being one* of the unluckiest clubs in Europe last season, runaway leaders then towards the end of their fixtures, but had their entire league cancelled due to Covid-19, so no promotion.

    Lovely that their elevation back to the top flight after 5 years was confirmed today by the 4th-place team getting battered by 5th-place Go Ahead Eagles, who themselves perhaps deserve a place in the A-Z for appearing on the cover of All I want for Xmas is a DPAK.

    *Dukla Prague were almost as unlucky last season – won their last 7 games to get in the play-offs, then there were no play-offs due to a sudden second wave and second lock-down – actually arguably even unluckier, ‘cos they were always unlikely to perform as well in the second tier this season.

    17 April 2021

  38. Brumbsicuit on StranraerGo »

    12.15 kick-off tomorrow for the biggest game in Stranraer’s recent history. I do like the Hibbies, but am rooting for the underdogs.

    At the same time Birmingham City will, hopefully, be sealing their place in the Championship at Rotherham.

    I’d settle for a draw in the latter match, if it meant Stranraer going through…

    17 April 2021

  39. Phyllis Triggs on HarwichGo »

    Chippy Minton’s for me!

    17 April 2021

  40. peter mcornithologist on HarwichGo »

    If you wander through the valleys of Mid Glamorgan , with good fortune you will encounter A Fish Called Rhonnda .

    17 April 2021

  41. EXXO on HarwichGo »

    Not afraid to give due royalties to the nineties music scene, I would go into the chippy business with them in Portishead, where my trip hop chip shop would be called ‘Massive Haddock’ and would surely known to the in-crowd as ‘Tricky’s Plaice.’ (with dab versions by the Mad Piscator)

    17 April 2021

  42. dr desperate on HarwichGo »

    If I were to open a fish restaurant I’d call it The Gar & Brill.
    (Actually, I might sell that idea to Tim Martin, for the first in a new ‘Spoonerisms chain.)

    17 April 2021

  43. Lord leominster on HarwichGo »

    I once had the idea of opening a combined surfing and outdoor shop called Surf & Turf. I didn’t get around to it, ‘though.

    16 April 2021

  44. EXXO on HarwichGo »

    Googling reveals that there are over forty chippies in the UK named the Codfather, Cod Father or Codfathers, and that it doesn’t seem to be a chain. Some use graphics relating to the movies, others don’t, but you can be sure they get letters from Paramount if they do.

    16 April 2021

  45. Paul f on HarwichGo »

    There’s a steak and seafood restaurant in Wallingford called Shellfish Cow.

    16 April 2021

  46. EXXO on HarwichGo »

    They will have been nobbled by the image rights mafia,100%.

    “Codfather, on this your daughter’s wedding day, I ask you this one thing: 20% for the image rights or she sleeps with the fishes.”.

    16 April 2021

  47. transit full of keith on HarwichGo »

    There’s one called the Codfather in Cambridge, used to have a nice hand-painted sign in the style of the film poster with a fish dancing on the puppet strings.

    They recently replaced this with one that makes no reference to the film, ruining a half-decent joke. Probably a junior employee …

    16 April 2021

  48. ALICE van der meer on HarwichGo »

    That’ll teach me not to check first, won’t it?
    Poste in haste, repent at leisure. Especially given the warning below the comment window.

    16 April 2021

  49. dr desperate on HarwichGo »

    A fine pun indeed (though spelt as one word on their frontage and website). I quite like ‘Frying Nemo’ in Goole (q v).

    16 April 2021

  50. Alice van der meer on HarwichGo »

    Whale oil beef hooked! CtSO an Essex Boy, no less! When oi were a lad, our summer holidays were always to Dovercourt, and for extra excitement we used to go to the “war buildings” on Beacon Hill, or watch the ships going in and out of Harwich. No wonder I turned out like this!

    Should you find yourselves there, look out the Pie Seas chippy – (a) it’s a top, top pun and (b) the best fish and chips I’ve had this side of Hadrian’s Wall.

    15 April 2021