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  1. Professor Abelazar Woozle on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    I’ve had some dealings with the lessee of Peak Cavern, John Harrison, and he’s a decent bloke – I think his anger over this is entirely understandable, and my guess as to why they twice refer to him as “David from London” in the statement is because that’s all they know about him.
    There are multiple fences at the top to keep sheep (of both the ovine and human varieties) away from the gorge cliffs, and I believe the cliffs are regularly inspected these days for potential loose rock. Does it really need danger signs plastering all round the top? I don’t agree, it needs people to use their eyes and common sense when moving round the countryside and not blindly follow what their phone/satnav tells them, and realise that fences may be there for a good reason?
    On the subject of satnavs and the Peak, I regularly get caravanners turning into the farm where we keep our ponies because it’s the centre point of the postcode shared with a nearby caravan site and they’re expecting that putting the site postcode into their satnav will lead them straight to it. Countryside postcodes can sometimes cover several square miles, I’ve heard tell there’s one place in the Manifold valley where if you try and get to that particular property by putting its postcode into a satnav you end up on the wrong side of the river… Is it really too hard for most people to check google maps or suchlike before setting out on a journey?

    20 May 2022

  2. transit full of keith on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    I mean David was obviously a bit of a berk, it could have been much worse, and I can see why the venue is furious, but his origin isn’t really relevant enough to need mentioning twice.

    I’m against plonking eyesore warning signs around precipices in the wild, but the area above the entrance to a gig venue used by hundreds of people who could be brained by falling rocks is probably a good place to make an exception.

    Limestone is treacherous stuff. At Symonds Yat last Saturday – despite taking great care not to do so – I managed to dislodge a brick of it whilst setting up a top belay, which hurtled down 20m and smashed about 6 feet from my second.

    20 May 2022

  3. transit full of keith on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    A wild guess here, but I reckon the author of that statement isn’t very fond of Londoners.

    20 May 2022

  4. EXXO on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    None. I’d ask “why do you ask?” but irrelevant tangents might multiply.

    If it came to any legal action – the venue suing David from London – David from London suing Google maps – it would be interesting to see how comments 58-64 in that gig review thread would be viewed as evidence.

    I did consider including a “if gig cancelled, for what reason?” question in the Fantasy Biscuitball predictions form.

    20 May 2022

  5. dr Desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    BTW, @Exxo, how many of the postings on your 3 different forums included the word “Oof”?

    20 May 2022

  6. dr Desperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    Shame he didn’t read Exxo’s prescient warning on the Devil’s Arse gig review page in 2019: “The nearest point in the Secret Valley to the entrance to the cavern may be only about 150m horizontally, but this is through a vertiginous limestone ridge, and it would take a twenty-minute walk to get from one point to the other without ropes”.

    20 May 2022

  7. EXXO on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    I wonder what they want him to do to make amends? Paint signs on every tree? Do a public information film? Sign them the film rights? Be a witness for them as they try to sue the Satnav company? It’s a tricky balance to keep their licence I suppose. They can’t really write “if you pass this point, as well as quite probably plunging to your death, you may cause a rock fall endangering people visiting the cavern 200 feet below.”

    20 May 2022

  8. CARRIE ANNE on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    Blimey, the statement from the venue doesn’t pull any punches…

    ”David from London decided to trespass over two barbed wire fences. Having gained access to the very top of Peak Cavern gorge he slipped. He sent rocks cascading into the entrance of the cavern. His life was saved by two
    things. A small Sycamore tree rooted into fractured limestone and @edalemountainrescue His sheer stupidity nearly cost him his life. Not only did he endanger the lives of 580 concert goers, he
    endangered Peak Cavern staff and his brave rescuers.
    His idiotic selfish actions resulted in the concert having to be cancelled and the cavern evacuated. If you are reading this David from London I hope your
    conscience tells you to get in touch with us and make amends for your sheer stupidity.”

    20 May 2022

  9. EXXO on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    3 postings of the same content, simultaneously with people I know, on 3 different forums about 3 different subjects this morning.

