I was just sitting there eating a salmonella sandwich
When a man walked up to me
“Would you mind, dear sir, if I asked you a question?
If music be the food of love, are you the indigestion?”
Wo-oh ippee ay oh

Found myself standing ‘mongst a score or so of ageing grans and granddads
When a frail voice asked of me:
“Would you mind, dear boy, I just can’t stand all this tension
Please let me in front of you so I can cash me pension”
No-oh ippee ay oh

Frank was going through a state of depression in his bedroom
When he reached out for the jar
He swallowed every last pill and he lay back on his duvet
A Haliborange overdose is perhaps not the right way
To ooh-ooh, to kill yourself

Down beside the babbling brook
I was trying to sketch myself a stallion
When the stallion said to me:
“That’s the third biro that you’ve broke and all day I cannot wait
You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead mate”
Ooh-ooh said the stallion

Me and my girl – sealclubbing
Me and my girl – out on the ice
Me and my girl – sealclubbing
Me and my girl – ooh paradise


Please do let me know if you see any live performance videos for this song on YouTube which haven't been listed below. Thanks!

The System Liverpool 1986, professional video. (11:55@5:47)

Derby 1992, professional video. (10:35@3:25)

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