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  1. WARDEN HODGES on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    I think it would have been Italy v Suisse that night as well. Must check my virtual wallchart.

    3 April 2020

  2. BOBBY SVARC on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    It’s a bit of a bummer Tony but It will happen, hopefully, this year. Like I’ve just said to young Karen, “next year is no time to be 61”

    3 April 2020

  3. ROBISCUIT on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Doubtless on the song’s thread but what was the story with the long-held note in Knobheads?

    3 April 2020

  4. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    There will be a slight delay on the Coronavirus Quiz, while Exxo and I sort out our cantones. Watch this space.

    3 April 2020

  5. EXXO on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    In the microwave. It’s the way I tell them.

    3 April 2020

  6. EXXO on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Not a cursee of course, but it has to be said Mr. B was very fond of the joke, probably after hearing it from Taylo.

    “How do turn a duck into a soul singer?”

    “Leave it is the microwave till its bill withers.”

    3 April 2020

  7. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Quick quiz:

    1/ Name the three most capped HMHB-referenced footballers at full international level.
    2/ How many full international caps, in total, have been awarded to HMHB-referenced footballers? Will accept the first answer within 20 of the actual total.

    3 April 2020

  8. BOBBY SVARC on Ted MoultGo »

    Pest control’s addictive, make it self-inflicted, Blow out your brains as advertised by Ted Moult

    3 April 2020

  9. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Am guessing that any others still alive from “God Gave Us Life” will be automatically straight in at number one.

    3 April 2020

  10. IDIOT SAUL on Ted MoultGo »

    Our Ted, it has to be said, presented me with a cup for winning a volleyball tournament in Chesterfield. It would have been about 1976.

    3 April 2020

  11. EXXO on Alan BrazilGo »

    Let’s get the fucking RSPB on the fat fucker for even thinking about getting his fucking hedge cut in April.

    (link needs twitter log-in, obvz)

    3 April 2020

  12. cream cheese and chives on Ted MoultGo »

    While reading through my old and painfully embarrassing diaries , I find that around Christmas 1983 I served him while I was working in Lewis’s record department in Manchester. This encounter will not be enough to secure me a publishing deal I fear.I remember that I was threatened with the sack for playing Billy Bragg’s Life’s A Riot on repeat. ‘We are trying to sell records, not drive people out of the shop,’ was the general drift.
    I see that according to Wikipedia he took his own life because he was worried after a spell of wet weather.
    I also came across this recently.

    3 April 2020

  13. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Er, got me there, Doc. That’s what you get for skimming and failing to undertake adequate research. When I saw it referred to Brian Moore, actor and writer, I immediately assumed it was not the Planetarium-headed one. Apologies.

    In my defence, I’m all researched out, after spending about a day and a half solid working out the answers to Exxo’s footy quiz.

    3 April 2020

  14. dr desperate on ITVGo »

    If anybody’s at a loose end currently, you might like to cast an eye over this site, which contains far too much information about ITV footie programmes, 1968-83.
    The hardcore stuff comes in the ‘Extra Time’ section (click on the black football in the bottom row of icons), with “ITV Studios And Their Nearest League Grounds”, “Schoolboy Internationals on ITV” and much, much more.

    3 April 2020

  15. hendrix-tattoo on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Aww what a shame Micky, So sorry man….

    3 April 2020

  16. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Lux You interest me strangely with this other Brian Moore – I assumed the planetarium-headed one had simply been hooring between Gillingham and Spurs. IMDb seems to think they’re one and the same, linking his ’67 ‘Quiz Ball’ appearance to rôles as ‘Commentator’ in various footie fillums and ‘The (Big) Match’.
    I assume Arthur Lowe qualified as an England supporter, as they list him as ‘Self’ in the ’72 Home International against Wales.

    3 April 2020

  17. IDIOT SAUL on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Credit and gratitude gratefully accepted.

    3 April 2020

  18. parsfan on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @saul, sorry…little in the way of points coming your way. Will you settle for some credit for imagination and my gratitude for trying?

    Apart from not being the answer, no one has ever heard that song and thought of the Hibs mascot. If it was “Little in the way of Sunshine on Leith Lynx coming our way” I’d maybe consider it.

    I was at that game and can’t remember their mascot there – but that means nothing as I usually arrive at kick-off. Did you note the date of the article? I think I thought it was related to that at the time but I can’t say for certain that it didn’t happen.

    As for Jobson, I always had him as a Celtic fan. He says the right things about The Pars when he plays in town and I’ve no doubt he’d play to that side of Edinburgh but he’s just a hoor. Adamson and Bill Simpson were the fans – the latter used to sit about three rows in front of me but he must have moved or stopped going as I’ve not seen him at a game for years.

