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  1. brumbiscuit on BicciepediaGo »

    The URL above returns a 404. The updated link is:

    4 October 2022

  2. brumbiscuit on George, TheGo »


    4 October 2022

  3. Phyllis Triggs on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Craig Charles on 6Music yesterday afternoon around 1:19:36 has poet Brian Bilston referencing Shakespeare and HMHB when coming up with the first lines for what is to be a listener collaboration: Sonnet for 6.

    4 October 2022

  4. Golden biscuit winner on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Any lifts back to Merseyside/Southport on the Saturday after Blackpool?

    4 October 2022

  5. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on George, TheGo »

    Which George are they most likely to be named after, though? Just gone down an Internet rabbit hole to find out but I’m none the wiser.

    3 October 2022

  6. Tony R on George, TheGo »

    The George is the 12th most common pub name according to Pubs Galore (and they should know).

    3 October 2022

  7. Natalie at the back on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    I managed to identify 11 out of the 18. I’d have got 12 but foolishly plumped for Drongo for no.6.

    Thanks to Little Woodnoggin for a very entertaining quiz!

    3 October 2022

  8. dr desperate on JanetGo »

    And, of course, your own band Stephen Malkmus (q v) andThe Jicks.

    3 October 2022

  9. Huddersfield's Very Own Steve Malkmus on JanetGo »

    Janet Weiss was also the drummer of Sleater-Kinney (q.v.)

    3 October 2022

  10. Injured buzzard on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Thanks to the customary post gig train strike I have secured the company van for travel to Blackpool and have a spare seat if anyone wants a lift from & to Dumfries or points en route. Be leaving early afternoon and returning around 9am Saturday.

    2 October 2022

  11. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    “Footprints” got an airing on the Freak Zone this evening, recommended by Kaz C of this parish by the sound of it, on a spoken word special. Nice, (albeit a missed opportunity to play ‘Tour Jacket with Detachable Sleeves’…)

    2 October 2022

  12. John Anderson on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Yesterday I was doing international radio comms on West Ham v Wolves. Adama Traore came on as a sub with his biceps visibly oiled up. “He looks like a Mr Universe contestant” I said “and by the way, why does the winner of Mr Universe always come from earth?”

    2 October 2022

  13. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Predictions form for Friday’s Blackpool gig. New contestants and one-off entries welcome.

    The form now asks for an email and sends you a copy of your answers, but your emails will not be stored in my data retrieval system.

    The last 15 setlists are here with the current league table:

    2 October 2022

  14. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Blackpool stage times from the horse’s mouth:
    Doors 7
    JDM 8
    HMHB 9
    Stage curfew 11
    Dressing room curfew (always wise to have one of them) 12.

    2 October 2022

  15. dr desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Very sorry to hear that, @CC&C, best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.

    2 October 2022

  16. dr desperate on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Nige Tassell will be at the Manc ‘Louder Than Words’ music literary festival on Sat 12th November, discussing his book about the C86 Kids (including HMHB) with David Gedge. Unfortunately, checking my diary I find I’m in Norwich that morning, but others may be able to make it.

    1 October 2022

  17. Michael on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Bob Mortimer just said he has restless leg syndrome in the latest episode (s5, ep4) of Gone Fishing

    30 September 2022

  18. Cream cheese and chives on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Two tickets for Blackpool looking for a home. Chemotherapy for Mrs Chives means another no show.

    30 September 2022

  19. Golden Biscuit Winner on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Frog (Hyla stingi) Jellyfish (Amphinema rollinsi) Ant (Sericomyrmex radioheadi) – you should be in a Suffolk Ditch

    30 September 2022

  20. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    I thought it was aspic eel (though since Bre*it they won’t come from Germany any more).

    30 September 2022

  21. woodnoggin on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    I was tempted to locate the eel in the Mersey as a nod to the infamous Speke Eel of Alehouse Futsal…

    30 September 2022

  22. woodnoggin on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Here are the songs I had in mind for each animal:

