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  1. dr desperate on And then I reach the Readers’ WivesGo »

    As Jo Bradley points out, the clown in The Big O’s ‘In Dreams’ is candy-colored.

    30 July 2021

  2. dr desperate on And then I reach the Readers’ WivesGo »

    Incidentally, I noticed on last night’s ‘Pointless’, in a round all about 1960s film titles (during which Richard Osman joked that he thought the answer to ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia…?’ was going to be ‘Wade’) that there’s a Jason Robards movie entitled ‘A Thousand Clowns’. Color unspecified, unfortunately.

    30 July 2021

  3. dr desperate on And then I reach the Readers’ WivesGo »

    Bilston has form with adapting NB’s lyrics, having used the phrase “embrace the margins” in his 2020 lockdown poem ‘On Leaving the House and Encountering Another Human Being’. Called out on it, he freely admitted, “Totally. Every day is National Shite Day’.
    He was invited to compose a poem made up entirely of HMHB lyrics (as Exxo and I did last year) but replied “I wouldn’t dare to tamper with Nigel’s words too much”.

    30 July 2021

  4. dr desperate on BloomsburyGo »

    Rob Humphreys, the author of the ‘Rough Guide to London’ (2003), would agree with you there, @FF, describing Forster (along with Eliot, Huxley and Russell, but not DH Lawrence) as “drawn to the Bloomsbury set”.
    I assume he also wrote Exxo’s England Guide, as he finishes: ” – even now, scarcely a year goes by without the publication of the biography or memoirs of some Bloomsbury peripheral”.

    29 July 2021

  5. Ferencváros fan on BloomsburyGo »

    I would strongly argue that E.M.Forster was also a peripheral figure. Notwithstanding that he was a Kings, Cantab, graduate (like a lot of the male members of the set), his essential outsiderness was always going to keep him away from the inner circle.

    Going slightly off topic, there is the joke about the Cambridge don who, after being granted an audience with the Dalai Lama, is heard to remark that he was an interesting chap, but anyone can see he is not a Cambridge Man.

    29 July 2021

  6. EXXO on BloomsburyGo »

    Good example, GWA. And the only use I have seen of “some Bloomsbury peripheral” was in The Rough Guide to England about Monk House in Sussex which was the set’s country hang out and where Woolf drowned herself. See also post 36 in the song thread.

    29 July 2021

  7. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on BloomsburyGo »

    The short story writer Katherine Mansfield has been described as a ‘Bloomsbury peripheral’ in literary studies, mainly due to her love/hate relationship with Virginia Woolf.

    29 July 2021

  8. FERencváros fan on ThereminGo »

    Yes indeed, Dr D. Mind how you go, or else you might be mistaken for a ‘miscreant’ getting a dose of ‘tough love.’ Guess the same goes for Boris, often to be seen sporting hi-vis attire when visiting factories, warehouses, building sites etc. Felt like I was being taken back in time to Thatcherite Britain upon hearing the story…

    28 July 2021

  9. Cream CHEESE AND chives on ThereminGo »

    Doctor! Under our idiot PM’s latest half baked plans your gig attire might get you cleaning the roads when the boys are finally back on the road.

    28 July 2021

  10. dr desperate on ThereminGo »

    No spoilers! I was otherwise engaged on Monday evening.

    28 July 2021

  11. Borough surveyor on Those No Longer In Need Of Season TicketsGo »

    The drummer out of Slipknot will no longer be joining the papal entourage

    28 July 2021

  12. ALICE van der meer on ThereminGo »

    I wonder who was watching University Challenge on Monday…

    28 July 2021

  13. POP-TART MARK on ThereminGo »

    True. Since my wife passed away I play my theremin during séances, but she still complains I haven’t touched her for years.

    28 July 2021

  14. peter mcornithologist on ThereminGo »

    Playing a theremin is like making love to a ghost .

    27 July 2021

  15. EXXO on Ipswich TownGo »

    Well played. In the film Deyna was a Polish POW who came on for the injured John Wark after 35 minutes – the latter was genuinely injured and missed a lot of Ipswich’s 1980 pre-season as a result. Deyna himself had niggly injuries that year and probably booze problems and was replaced at Man City that autumn by … yes you guessed it, because he was every fucking where, Gerry Gow.

    27 July 2021

  16. IDIOT SAUL on Ipswich TownGo »

    Kazimierz Deyna played for Legia Warsaw, the Polish army team.
    He was bought by Manchester City, then sponsored by electronics giant Brother. Legia didn’t want cash, so City paid the transfer fee in photocopiers and printers.

