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  1. EXXO on Jenny EclairGo »

    ‘cos she’s with the same agency as all the main panel show guests and hosts, including everyone else on that show?

    30 May 2023

  2. Dick Quax Running Shoes on Jenny EclairGo »

    A contestant on series 15 of the light-hearted trial-by-ordeal show Taskmaster. The obvious question is: why?

    30 May 2023

  3. Ferencváros fan on Eamonn HolmesGo »

    Late to the party with this one, but firmly believe they outlawed the back pass rule to prevent that kind of showboating! Crossed paths with Lawro a couple of times at school and formed the opinion that you would struggle to like him. Also felt that his parting shot after getting the shove by the BBC did him no credit whatsoever. Moving on, he was indisputably the best I’ve ever seen playing for Preston, which includes European Cup winners Charlton, Stiles and Sadler (albeit all past their best). His defending during that last season before his transfer to Brighton was absolutely immaculate. Class act (at least as a footballer).

    29 May 2023

  4. Mr. x on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Hi All,
    I am looking for two tickets for the gig in Llangollen on Wednesday 12th July.

    It is the most local gig the band have had since I became a fan in the later 2000’s as I am from Wrexham.

    I didn’t even know that HMHB were playing in Llan until it was in the local paper in March by which time the gig had sold out. It hadn’t even appeared on Ents 24 either at that point.

    If you are have two spare tickets please email me on


    29 May 2023

  5. dr DEsperate on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    I have one of those Anker speakers – I just hope that no-one ever sticks a ‘W’ wifi logo above the company name on the box.
    Oh, they already have.

    28 May 2023

  6. Jeff on Checking out the QuantocksGo »

    During a recent cub camp another cub leader suggest we listen to this tune, so, turn on my Anker speaker and play it for all the cubs who were just going crazy in the sun, they loved it, pogoing and all sorts, but one line still sticks with us, Piccalilli Shinpads, that was the word for the weekend.

    Thanks for this, now we have to put it on a T/shift… Hope to see you soon.

    28 May 2023

  7. dr DEsperate on Suranne JonesGo »

    Named after her great-grandmother (though actually christened Sarah Anne, as the priest considered Suranne “not a proper name”).

    28 May 2023

  8. dr DEsperate on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round votingGo »

    Though I(‘ve) don’t/can’t/never understand/understood why.
    (That’s 2.)

    27 May 2023

  9. Chris The Siteowner on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round votingGo »

    Well the rest of us are all enjoying the commentary.

    27 May 2023

  10. EXXO on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round votingGo »

    I’m thinking of adding a sweepstake to the Llangollen form where you have to guestimate how many times the phrase “I(‘ve) don’t/can’t/never understand/ understood why” precedes comments about LF Cup ties.

    27 May 2023

  11. Transit full of Keith on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round votingGo »

    Never understood why “£24.99 From Argos” and “Nove on the Sly” didn’t perform better in past Luxes Familiar. They’ve stood up very well in the pairings I’ve been getting. Likewise underrated: “Prag Veg At The Melkweg”, I’d love to hear that get a live outing.

    27 May 2023

  12. Chris The Siteowner on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round votingGo »

    If you get any of these ties in the next few hours, you’ll probably be just the third human in history to see them paired up. Vote carefully.

    £24.99 From Argos v The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman
    99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd v Man of Constant Sorrow
    Albert Hammond Bootleg v Oblong of Dreams
    Bad Review v Deep House Victims Minibus Appeal
    Bad Review v Mars Ultras, You’ll Never Make The Station
    Blood on the Quad v Reasons To Be Miserable (Part 10)
    Breaking News v On Finding The Studio Banjo
    Give Us Bubblewrap v Upon Westminster Bridge
    Gubba Look-a-likes v Upon Westminster Bridge
    Hair Like Brian May Blues v With Goth On Our Side
    Mileage Chart v Monmore, Hare’s Running
    Rod Hull Is Alive – Why? v Terminus
    Stavanger Toestub v Theme Tune For Something Or Other
    Styx Gig (Seen By My Mates Coming Out Of A) v Time Flies By (When You’re A Driver Of A Train)

    27 May 2023

  13. Chris The Siteowner on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round votingGo »

    Well, we’ve reached the halfway stage and over 300,000 votes, I kid you not. Still two weeks left though, and songs are moving up and down the scoring table, albeit at a decreasing rate, as you’d expect. Every one of the 24,090 combinations of songs has occurred at least twice now, incredibly. Keep voting!