    1. Badger – Bladderwrack Allowance – “Mine’s a pint of Badger’s Entirely Blameless”
    2. Fox – Persian Rug Sale at the URC – “Alfie Bass and that drone have got me foxed”
    3. Tiger – Multitude – “Where the tiger soothes the baby kangaroo”
    4. Mynah Bird – Stuck Up a Hornbeam – “I’ve got a mynah bird, it does nothing but moan”
    5. Orangutan – Every Time a Bell Rings – “Why can’t you say ‘orangutan’?”
    6. Turkey – New York Skiffle – “I’ve turkeyed way upstate”
    7. Dolphin – Girlfriend’s Finished with Him – “And something or other about dolphins”
    8. Giraffe – Awkward Sean – “Murdered by a giraffe”
    9. Chimpanzee – Took Problem Chimp to the Ideal Home Show – “Took problem chimp to the Ideal Home Show”
    10. Octopus – Them’s the Vagaries – “Squid yes, not so octopus”
    11. Sloth – Tonight Matthew I’m Going to Be with Jesus – “It prods me out of my sloth”
    12. Frog (Hyla stingi) – A Country Practice – “Sting, singing on the roof of the Barbican”
    13. Ant (Sericomyrmex radioheadi) – On Passing Lilac Urine – “The council’s gonna ask Radiohead to switch off Blackpool lights”
    14. Hummingbird – Depressed Beyond Tablets – “I’ve been sent to gut hummingbirds”
    15. Jellyfish (Amphinema rollinsi) – You’re Hard – “Henry Rollins – you’re hard”
    16. Swan – Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes/Soft Verges – “Careful now, that swan could break your arm”/”Do you still drink in The Swan?”
    17. Eel – Something’s Rotten in the Back of Iceland – “The age-old eel in your decommissioned fridge”
    18. Bat – Renfield’s Afoot – “Notice was given of a bat walk”

    30 September 2022

  23. dr desperate on Lockdown Luke is on the regional newsGo »

    Sure as eggs is eggs, mantle with aplomb.

    30 September 2022

  24. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    I had Jackdaw (or Crow) for 18, Walrus for 1 and Wolf for 2; I also went for Crane, Emu and Shark as 4, 6 and 7. Discounting my pre-hint American answers, ingenious though they were, I can’t claim any more than 50% correct.
    Very enjoyable quiz though; many thanks to you and your daughter (and partner).
    Do you also have a son called WoodKnut?

    29 September 2022

  25. dr desperate on Blackpool lightsGo »

    Oh Snap.

    29 September 2022

  26. Phyllis Triggs on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Fab quiz, Woodnoggin. Thanks to you and your daughter. Being somewhat geographically-challenged I’m pleased to have managed a score of 10. Had a seal for #1 and either baby kangaroo or emu for #6. Prior to the joyous realisation that #10 was an octopus, I had #10, 15 and 17 all down as plankton… Got completely wrong-footed by #11 and am shamefaced to have misinterpreted such a wonderful depiction of a sloth – it looks nothing like a dead ram!

    29 September 2022

  27. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    What song is the fox from?

    29 September 2022

  28. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Great stuff Woody. Badger was always my favourite for #1 though I had wolf and alsatian on the pedestal for that medal. Fox likewise for #2 with “your missing cat” in a distant second place.

    For #4 I got misled by the map and settled on crane a bit too too readily.

    For #6 I assumed an Australian native, and so thought it was a portrayal of a baby kangaroo perhaps within a fluffy pouch without the portrayal of the mother.

    For #7 I was going to give myself the points whether it was dolphin or shark, likewise the swan one if it turned out to be goose and indeed so too for the eel one if it turned out to be a tope.

    All in all I’m happy with 14 out 18 before your celebrity creatures help and 16 after and just generally full of joy that this delightful quiz came to be.

    Many chapeaux to the whole family and I look forward to your next quiz.

    29 September 2022

  29. BOBBY SVARC on Blackpool lightsGo »

    My Dad saw George Shuttleworth ‘Speed Demon’ switch them on in 1953.

    29 September 2022

  30. woodnoggin on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Time for some answers?
    Here are the animals:

    1. Badger
    2. Fox
    3. Tiger
    4. Mynah bird
    5. Orangutan
    6. Turkey
    7. Dolphin
    8. Giraffe
    9. Chimpanzee
    10. Octopus
    11. Sloth
    12. Hyla stingi (frog)
    13. Sericomyrmex radioheadi (ant)
    14. Hummingbird
    15. Amphinema rollinsi (jellyfish)
    16. Swan
    17. Eel
    18. Bat

    29 September 2022

  31. EXXO on Blackpool lightsGo »

    Her maj did switch off the lights the day after she died. Same night she made the gates even lower than usual at Prenton, so a nice posthumous PBR double there for the late monarch.

    29 September 2022

  32. dr desperate on Blackpool lightsGo »

    Gratifyingly, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (q v) switched them on this year, standing in for Johnny Vegas. No word yet on switchoff arrangements, but they’ll deffo be on for our entertainment and enlightenment next Friday (Royal demises allowing).

    29 September 2022

  33. Paul F on Judie TzukeGo »

    Interviewed by Johnnie Walker recently on Sounds of the Seventies. She is apparently very dyslexic – probably inappropriate to suggest that may have something to do with her surname.

    Disappointed that somebody who has played and interviewed “Half Moon Half Biscuit” missed the opportunity to schedule “Stay With Me Till Dawn” before the 4pm news. Although for extra Biscuit points she also referenced Alessi in the interview.

    She had a good story about her aspiring but crap musician father pushing a few quid the way of up-and-coming artists, although my admiration dissolved when I discovered that Andrew Lloyd-Weber and Tim Rice wrote Jesus Christ Superstar in their house while Judy’s dad subbed them.