    2 April 2020

  19. WARDEN HODGES on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Understandable that Svarc, would have been a fine Leicestershire night. Best wishes n stuff.

    2 April 2020

  20. BOBBY SVARC on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    60th Birthday Bash is OFF. Sorry and all that.

    2 April 2020

  21. Tim Down on Hear the word ‘aplomb’ being usedGo »

    I thought trying to make too much sense of it was the whole point!

    I can’t believe I didn’t spot the Biarritz connection. If that is indeed the meaning, should ‘chevron’ be upgraded to a proper noun for those lines?

    2 April 2020

  22. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    More about Quiz Ball than you need to know:

    Bob Wilson, answerman:

    2 April 2020

  23. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Nicky, Nicky Parsons, Nicky Parsons on the wing.

    2 April 2020

  24. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Sunshine is IMHO even more pointsworthy than The Armoury Show, given that he did indeed represent the Pars. Jobson (like Sunshine) is a Hibs fan and Dunfermline play the Skids ‘cos of Stuart Adamson, really. Both impressive efforts though.

    Sorry BTW, mistake above – Johnny Carey was of course the first non-UK player to skipper an English league-winning and/or cup-winning side. Plenty of Scots, Welsh & N.Irish had done it already.

    2 April 2020

  25. IDIOT SAUL on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Nothing for Sunshine?

    2 April 2020

  26. Parsfan on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Well done Exxo, correct answer but, as you now know, for the wrong reason. That was in the first Quizball final where we lost to Arsenal. We were back in it for the last one in 1972 where we beat Leicester. So, reigning champions for nearly 50 years.

    @lux – no, sorry, way too tenuous but pleased you know that sort of stuff about us.

    There was some chat about Quizball on one of our forums a couple of years ago. Here’s one of the posts…

    sammer, Mon 19 Nov 2018 17:25

    Gordon Jackson and John Cushley remain the only Dunfermline players to have scored hat-tricks in a national final. I saw Jackson notch his three ‘goals’ at the Glen Pavilion in 1966 when we went down 7-3 to the mighty Arsenal of Ian Ure and DJ Jimmy Young. Gordon Jackson was a well kent face at the time, although the roles for which he is best remembered- Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs and Cowley in The Professionals- lay in the future.

    The guest stars seem to have had little connection to the actual teams they represented. Jackson and Ros Drinkwater, an actress who appeared in the TV Series Paul Temple, probably represented Dunfermline on the grounds they were Scottish. Jon Pertwee, the Dr. Who of the time, was a former naval intelligence officer and may have docked at Rosyth, but I doubt even if he did that it was relevant. I can only assume that their agents saw it as a good way to appear in the public eye.

    The Quizball format was a bit creaky and the slicker Question of Sport brushed it aside. It was however prime time TV in the age of three channels and made household names of the players, one of whom was John Osbourne the nine fingered, chain-smoking goalie of West Brom. George Farm once caused controversy on a tie breaker when he alleged cheating by the opposition-‘That man was prompted’- and there was a bust-up between Alex Ferguson and Andy Roxburgh when the latter screwed up a crucial question for Falkirk. In these days of brand marketing what would provincial teams like the Pars and Falkirk pay for that kind of national exposure?

    2 April 2020

  27. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Ha, it was just an inspired guess. I nearly suggested Ali Bongo (AKA William Wallace), just for a laugh.
    By the way,Ted Moult’s Nottingham Forest episode of Quiz Ball, the first one broadcast, on Thursday 22nd December 1966, is here (thanks to Richard Osman).

    Moult is the first man to score a goal on the programme – albeit an own goal – and he is also the first to commit a foul. But the first man to answer questions on the programme is Bobby Mckinlay, a Fife man, though he never represented Dunfermline as far as I know.
    Forest manager is Johnny Carey – former Man United skipper and the first non-Englishman to captain a league-winning and cup-winning side in England.
    Some future managerial clashes are foreshadowed too, e.g. John Barnwell v. Terry Neil. Quite watchable, not too many knobheads.

    2 April 2020

  28. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Dr Desperate: David Vine was quizmaster. Ted Moult & Arthur Lowe were two of the three guests. There was also an appearance by a Brian Moore, but not the HMHB-referenced one.

    @Parsfan: I still think my obscure Richard Jobson link is worth half a point, even if Gordon Jackson was the answer you were looking for.

    2 April 2020

  29. dr desperate on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    Smashing the previous record by nearly 3 years.