    Deyna died, aged 41, in a car accident in San Diego. His remains were later exhumed and reburied in Warsaw’s Military Cemetery.

    27 July 2021

  17. Lord leominster on Ipswich TownGo »

    Sylvester Stallone buried in a wooden coffin – made with excess material sourced from outtakes taken from this film? (not googled). His footballing and acting career and subsequent burial (whilst alive) organised by The Fraternal Brotherhood of Eagles? (googled).

    27 July 2021

  18. EXXo on Ipswich TownGo »

    My favourite trivia question about the film is which member of the cast is buried in a military cemetery? (obviously an easy google). But my favourite trivia question about him is what fraternal machines paved the way for him to make his Division One debut v. Ipswich Town (not quite such an easy google)

    26 July 2021

  19. John Anderson on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Yesterday my local Nextdoor website featured someone pleasantly surprised by their water bill. Today there’s gym equipment for sale. An Achtung Bono double.

    26 July 2021

  20. dirk hofman on Ipswich TownGo »

    Mick Mills heads for the hills ..

    26 July 2021

  21. lord leominster on Ipswich TownGo »

    It is very well known that Bobby Moore led West Ham United to victory over (West) Germany in 1966 (and all that) but it is less well known that he also led Ipswich Town to (Escape To) Victory against Germany in the early 1940s / 1981.

    It’s a terrible film, and one of my favourites. Spoiler alert – the final result was a 4-4 draw but everyone escaped so that was the victory, apparently.

    26 July 2021

  22. michael on Your (latest) PBRs…Go »

    Booking essential, you say? OK. My name is Renfield. RM Renfield.

    26 July 2021

  23. dr desperate on The Peak Cavern, (Devil’s Arse Cave), Hope Valley gig – 16th August 2019Go »

    ‘HMHB in a cave up the hill’ mentioned in this sequel to ‘Caspar’s Ballroom’ (styled ‘Caspers’ on the Calvin Party album) on JD Meatyard’s upcoming new album [about 1:25 on this demo].

    26 July 2021

  24. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    She’s 56. She probably had it.

    25 July 2021

  25. jeff on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    On the BBC TV Olympics coverage on Friday 23rd July Hazel Irvine mentioned (surely on purpose) Cheap Trick live at the Budokan.

    25 July 2021

  26. Lord leominster on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    I can’t work out if “I blew my Giro
    on debts and essentials” is the same as or the opposite to George Best’s “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered”. Either way, they’re both fine quotes.

    25 July 2021

  27. EXXO on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    And how good would this tune sound done by a New Orleans marching band on Mardi Gras with loads of mad trombone solos?

    25 July 2021

  28. EXXO on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    But damn you Graeme (above, 5 years ago), thinking about your question made me start singing these lyrics to the tune of Any Dream Will Do and now it’s hard to shift.

    24 July 2021

  29. EXXO on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    Doubt it meself Mick.

    But I’m in a huff cos nobody in the quiz thread even mentioned anything about me using this track to represent Croatia in the Euros.

    24 July 2021

  30. BOBBY SVARC on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    Isn’t Cosi Fan Tutte supposed to be her out of Throbbing Gristle, Cosey Fanni Tutti?

    24 July 2021

  31. Alice van der meer on WantageGo »

    Oooh, did they now? That’s a bit petty!

    Sadly, Ranj is on crutches having ripped something in his knee last Sunday. I felt really bad about it as my first thought was “Oooh, I can get a few ahead before I go away!”. I fear I get a bit over-competitive when I cross that white line…

    Cherwell League is a minefield at the mo – they merged with the Oxfordshore Cricket Association league, and the OCA teams were spread across the divisions, there’s been some utter mismatches. At least one result was a win by 350+ – in 46-over cricket!

    23 July 2021

  32. BOBBY SVARC on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Cheers. It’s very addictive. I did one for a bit of a laugh but ended up doing 10 I think. They all go under the name of ‘Rock M’Duck Radio’ on Mixcloud

    23 July 2021

  33. EXXO on WantageGo »

    Not that I’m becoming obsessed by minor details of Oxfordshire cricket, Adrian, but I notice that in their other league, Wantage had a Covid walkover last weekend and made sure they added the points before the weekend so that they went top for 24 hours. They deserved your thrashing for that alone.

    And, not that I’m obsessed with stalking every village cricketer I know on of course, if Raj goes top on wickets taken while you’re away on hols, it only counts if he still has a better average and a better economy rate, as well as better ‘best bowling’ figures.

    23 July 2021

  34. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    @Mick really enjoyed the SoundCloud mix, thanks for posting.