    29 September 2022

  34. Andy Luke on Windy Militant leads his Basque-like corn grinders to warGo »

    I don’t suppose anyone got a copy of the now-removed video mixing footage of the poll-tax riots?

    29 September 2022

  35. Cornish Biscuit on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    … It looks like we too can’t feasibly make the Blackpool gig now because of the train strike on the 8th and a funeral to go to on the Saturday afternoon back in Scotland. So we have two tickets for sale, if anyone wants them, face value or any offers.

    28 September 2022

  36. EXXO on CordovanGo »

    Hmm. The OED doesn’t list that very rare meaning at all, which is first recorded in English – and rare American English at that – in 1925. That meaning would not have been known to the classic translators of the Mabinogion or Nibelungenlied, for example, who penned the faux-medieval-sounding phrase that was then collected by our bard.

    28 September 2022

  37. dr desperate on A Market Town That Lacks QuintessenceGo »

    Buses (though according to Alfred Denis Godley, Bi).

    28 September 2022

  38. Cream cheese and chives on CordovanGo »

    Lacklustre research reveals that cordovan can be a type of leather but is also a shade of burgundy. His buskins may be mottled leather or a mottled burgundy.

    Cordovan is a rich shade of burgundy and a dark shade of rose. Cordovan takes its name from the city of Córdoba, Spain, where the production of cordovan leather was first practiced by the Visigoths in the seventh century.

    What about Visigoths Floating In The Dead Sea?

    28 September 2022

  39. Paul on A Market Town That Lacks QuintessenceGo »

    Never mind the prick barriers. The highly dependable busses are no more!

    Buses or busses?

    28 September 2022

  40. dr desperate on ChatterisGo »

    Don’t go by bus, they’ll soon be highly undependable.
    (Of the seven service users interviewed, two are wisely heading for Ely and St Ives, and one to Papworth General. And the managing director of Stagecoach East is called Darren.)

    28 September 2022

  41. EXXO on JanetGo »

    Although their peak use was pretty much when I started primary school (1968), being used in 81% of primary schools at that time, they weren’t used in Wallasey and thankfully I have never seen one.

    Peak Janet statistics, peak Janet and John statistics google can provide. I’m still frustrated that Suriname hasn’t yet published those Nigel statistics,

    27 September 2022

  42. Bad loser on JanetGo »

    My sister-in-law is called Janet. Her husband is called John. I think many of us on here are of sufficient vintage to remember those books at school.

    27 September 2022

  43. Suziesue on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    Asparagus next left- what a superb tune. Could we now have a dissection of how these aren’t euphemisms please? Any thoughts

    27 September 2022

  44. John on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Is anyone seeking a spare ticket for the Blackpool show? The rescheduled date was slightly awkward for me anyway, but the train strike now makes it a non-starter. Face value (or make me an offer!).

    (as ever, email me – CtSO)

    27 September 2022

  45. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Following the incident in which the name question for the early entrants for the Brum gig was deleted, an enquiry at FBL HQ, has now allocated 62 points (not 36) to Chris the Siteowner and identified the following 36-point entry as the one that still needs claiming,

    1. songs in:
    Rogation Sunday Westward Ho! Hornbeam Broadstairs Fix it so she dreams… Restless Legs (just 2 points for Broadstairs there)
    2. (joker) Restless Legs
    3. songs out:
    Vitas G Joy in Leeuwarden PRS Yearbook Little In The Way of Sunshine
    (24 points there)
    4. walk on: Country
    5. opening song: Suffolk Ditch
    6. Cover song: London Calling
    7. % difference 40% (won 10 points as the highest and nearest guess)

    27 September 2022

  46. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on JanetGo »

    Also my Mum’s name.
    “Prannet” – another word that seems to have fallen out of general use.

    27 September 2022

  47. Chris The Siteowner on Jack-By-The-HedgeGo »

    As spotted by the Quality Janitor here, got a nice mention along with the Orange-Tip butterfly on BBC Gardeners World.

    27 September 2022

  48. Chris The Siteowner on JanetGo »

    My Mum (b.1937) is called Janet. She says that her parents were so disappointed to get their third successive girl that they let the midwife name her. When the midwife said that she’d have chosen ‘Janet’ were it not for the fact that their previous daughter was named ‘Jeanette’, my grandparents said: “Nah, that’s fine”.

    (There’s a Jeanette coming up in the A–Z in 48 hours’ time…)

    27 September 2022

  49. dr desperate on JanetGo »

    My Californian cousin Janet was born in July 1949, four months after Janet Leigh’s appearance as Meg in ‘Little Women’ (probably a more likely reason for her name than ‘Act of Violence’, in which Leigh co-starred earlier that year).

    27 September 2022

  50. Hendrix-tattoo on JanetGo »

    “She looked more like a gannet
    She wasn’t half a prannet”

    27 September 2022