So you’ve seen our Giant Half Man Half Biscuit Set List Chart and shivered in horror at so many numbers in one place. Now it’s time to see what we can make of it all. The chart covers over 140 gigs from November 2000, and ignores cover versions. Occasionally the set lists might not be 100% accurate, but if you think you see anything odd, that’s what the comments section is for (amongst other things).

Parsfan has created a separate site now – The Half Man Half Biscuit Data Retrieval System – with lots of setlist data – well worth a look. His stats include number of times played, a list of all the songs played in order of how many gigs in a row they’ve been played down to how long ago they were last played, cover versions played and more.

Update January 2020:

The first 33 comments below refer to the chart posted in November 2017. Those stats are now out of date. Scroll to post 34 for any discussion relating to the latest spreadsheet.

This page is an update on an original first posted in 2011, covering the 71 gigs from 2000 to that time. The original comments made on that page can be found here. There was a second version in 2015 – comments made then can be found here. Those of you wishing to play with the statistics and comment below, may like to take a look at those comments first, and see if any of them are worth updating in the new comments section below.