    20 May 2022

  10. EXXO on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    Wow. Plenty PBRs indeed: “You may have to rescue me from limestone caverns frequently,” “Mod Diff. V Diff. Hard. Severe, won’t you winch me out of here?” etc. Thanks for posting. I was up exploring near that point before the gig last time – I remember bumping into Neil and telling him I was intending to camp wild about 200 vertical feet above the stage, though I didn’t in the end. So I can see how that could happen for someone following Satnav and not looking at contours. In fact even O/S is dangerous at vertical points like that one, because the contours don’t tell half the story, and the vertical edges are heavily wooded, with the trees making some bits more crumbly. Maps and Satnavs should have danger warnings at those points like they do for firing ranges.

    20 May 2022

  11. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    Perfect excuse for an impromptu rendition of Mod Diff V Diff though. Not that excuses are needed.

    20 May 2022

  12. Professor Abelazar Woozle on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    Reading further, there’s a PBR in there – seems like the rescued man was following his satnav and walked over the edge of the gorge. One wonders whether it was telling him he should have got the bus, and there are lava outcrops in the rock round there, though admittedly they haven’t moved much in tens of millions of years!

    20 May 2022

  13. Professor Abelazar Woozle on Pre-Gig Chat (2022 gigs)Go »

    Hope we don’t get anything like this happening for the HMHB gig at the Devil’s Arse…

    20 May 2022

  14. dr Desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    And, of course, putting Cad (battle) back-to-back with mael (prince) gives us Cadfael.

    19 May 2022

  15. Eric t'viking on Always they lead to my very own Saxon hoardGo »

    Not a member, but could probably qualify.
    Inherited my old man’s collection of lawnmowers: 1 that worked, 3 that might if you fiddled with them (and had some patience), and I’d say 3 or 4 others in bits.
    Oh, and 2 rotovators. One of which will fire up.
    And a damn big Grim Reaper style scythe, too.
    He didn’t much believe in throwing things out, didn’t the old man…

    19 May 2022

  16. EXXO on Always they lead to my very own Saxon hoardGo »

    Seems quite likely that you are indeed, Adrian. Trouble was nobody could ever be arsed getting the blades sharpened. Haunted by memories of Bob-a-job Week in the early seventies or school community service in the late seventies. You’d go round and ask some old biddy what needed doing and they’s tell you the lawnmower was in the shed. It would usually be pe-WW1 and the blades would hardly cut a daisy.

    19 May 2022

  17. ALICE van der meer on Always they lead to my very own Saxon hoardGo »

    Just curious as to whether I’m the only HMHB fan who is also a member of the Old Lawnmower Club…

    (There! I’ve outed myself!)

    19 May 2022

  18. dr Desperate on Always they lead to my very own Saxon hoardGo »

    Named after Master Locksmith Stanley Radam, father of the current owner Brian Radam. The Lawnmower Museum has a ‘Lawnmowers of the Rich and Famous’ exhibition, with items previously owned by Princess Di, Brian May, Vanessa Feltz and Richard & Judy.

    19 May 2022

  19. EXXO on Always they lead to my very own Saxon hoardGo »

    Must be very recent, ‘cos it doesn’t have any internet presence and no sign is visible anywhere on a 2021 Street View. If you google “key museum, Southport” you get the lawnmower museum, which is hosted by the same hardware shop – Stanley’s – which also cuts keys.

    19 May 2022

  20. Vile tony watkins on Always they lead to my very own Saxon hoardGo »

    Did s quick search, but has nobody mentioned the Key Museum in Southport?
    Next door to the Lawnmower Museum.

    18 May 2022

  21. dr Desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Also, inexplicably, the name of a French enterprise in Pays de la Loire, banging on about saffron.

    18 May 2022

  22. Pirx The Purist on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    ‘Cynfael’ comes from the earlier Celtic ‘Cunomaglos’, meaning ‘lord of dogs/wolves’. Just thought I’d mention it as an indication that that Uni course I did on Celtic inscriptions nearly 40 years ago wasn’t entirely in vain.

    18 May 2022

  23. transit full of keith on Do you switch the kitchen light off with your chin?Go »

    Careful now. Next week it’ll be ‘Midnight Mass Murder’ and you’ll be hauled in for “a word”.

    18 May 2022

  24. EXXO on She goes out in 32 but comes home in 54Go »

    Soz that was meant to be in the ‘The Shark’ thread.