    27 May 2023

  14. EXXO on HonvedGo »

    Will in all probability be relegated this evening. Need an even less likely turnaround than Leeds (the team they have to catch are playing the already-relegated equivalent of Southampton).

    27 May 2023

  15. IRISH NIALL on The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round votingGo »

    I just voted for Oblong of Dreams over We Built This Village On A Trad. Arr. Tune and I feel like I’ve entered some new chapter of my life.

    None of this is Kansas Toto. Not one fuckin bit of any of this is Kansas.

    26 May 2023

  16. dr DEsperate on The difference between us and all the other bands…Go »

    (As opposed to Eggs, Beans and Crumpets.),_Beans_and_Crumpets

    25 May 2023

  17. dr DEsperate on The difference between us and all the other bands…Go »

    Not me, I’m afraid. Enjoy the Eggs, Pigs and Beans, @phyllis.

    25 May 2023

  18. Phyllis Triggs on The difference between us and all the other bands…Go »

    Anyone else in the Bearded Theory / Biscuits Venn Diagram this weekend?

    25 May 2023

  19. dr DEsperate on Lilac UrineGo »

    And a Special Glorious 25th, @CtSO! Hope you got your hard-boiled egg with soldiers, and know where your towel is.

    25 May 2023

  20. POP-TART MARK on Aleister CrowleyGo »

    Blimey, there’s a whole page on here listing plenty of folk who’d have been glad to survive a curse for 42 years.

    25 May 2023

  21. Alice van der meer on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    Could be because we’ve had so much rain we’ve hardly played – we’ve lost more games to the weather this year than in 2020-2022 combined!

    Bung me an email and I’ll forward on the club details. I did, at one one point in the second game, have figures of 3-3-0-4… and no, I don’t know how either! Bet you enjoyed that boundary.

    24 May 2023

  22. Persian rug vendor on Aleister CrowleyGo »

    Jimmy Page allegedly put a curse on Eddie and the Hotrods after their single “Do anything you wanna do” came in a sleeve featuring a mocked up picture of Crowley with Mickey Mouse ears (The title refers to a Crowley phrase – Do what thou wilt). The band subsequently suffered a series of misfortunes culminating in the death of singer Barrie Masters at the age of 63.

    24 May 2023

  23. cobside on Winter Gardens, Blackpool gig – 7 October 2022Go »

    Class gig. Lads were on fire

    24 May 2023

  24. EXXO on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    Irrelevance brings me nicely back to relevance, for once. I usually post my cricket witterings to Adrian-stroke-Alice in the ‘Hedley Verity’ thread, and whenever I think about Verity I look up the stats and the anniversaries. It can’t be a coincidence that his wonderful song was restored to the setlist on the day after his birthday, 18th May, and the anniversary of his first “10 for,” 18/5/31.

    24 May 2023

  25. Parsfan on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Steve, maybe you can grasp something in your first go, re the relationship between questions 1 and 3, that only occurred to me on Friday after I’d submitted (and have been doing so from the start). I might not be doing so appallingly badly otherwise.

    Pleased on Friday with getting the opening track, a first I think, but little after that beyond the missing ones. Then that little extra was whipped away (like a distinguished lady with the top of an egg).

    24 May 2023

  26. EXXO on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    Unlucky there Adrian – I did wonder, but enjoyed Keith’s mischievous tangent. Maybe you’ve got a cricket injury that means slow typing? Just a guess, because I can’t find your outfit’s stats on ‘Play Cricket’ this season, so I can’t stalk you. I myself am not as fit as I would like and that has made my own stats even more pitiful this season, though I did hit my first-ever match-winning boundary last night.