    (Because you didn’t introduce or outroduce each track, I found it really useful that the 5 lowest points on the wavy soundwaves where the bits where you said what the acts were)

    23 July 2021

  35. EXXO on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Thanks for the heads-up GWA.

    Though in terms of my reasons for visiting B’head, when I usually require both football and music events to enliven a visit to my old folks in Heswall, a disappointing pattern is emerging:

    Karl’s brilliant band playing brilliant tunes next week – Tranmere not playing.
    Karl’s other brilliant band, playing mostly boring tunes but never mind, on 14th August – Tranmere away. Sort it out!
    Launch of this thing – Tranmere away.

    23 July 2021

  36. GOK WAN ACOLYTE on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    More new music it appears – the band have contributed to this ‘audio adventure on the banks of the Mersey”

    23 July 2021

  37. warden Hodges on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    Yorkshire Tea and Bourbon Creams…fantastic!

    23 July 2021

  38. Sally on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    Andy Kershaw just tweeted to say the boys will be recording in his kitchen next Monday!!

    23 July 2021

  39. bobbybottler on I lost my Barbour in Twickenham car parkGo »

    Rather than just contrasting have / have nots, I think that this is one narrator, and he’s daydreaming / bullshitting / kidding himself and imagining a life of privilege before reality kicks back in.

    Regardless, this is one of my faves. It’s as evocative as the bit in Quality Janitor referencing the “tea-time smell of the estate”, one line from a song but you’re straight there.

    23 July 2021

  40. Pirx The Purist on More HMHB in the MediaGo »


    Thanks for the link to Kershaw’s podcasts. Steve Tilston is a big hero of mine so I enjoyed his session – in top form at the age of 71, too. Looking forward to HMHB’s turn in the kitchen (as long as they don’t end up washing his sieves, of course).

    22 July 2021

  41. professor Abelazar woozle on Froome-dogGo »

    If one were to steal his bike,could it be considered as loot of the Froome?

    22 July 2021

  42. BOBBY SVARC on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    22 July 2021

  43. dr desperate on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Or as Julian Cope described it in his memoir ‘Head On’: “No, you fucking can’t have the new Rush album. Where do you think you are, Virgin Records?”

    To paraphrase Nigel’s comment as he handed Geoff their first tape: “Believe you did records”.

    22 July 2021

  44. Paul F on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    From Elvis Costello’s autobiography, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink:

    “There was always treasure to be found.

    “In 1971, Probe Records opened a small shop where the posh doctors’ offices of Rodney Street became the newsagents and sweet shops of Clarence Street. The shop carried records that were impossible to find elsewhere. The owner, Geoff Davies, was the kind of music fan who would direct you away from a terrible purchase with a disapproving look.”

    22 July 2021

  45. Chris The Siteowner on More HMHB in the MediaGo »

    Update on the Kershaw session from the man himself:

    “This just in…

    “The next podcast of Andy Kershaw Plays Some Bloody Great Records will be delayed for a few days, but for a good reason. I’m thrilled to tell you that Half Man Half Biscuit are coming to record a kitchen session next Monday afternoon. It is hugely generous of them to do it. And I’m really moved and humbled that they agreed.

    “The finished programme should be with you towards the end of next week. Meanwhile, if you have any questions for Nigel and the boys, please leave them (here). Worth waiting for, I hope you’ll agree.

    “The podcasts we’ve done so far, with kitchen sessions by Steve Tilston, Martin Simpson, and The Oldham Tinkers, can be accessed by clicking this link.”

    21 July 2021

  46. Alice van der meer on WantageGo »

    This evening my lot (bottom of division, played 8 lost 8), beat Wantage (top of division, played 8 won 8) by 5 wickets!

    Much chuffedness at the bar afterwards.

    21 July 2021

  47. Brumbiscuit on HungaryGo »

    Looking like my two eldest offspring are going to be studying in Budapest. My eldest is already there at med school; my son now wants to switch to a nuclear engineering course there. It’s 2 years since I was able to visit. Even longer than my last HMHB gig at The Roadmender.

    21 July 2021

  48. Brumbiscuit on StranraerGo »

    Turmoil at Stair Park:

    21 July 2021


    Stunning 5-0 victory away to Kauno Zalgiris. I now realise why Lithuania are never present at any major soccer finals . Moreover , Elvis Costello scored as he continues his journeyman career.

    21 July 2021

  50. Bad loser on Pre-Gig Chat (2019–2021 gigs)Go »

    Didn’t see that Paddy had recently posted on here.

    Gutted about Blackpool as it’s the wife’s birthday and The Leadmill was our last gig.

    I know how to treat a girl (HMHB, not Blackpool, obviously)

    21 July 2021