    18 May 2022

  25. EXXO on She goes out in 32 but comes home in 54Go »

    OK Greg.

    18 May 2022

  26. woodnoggin on Do you switch the kitchen light off with your chin?Go »

    My daughter (4) has learned the words to this and has been singing it at nursery. She is now getting requests for it from other kids, particularly the swan part. “I said they could just buy the album but they don’t know what an album is…”

    18 May 2022

  27. Ferencváros fan on New Half Man Half Biscuit Album in 2022Go »

    @Muldoon Lives – yeah Sean was imo an OK introvert. I see it that since most of his schoolmates didn’t really get too close to him, they made it up. I‘ve seen it over the years in real life. He is rapidly turning into one of those people who get analysed to the nth degree, then we hold back and think, hang on does he really exist? But he does. He’s here, he’s there, he’s every fcuking where. There’s a lot of him in a lot of people, and that makes the world a better place. Fantastic creation. Thanks, Neil.

    17 May 2022

  28. Ferencváros fan on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I won’t be the only one on here who remembers BERWYN Price, world class Welsh hurdler from the 1970s.

    17 May 2022

  29. dr Desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I’ve no doubt you’re purely right, @Pirx.
    I based my announcement on Wikipedia, which in turn took it from J Gleave & Sons’ ‘The History of North Wales: Comprising a Topographical Description of the Several Counties of Anglesey, Caernarvon, Denbigh, Flint, Merioneth, and Montgomery. To which is Prefixed A Review of the History of Britain, from the Roman Period to the Saxon Heptarchy. Interspersed with Notes Biographical and Explanatory’.
    Volume 2.

    (I’m afraid I don’t have the Welsh, despite the fact that my forebears were from Wales – well, three of them, anyway.)

    17 May 2022

  30. Pirx The Purist on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    @Dr D.,

    I would expect the form to be cyn+mael > cynfael. That’s how it appears in a number of names of people and places.

    17 May 2022

  31. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Yes, apparently the most likely etymology of Berwyn is “bar” (summit) + “gwyn” (white).

    Well played everyone!

    17 May 2022

  32. dr Desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Appropriately for a quiz linked to a Friday 13th gig, (13) still seems to be hanging, so I’ll sidefoot it in with the announcement of Kinmel Bay, whose name apparently derives from ‘Cynmael’ (Cyn-, a prefix meaning ‘former’ and mael meaning ‘chief’ or ‘prince’).

    17 May 2022

  33. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    12. And Twmpa is Lord Hereford’s Knob of course, nowhere near the Stiperstones.

    17 May 2022

  34. woodnoggin on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    For (2), I went for Irk the Purists’ “Husker Du Du Du”! Although the clue had me thinking of Mod Diff… I concluded the purists were the stuck up ones.
    For (10), I went with Berwyn from Baguette Dilemma.
    (7), (9) and (13) stumped me.

    17 May 2022

  35. Phyllis Triggs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    9. Deg. Tredegar. Secret Gig.

    16 May 2022

  36. Pirx The Purist on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    S’pose I had to join in, although I won’t give the song titles in question so others can fill those bits in.

    1. Yup, Glaslyn, the river which runs by Beddgelert (although that bridge that keeps getting pranged by truck drivers due to GPS is over the River Colwyn)
    2. Clogwyn Du’r Arddu (the Black Cliff of the Black Height)
    3. Glyder Fawr/Fach (the big and small heaps of stones)
    4. Cofiwch (as in ‘Tryweryn’; the ‘t’ mutates to ‘d’ when subject of the verb). ‘Cofiwch’ is the 2nd person plural of the imperative mood; the 2nd singular is ‘Cofia’.
    5. Capel. So many to choose from. Curig’s in this case, obviously.
    6. As Exxo self-corrected, a Christian settlement. Almost certainly the most common name element in the country.
    7. The New Saints, formerly Total Network Solutions, formerly Llansantffraid FC (from Llansantffraid Ym Mechain. Other Llansantffraids/Llansantffraeds are available). Club widely detested throughout the Cymru Premier for having turned the league into the most boringly predictable in the whole of Europe since the days when only one of two clubs ever won the Bulgarian championship.
    8. Aber. Apart from Abersoch – which, infamously, is now four-fifths holiday homes owned by the Cheshire Set – and Abergele in this context.
    9. Hmmm. Unless there’s a place name mentioned with ‘deg’ in it. Can’t think for the moment. If there is, it’s more likely to be the mutated form of ‘teg’, meaning ‘fair’ (as in ‘maiden’).
    10. Nope, a blank here. Penguin?
    11. Presumably Clwyd (as in Clwydian Hills).
    12. Stick it up your Twmpa.
    13. Cyn-bennaeth? Cyn-deyrn? Cyn-elitsffredtitmws?