    24 May 2023

  27. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Simple rules Steve. Look at recent setlists, especially the last one then:

    Q’s 1-3: Predict 7 songs that will be added and 4 that will be removed. Choose one of the seven as your “banker/cert/joker”

    Q’s 4&5: Predict the genre of the walk-on music and the first song.

    Q’s 6&7: Predict a band that will be covered and the % of different songs from last time

    So Steve why not step up to the plate and make Llangollen the ‘World Series’ of Fantasy Biscuitball? You’ve got 7 weeks to think about it. Simple questions, and all the other small print on the forms is just to cover all the bases:

    24 May 2023

  28. PAUL F on Eamonn HolmesGo »

    I had the pleasure of watching him regularly in his prime. One of the greatest centre backs ever (although not as good as his regular partner). And a pretty decent left-back and midfield player too on occasions.

    24 May 2023

  29. FEATURELESS TV PRODUCER STEVE on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    @Exxo – do we have a US contributor on this site who understands the rules?

    24 May 2023

  30. Alice van der meer on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    It was actually the gag about the alarm that amused me and, as so often on the intertubes, made to look a pillock by someone posting while I triped.

    23 May 2023

  31. Phyllis Triggs on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    After such a shit season I was actually feeling pretty chipper about being spot on with the Edinburgh percentage, but now I return home to find even those small crumbs of consolation have been taken away from me and thrown in the bin. Grrrr!

    23 May 2023

  32. Irish Niall on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    @Exxo: I’ll certainly try -though who knows what balls-ups I’ll commit when I’m talking about The Light At The End Of The Tunnel while describing the live intro to Irk The Purists. 🙂

    Reasons I described for kicking off with LATEOTT (or Irk the Purists for that matter) remain sound nonetheless.

    23 May 2023

  33. dr DEsperate on Jake the PegGo »

    Thank God I’m not.

    23 May 2023

  34. dr DEsperate on Eamonn HolmesGo »

    I may have mentioned before that Lawro was at my school, though a year above me. I once actually shared a pitch with him, when he was drafted in as a ringer for a match that we needed to win, and I can state with confidence that he was the best player I ever saw in that milieu.
    I recall a ball coming over to him when he was in the middle of our half, facing forwards with several opponents thundering towards him. He overhead-kicked it backwards while shouting “Keeper!”, and it landed in the goalie’s hands.
    The cocky bastard.

    23 May 2023

  35. Paul f on Eamonn HolmesGo »

    Very sad to hear that. I’ve always defended Lawro after somebody pointed out that watching a game with him on “co-comms” was reassuringly like watching the match with your dad. But I’m not sure I could forgive my dad for appearing on GB News.

    23 May 2023

  36. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Cheers Exxo. I hadn’t realised the extra 0.0010345% would earn me the full 10 points. Still won’t be enough to help reel in Woodnoggin, however. I’d say his inspired selection of ‘Eno Collaboration’ has pretty much clinched the FBL title. Without that 35 point haul, we’d all be quoting Brian Moore come Llangollen: “it’s up for grabs now.”

    23 May 2023

  37. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Note to self: during the summer break we’ll need to revise the rule on decimal places again, to include non-recurring infinite places as well as recurring infinites, and to make sure that anyone who basically gets it right gets rewarded.

    23 May 2023

  38. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    @Niall. Valuable insight and much appreciated. For several years in the noughties, ‘The Light at the End of The Tunnel’ was nearly always the opener, and it did seem that the main reason must be that it it built confidence in some ways that perhaps only one who performs the songs in venues were the levels are not perfect can fully appreciate.

    It would be great to have you on board for some Fantasy Biscuitball. I am going to seriously propose to at least one US contributor and at least one Italian HMHB fan that they join for at least one gig sometime soon, so we can hope to compete for some kind of world championship.

    23 May 2023

  39. EXXO on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    I think it was a valid comment on all levels, and arguably has its place in the thread,
    even if probably irrelevant.

    23 May 2023

  40. dr DEsperate on Pre-Gig Chat (2022-2023 gigs)Go »

    Looking backward to the Newcastle gig on 9 February 2023.

