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  1. warden Hodges on Spending their life in William Hill’sGo »

    Sad to see Svarc’s non-league club Nuneaton Borough FC have withdrawn from their league due to finances. Grim stuff

    24 February 2024

  2. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    That’s McIntyre, Dreadmore and Tavitt, of course.

    23 February 2024

  3. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    I think even Stock Aitken and Waterman (who I rolled my eyes at as a teenager, but now I must admit they had some decent tunes) counted as indie sometimes, depending on whether whoever they’d produced that week were on PWL Records. And MD&T was released the same week as Erasure’s ‘Chorus’ – I can’t think of a poppier pop group (in a good way), but released on Mute, so got in the indie charts.

    23 February 2024

  4. EXXO on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Nice one. I always liked the way HMHB sort of got their own back in the autumn when Dickie Davies knocked New order off number one. Not that I’m concerned (course you’re not).

    HMHB were lucky in a way to hit that golden age age of the indie chart with those impressive 1986 placings, ‘cos 2 years later it all started to go wrong when various big label-backed dance acts were somehow counted as “indie”, then all big labels somehow got “indie imprints” and it all became as muddy and boring as any other charts.

    23 February 2024

  5. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    UKMix has the answer again. Debuted on the NME singles chart at no. 9 that first week of March, then 3-1-1-2 (knocked off by New Order’s ‘Shellshock’), 2-2-4-4, next chart is missing, 3-3-5-5-7-5-9-7-7-7-12-25… the thread runs out at that point (last post was only two days ago) but that takes us up to August, so at least five months.

    And that’s without mentioning DHSS, which was number one that week and only drops out of the top ten album chart in early August.

    23 February 2024

  6. MULDOON LIVES! on Spending their life in William Hill’sGo »

    My dad told me of a bloke who parked his car near Anfield and left an Alsatian in it as a guard. When asked “watch yer car mista” the bloke replied “no thanks, the dog can take full care of it” In under a second the lad responded ” what, fireproof is he.” I like to think he paid.

    23 February 2024

  7. EXXO on Spending their life in William Hill’sGo »

    Sorry Niall. I should be hoping Leeds go up cos then there’ll be fewer home matches. That comment was a maybe just in memoriam of Bobby Svarcian so-called banter

    23 February 2024

  8. EXXO on Spending their life in William Hill’sGo »

    Friday night and the gates are high.

    In Liverpool, those parking for the match may resent having to slip a few quid to kids to “mind yer car, mister,” but when the boot is off the other foot you can understand it and feel it is how things should be.

    Here at Mrs. Exford’s house near Elland Road, where only a minority of residents have cars, so there are spaces, we resent the entitled attitude of all the posh cars parking for the match, especially ‘cos there’s often kids playing in the street etc when the weather is OK , and so gradually over the last 2 years we have just just blocked off more and more spaces with our bins, whether we need the spaces or not. It will in the long run make fewer people feel entitled. Nobody has yet offered us any money to remove any bins, but I long for it to happen – and would happily take the cash – because it will mirror all those “mind yer car” moments near Anfield over the years (not that I drive meself).

    Anyway, come on the Foxes. Let’s make this 3-way scrap for 2nd place interesting!

    23 February 2024

  9. EXXO on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Peel rarely gave such precise info. Just to be clear, it’s the NME indie chart I was meaning, so it would definitely have appeared in that as soon as it was released, because the buzz around it was something special. Pretty sure it debuted at number one in that chart very early March, and stayed there 4-5 weeks.

    23 February 2024

  10. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Yeah, as you say further up, it’s not all about the charts, and the truth could be a week or two earlier in all these cases. But at least with this info we have a last possible release date for them. If they charted on the Sunday, they must’ve been available the previous Monday, to paraphrase Craig David.

    There might be clues in those non-session Peel show appearances, too. “This is from the new album on Probe Plus which came out on Monday”, sort of thing.

    23 February 2024

  11. EXXO on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    I like your logic, and your intolerance of ambiguity (in such contexts). Tellingly, although the EP was available at gigs throughout Feb 86, it does not appear in NME singles charts in February. It was certainly number one in their Indie singles chart for most/all of March until displaced by New Order in the first or second week of April.