    16 May 2022

  37. MULDOON LIVES! on New Half Man Half Biscuit Album in 2022Go »

    Like Ferencvaros Fan I’m pleased that Sean is an ok person, there is a lot I can see of myself in him, except for the Semtex and that we never has a stinking hallway. Definitely a bit of Kwai Chang Sean in my early Karate life at The Beb Oval and Gerd Muller was a footy hero. Never liked Chicory Tip though. Weird is acceptable. Thanks to Chris for posting Paddy’s great article.

    16 May 2022

  38. transit full of keith on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Actually, the other one in 8 is Abergely isn’t it, (something to do with Sunday markets, is that in ‘Keeping 2 Chevrons Apart’)?

    16 May 2022

  39. transit full of keith on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Wild guesses have the two question marks.

    1. Emergency Locksmith – Glaslyn?? Although it’s a river in that song, the tarn in the Snowdon Horseshoe also has that name.
    2. Mod Diff V Diff Hard Severe (Cloggy = Clogwyn d’ur arrdu means The Black Cliff I think: last word pronounced a bit like ‘arsey’ with a lisp)
    3. Evening of Swing (Fawr and Fach)
    4. Descending the Stiperstones (Cofiwch)
    5. Bottleneck at Capel Curig
    6. Llan; Mod Diff V Diff (Llanberis); I Love You (You look like Jim Reeves) (Llandudno)
    7. –
    8. I’m guessing this is Aber-: With Goth on Our Side (Abersoch) + I think Aberystwyth gets a mention but can’t remember the song
    9. Floreat Inertia (Machynleth)??
    10. –
    11.Grafting Haddock – (Chepstow)?? If not it might be Oswestry in Stiperstones. Though I’m not sure if either of them are in Welsh, and I’m pretty sure Oswestry’s in England…
    12. Descending the Stiperstones – Twmpa
    13. –

    16 May 2022

  40. MULDOON LIVES! on Track by track – Nigel Blackwell talks to Paddy Shennan about The Voltarol YearsGo »

    Fantastic piece Paddy, looks like I’m not alone in the over analysis stakes but it’s great to be entertained and informed.Count me in for crowd funding the book if it takes form.

    16 May 2022

  41. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Someone post some answers then and hopefully Pirx won’t be too puritistical.

    16 May 2022

  42. woodnoggin on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    I got about two and a half answers to your Welsh quiz questions without consulting a dictionary. After further consideration, I think I’ve got 10 of them.

    16 May 2022

  43. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    He sung a couple of verses of a Welsh song at some point which segued into a Biscuit song, but I didn’t know the Welsh song, and I can’t remember which song it led into. A sprinkling of Welsh in the chat between songs, but no Biscuit songs in Welsh that I can recall.

    16 May 2022

  44. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    That’s impressive, Keith. It’s surprising what you can learn just from looking up place names. I maybe know 30 Welsh words from looking at maps, 15 more from Latin and say 50 random words that are the same as English, so I really should join them up and learn some phrases.

    Anyway, if John A pops back today, he could maybe post some answers first, as he was keen to do so on Friday, but either way could you post yours this eve?

    It’s an Exxo quiz, so one question (6) is somewhat shit, and is maybe based on assumptions and memories of what I thought as a kid. I soon remembered that this common component of Welsh place names really means “settlement of a Christian cell or community” (no real English equivalent as it pre-dates Anglo-Saxon Christianity and later monumental monasticism). Anyway not really “church”, which is “eglwys” (again another Welsh word from Latin).

    Did NB sing any bits of HMHB songs in Welsh on Friday?