    23 May 2023

  41. IRISH NIALL on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    @EXXO: “Scoring was reasonably healthy, thanks to many jokers played on ‘Chatteris’ and many correct predictions of ‘Light’ as the opener. However especial congratulations to at least 3 of you for picking up the 35 ‘Eno’ points….”

    If I may brazenly bring some technical insight as a man who’s served in these trenches as it were -Light At The End Of The Tunnel, which I’m sure I’ve seen the lads kick off with several times, makes a great intro song for reasons beyond it being a cracker of a tune.
    From a vocalists perspective it’s relatively low register allowing you to warm into things without straining the voice early on.
    Also, unlike the studio version which is “All-in” from the off, they tend to do it slightly differently live, where Nige jangles a B7, does “give me Love, give me Can….” with little more accompaniment than Carl tapping the rims. That low register vocal now serves a second purpose of being a final soundcheck on lead vocal volume in the wedges and the first verse gives space for for Neil and Karl to have a final line-check -building up a little before everyone crashes in full pelt on the chorus. A bit like letting the handbrake off the car and trundle down the hill it just gives everyone a chance to settle in without undue surprises.

    As for Eno Collaboration -man I love that song but we used find it bitchin’ hard to play …well. And if you’re gonna play it you want to do it well. Just needs to be very tight.

    I must join in this fun for Llangollen where fingers crossed I stay lucky and will be in attendance.

    23 May 2023

  42. EXXO on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    Thanks Lux. Corrections and queries are welcome at any point. Not sure how that’s happened as I do try to check & re-check such basic facts.

    10 points to you, 2.5 each to Bad Loser and Mr. Spokesman, both of whom will be kicking themselves about decimal places but especially the latter, who would have had the best individual gig points tally of the season with one more decimal place.

    Apologies to Phyllis T. & Parsfan who lose the 10 & 5 points respectively that had been provisionally awarded.

    23 May 2023

  43. Lux inferior on The HMHB Friday Quiz (Part 2)Go »

    @Exxo – apologies, only just got around to looking at the Edinburgh FBL scores. As we’re counting ‘Consolation Prize’ as part of the set, shouldn’t the % difference be 37.93% (11/29)?

    23 May 2023

  44. dr DEsperate on Suranne JonesGo »

    Currently appearing in new drama for spring ‘Mary(q v)land’ on ITV (q v), set on the Isle of Man (q v). Stockard Channing (q v) holds sway.

    23 May 2023

  45. Transit full of Keith on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    Not intended as a joke, nor as a very serious suggestion, more a grim sarcastic remark. But yes, not funny and the wrong forum for it, so apologies.

    23 May 2023

  46. eric t'viking on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    Haven’t read what Eno has said about the war in Ukraine, but if anyone is interested in a critical view of how we got here from someone who spent a long time studying foriegn policy and global politics, check out George Kennan and his thoughts and predictions about NATO expansion from the 1990s.

    23 May 2023

  47. EXXO on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    Interesting that I took that as a serious comment, leading me to research Eno’s pronouncements for an hour or two, and another Biscuiteer took it as an awful joke, which truly never occurred to me. We are a broad church. And we love cricket.

    22 May 2023

  48. Alice van der meer on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    That is so, so terrible that I shared it with SWMBO.

    22 May 2023

  49. Transit full of Keith on Liquid Room, Edinburgh gig – 19 May 2023Go »

    Can’t help wondering if the appearance of “Eno Collaboration” in the setlist might be a very oblique criticism of Brian’s recent calls to stop arming Ukraine.

    22 May 2023

  50. Hendrix-tattoo on BonoGo »

    Rumour also has it that Dave Evans got his nickname ‘The Edge’ because before he joined U2.
    He used to help his Uncle Seamus who had a Sheep farm in County Laois gather all the Sheep on the Mountain side. And sometimes young Dave would catch one that took his fancy. Take it to the top of the mountain, Grab its hind legs and place them in his green wellies and do something to it. In which you cannot describe in a family newspaper…

    22 May 2023