    2 April 2020

  30. dr desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    That’s it, Exxo.
    Gordon Jackson represented the Pars as “guest supporter” in the 1967 final of BBC’s ‘Quiz Ball’. Can you name three other guest supporters over the years (1966 – 72) and a referee of the quiz who were also Biscuit references?

    2 April 2020

  31. IDIOT SAUL on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Little in the way ‘Sunshine’ the emergency mascot signed from Hibs as temporary cover when Sammy the Tammy went AWOL in 2017.

    2 April 2020

  32. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Hmm. I smell a trick question. Maybe Gordon Jackson once represented Pars manager Jock Stein in a film, before going on to appear in The Professionals?

    2 April 2020

  33. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    The first taken by COVID-19 – Eddie Large joins the list

    2 April 2020

  34. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    This is about as tenuous as it gets, but could the other be Richard Jobson? The Armoury Show get a mention in the lyrics, and Dunfermline run out on matchdays to Into The Valley by The Skids.

    2 April 2020

  35. dr desperate on I Can’t Believe It’s Not FocusGo »

    Incidentally, pleased to see that my re-viewing of the Emma Chambers YouTube clip above was preceded by a coronavirus health warning ad which started “Stop the Spread”.

    2 April 2020

  36. dr desperate on I Can’t Believe It’s Not FocusGo »

    Spolier alert for those who haven’t yet listened to Marc Riley’s show on R6M last night (1/4/20), but the answer to his ‘Who’s On My Tee Shirt?’ was a famous Dutch band. I got it after the first clue and texted in “I can’t believe it if it’s not Focus”.
    Unfortunately I was beaten to the prize (the last one he’ll be sending out for a while), but his phones were down so I wouldn’t have got on anyway.

    2 April 2020

  37. Parsfan on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Correct for George Farm, I deliberately didn’t say “played”.

    You’re right about the other one too, not with us he did go on to become a professional.

    1 April 2020

  38. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I know that George Farm managed Dunfermline though.

    1 April 2020

  39. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Parsfan: Not professionally, I take it?

    1 April 2020

  40. Parsfan on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Another supplementary question, partially inspired by Exxo’s comment about professionals in Scotland.

    Two of those referenced in HMHB songs have represented my team, Dunfermline Athletic. Name them.

    1 April 2020

  41. BOBBY SVARC on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    You could write a book.

    1 April 2020

  42. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    That’s it, bravo! Of course another increasingly rare thing in football is the daft nickname: Willow, Bert (not his real name), Black Spider & Octopus.

    1 April 2020

  43. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I’ll have a pop…

    Wilson, Trautmann, Yashin, Arconada.

    All keepers, obviously. The other common factor is something along the lines of them all being one-club players, although, as mentioned previously, Wilson was also on Wolves’ books, but never made an appearance for them.

    1 April 2020

  44. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Supplementary question:

    Take a lesbian TV witch, Ernie’s TV friend (many say gay lover, including the writer), a creature from two of a bisexual’s very different concert films, and Smythe’s pet in a book (but his daughter in the film). This gives you four HMHB-referenced players.

    Apart from the obvious, what else do their careers have in common that is increasingly unusual?

    1 April 2020

  45. Featureless tv producer steve on Do you switch the kitchen light off with your chin?Go »

    Hoo boy. Sometimes not being able to edit/delete your posts round here is a real drag.

    1 April 2020

  46. lord leominster on Do you switch the kitchen light off with your chin?Go »

    Guilty as charged.

    1 April 2020

  47. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on Do you switch the kitchen light off with your chin?Go »

    “I’ve come to read your gas metre”.

    1 April 2020

  48. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    “I didn’t give a damn about the score, 1-0 was enough, as long as we could humiliate them. I hate them. They murdered my family. My father, my brother and several family members. Each time I faced Germany, I was angst-filled,” Van Hanegem infamously sniped.

    Yes, you’re right, just two French players, Lux. I was bracketing Bell in the French pile.

    1 April 2020

  49. mister tubbs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Is No. 5 Wim Van Hanegem (revenge for World War Two)?

    1 April 2020

  50. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Spot on, Exxo. Fourteen it is. Analysis of my HMHB footballers spreadsheet also confirms your numbers for Dutch, French & Spanish clubs.

    The only thing I disagree on is the number of French players – I’ve only got Bats & Zidane.

    As for your remaining unanswered question, it’s still proving beyond me (which is ridiculous, considering how few HMHB references have actually played in a WC Final). I’ll stick at it though.

    1 April 2020