    23 February 2024

  12. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Those few odd question marks on the list are bugging me now. What about a release date of 24th February 1986 for the Trumpton Riots EP, given that it popped up on the singles chart the following Sunday? (the date on that Official Charts page says 8th March, but that was the week ending date, with the chart running from 2nd-8th March 1986)

    This would give us an exact date for all the people mentioned in 1966, Architecture and Albert Hammond who have uncertain dates. I’d say it’s the best guess we have, unless someone has better evidence.

    Similarly, I’ve been digging about for an exact date for MT&D and found (on the UKMix forum again) a thread about the NME independent singles/albums charts. MT&D is listed as a new entry at number 23 on the NME indie chart on 26th October 1991. That’s a Saturday, and a week ending date, so applying the same logic as before, the release date of MT&D would be Monday 14th October 1991 at the latest for it to show up in the chart running from 20-26th October. (Peel was playing bits from it as early as September, but mostly towards the end of October)

    23 February 2024

  13. Chris The Siteowner on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    All three coincidentally move up six places.

    23 February 2024

  14. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Yes, that’s just me being lazy and/or failing to notice them. (I looked up Conny Plank as well but his ticket was relinquished in 1987)

    23 February 2024

  15. POP-TART MARK on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    A Green Brigade love vow (using your suggested rhymes):

    I’ll fight and kill for you, without a scruple,
    I’ll defend you to the end, like the boys in Mariupol,
    I’ll save you, like Bowie saved Mott the Hoople.
    Cú Chulainn, invincible, like the Bhoys’ quadruple.

    23 February 2024

  16. GORDON BURNS on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    My Cardiff bed is starting to look a lot like Leigh Delamare services.

    23 February 2024

  17. Chris The Siteowner on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    @SW/@Exxo: I’ve updated Carla and Grant. You’ve also suggested Johnny Kwango; should we update Meadowlark Lemon and Tony Monopoly in that case, too?

    23 February 2024

  18. dr DEsperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    You may find people asking if you’ve got a spare nearer the time, @milord (bed, not bog).

    23 February 2024

  19. Lord Hereford on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Hooray, Cardiff. Own bed, own bog.

    22 February 2024

  20. sigismund on Don’t keep calling it the Book of RevelationsGo »

    I’m afraid Bad Tattoo brewery closed last year, not sureif they ever produced Shit Arm beer

    22 February 2024

  21. dr DEsperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    You don’t have to be daft to post here, @GBW, but it helps – it is.

    22 February 2024

  22. GBW on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Sorry for being daft, but is the Cardiff gig the one JD Meatyard hinted would be announced today?

    22 February 2024

  23. christie malry on Even More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    BBC Sounds today recommended to me a documentary called ‘Black Gold’, about the Stanlow oil refinery – familiar to anyone who has travelled on the mighty M56. The first episode is called ‘Clocked on, laid off.’

    22 February 2024

  24. nige nnto on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    I guess there’s always the option of the 23:30 train to Newport or Bristol which might be cheaper

    22 February 2024

  25. IRISH NIALL on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    @Parsfan -Thanks for that. I’ll hold off til we know for sure. I don’t think I could even book a flight this far out from Feb 2025. But if I managed to and it turned out Wales were at home that weekend -Ryanair are a law unto themselves. They’d cancel my booking at whatever price and immediately re-list it at multiples of what was originally paid.

    22 February 2024

  26. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    “was also been known”. Me fail English, that’s unpossible.

    22 February 2024

  27. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Apparently Pope John II’s real name was Mercurius, and Pope John I was also been known as “Deacon John”. But Brian May not become Pope.

    22 February 2024

  28. Dumfries & Galloway on The Chief Executive, fresh from ReykjavikGo »

    Has anyone noticed the similarity between this song and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer? There is even a reference to Paul McCartney in the lyrics…

    22 February 2024

  29. paul f on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Definitely John Paul II. John II ended his pontificate 1,460 years before Slipknot commenced theirs.

    22 February 2024

  30. parsfan on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    40% chance they’ll be at home that weekend – England or Ireland if so.

    Fixtures should be announced in the next week or two and prices might drop if they’re away.

    22 February 2024

  31. Sloppy on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Jeez, see what you mean Bad Looser. Little B&B 15 mins from town booked for £100. Best get in quick I think!

    22 February 2024

  32. dr DEsperate on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    I didn’t think John II was that bad.