    16 May 2022

  45. transit full of keith on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Reckon I got 7 1/2 of the Welsh quiz questions (plus a possible extra two on wild guesses), without consulting a dictionary or online translator. Tidy

    16 May 2022

  46. TRANSIT FULL OF keith on University Students Union, Cardiff gig – 13 May 2022Go »

    Back from my climbing trip now. Friday afternoon drive down and tent pitched on the campsite near Trellech/Trelyg, the drive into Cardiff took longer than expected. A mate from the climbing club accompanied, after we confirmed tickets would be available on the door (Sadly, not a convert though – he was a bit bemused by proceedings). We got in for the closing chords of Mr Meatyard’s set.

    Fantastic gig with a full 7 songs off the new album! I expected ‘Suffolk Ditch’ to be the live ‘banker’ off TVY, but that shows how little I know – when it finally does get played, will it really be better than ‘Awkward Sean’, ‘Big Man Up Front’ and ‘Oblong of Dreams’? I doubt it, on this showing.

    The highlight was definitely finally hearing Mod Diff live. I have no idea if my comment on here a few days ago prompted its appearance, or whether it was a happy chance, but whichever – heartfelt thanks. That song means a lot to me: it got me to read a biography of Colin Kirkus, then a load of other climbing lit, which in turn led me to take up climbing again, which has done a lot to keep me sane the past 3 years…

    And as Automorph’s video shows, it is absolutely barnstorming live. Slightly regretted I hadn’t in the end brought a climbing nut to wave around, but as Dr. D. experienced, security was tight.

    I didn’t manage to exchange more than a few words with Chris, and Temporarily Low-Vis Dr. D after the gig, on account of the long drive back to the campsite, but the rest of the weekend lived up to Friday – several Severes at Symonds Yat – climbed the amazing pinnacle of the Longstone, (laughing in the face of “abseil for no one” advice) and did some sport climbing in a limestone quarry (no rescue required) Sunday. What a band, and what a weekend.

    16 May 2022

  47. dr Desperate on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Pressure mid-table as well, with only 26 points separating the 7th – 10th places. Of course, Woodnoggin may decide to stick and preserve his PPG 2nd place…

    15 May 2022

  48. Pirx The Purist on University Students Union, Cardiff gig – 13 May 2022Go »

    ” “I had a peanut stuck in my ear. I saw my doctor about it. He said to pour some chocolate down my ear. Half an hour later it came out a Treat.” “

    That, of course, is the clean version.

    15 May 2022

  49. phyllis Triggs on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Oh no, I can feel a case of the yipps coming on….

    15 May 2022

  50. EXXO on The HMHB Friday QuizGo »

    Overall FBL Table with one gig remaining of the 21/22 season

    The pressure’s on at the top. Another inspired guess of the cover, a crafty use of the joker and it’s still all up for grabs in Leeds. In the final round it may pay for the leaders not,/i> to gamble on debut songs, who knows?

    Name – Total Pts – Played – Pts Per Gig – PPG table pos

    1. Phyllis Triggs- – – – 612——6—-102——–4th
    2. Lux Inferior- – – – – -559.5– 6—–93.25—–5th
    3. Parsfan – – – – – – – -531——6—–88.5——6th
    4. Exxo- – – – – – – – – – 444——6—–74——–8th
    5 .CtSO- – – – – – – – – -442——5—–88.4——7th
    6. Bad Loser- – – – – – 426——4—-106.5——3rd
    7. Mister Tubbs- – – – 393.5—-6—–65.7——9th
    8. Dr Desperate- – – – 385——6—-64.17—-10th
    9. Woodnoggin- – – – – 379——3—126.33—-2nd
    10 Transit Fo Keith- – 367.5—-6—-61.25—-11th
    11 Hendrix Tattoo- – – 345——6—–57.5—–12th
    12 Injured Buzzard- – -341——6—–56.83–13th
    13 FAC Completist- – -215——1—-215——-1st
    14 Ferencvaros Fan- -196—–6—-32.67—-16th
    15 CC & Chives- – – – – -39—–1—–39——-14th
    16 Borough Surv- – – – – 37—–1—–37——-15th
    17 Schoon- – – – – – – – – -17—–1—–17——-17th
    18 Cornish Biscuit- – – – – 5—–1——-5——-18th

    15 May 2022