    22 February 2024

  33. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    What about Johnny Kwango? Currently ??/10/1991 – 19/01/1994, but if you wanted to go off the session it would be 04/04/1990 – 19/01/1994. I make that 3 years and 291 days, so he slots in between Lev Yashin and Pope John II – Electric Boogaloo.

    22 February 2024

  34. dr DEsperate on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: The Final (Results)Go »

    I had a puzzle printed in The Times of London in 2016 which used the Superb Owl gag. The writers of ‘Things We Do in the Shadows’ appear to have stolen it.

    22 February 2024

  35. EXXO on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    That was without looking at the list. Now that I look at it, I mean 6 months :-D. Grant Baynham’s chart position is unchanged, but Carla lane demotes Jimmy Savile.

    22 February 2024

  36. EXXO on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Hmm. Now that you mention it, methinks we need to add about a year to Grant Baynham and Carla Lane on the season tickets list. It’s not all about the charts:
    Recorded: 1990-03-01. First broadcast: 04 April 1990. Repeated: 22 May 1990.
    Ordinary To Entschede / Our Tune / Yipps (My Baby Got The) / Pragvec At The Melkveg
    I remember I was living in Italy at the time but recorded a tape-to-tape of it off a mate when when I was back in the UK.

    Then I remember the plays of the single on Peel in October. I’ve played footy with at least three people who were featured on the 21st October show!

    22 February 2024

  37. Gbw on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »


    22 February 2024

  38. Sylvian's Whippet on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    22 February 2024

  39. Golden biscuit winner on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Where is the info on Cardiff?

    22 February 2024

  40. Cream cheese and chives on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: The Final (Results)Go »

    @Dr Desperate (15 above) The setter of 5d in today’s Times Cryptic sees things the same way as you.

    22 February 2024

  41. BAD LOSER on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Looks like the hotels are priced in anticipation of Wales being at home in the 6 Nations that weekend. Reserved a room for £80 about a mile from the centre. Most rooms are asking for hundreds.

    22 February 2024

  42. dr DEsperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Uncle John has confirmed that he’ll be support at that one.

    22 February 2024

  43. Sylvian's Whippet on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Ah, interesting stuff! So we can pin the release date of Let’s Not down to no later than 22nd October 1990 – the Monday before this chart was announced on 28th October. Peel started playing tracks from it from 14th October onwards so that sounds about right.

    As an aside, I really wish I’d bothered to listen to Peel back then. I don’t know what I’d have made of ‘Let’s Not’ or ‘Ordinary’ as a 15-year-old hip hop fan, but I might’ve liked ‘Our Tune’ with its references to St Neots up the road.

    22 February 2024

  44. BAD LOSER on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Well that’s disappointing. Was at least hoping for something this year.

    22 February 2024

  45. dr DEsperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2024 gigs)Go »

    Presumably this is the Cardiff Tramshed gig announced today for Fri 21 Feb 25 (so less than a year to wait).

    22 February 2024

  46. chris from future doom on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    HMHB in the charts

    Over at this forum, someone with access to the full UK Top 200 Singles Charts from 1983-1990 has been uploading the weekly charts, and the chart for the week ending 3 November 1990 shows Let’s Not as a new entry at #166.

    Previously, there had a been another entry in October 1988 for a Peel Session EP with D’Ye Ken Ted Moult? as the lead track if I’m not mistaken entering at #168

    Whilst perhaps not exactly setting the charts alight, this is fascinating stuff if like me as well as being a HMHB fanatic you also happen to be a chart fanatic.

    22 February 2024

  47. dr DEsperate on TarzanGo »

    Appeared with his geographically inaccurate sidekick tiger in the strip ‘Tarzan Stripes’ (geddit?) in Hoot comic, subsumed by the Dandy in 1986.
    The title possibly (though probably not) borrowed from a character in a 1967 Peel session by the Bonzos.

    22 February 2024

  48. dr DEsperate on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    I asked McGough on Saturday, but he hasn’t yet updated his 1984 poem:

    I think of your hips, as slinky as silk
    I think of your lips, as drinky as milk
    I think of your breast, as smooth as a pebble
    But often as not, I think of the Treble.

    22 February 2024

  49. ghost of kirkus on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Dr Desperate – presumably Mott the Hoople could feature – assuming no concerns from a scruple?

    22 February 2024

  50. MULDOON LIVES! on TarzanGo »

    I’ve got nothing against Mr Spiggot’s Tarzan….

    21 February 2024