New Song – Frequent Electric Trains

September 2021: Half Man Half Biscuit have contributed a song to the Left Bank Soundtrack animated music walk of Birkenhead in 2021. Frequent Electric Trains appears at the Hamilton Square stop on the walk and we’ve declared it as Song Number 206 in the songbook. More here.

Geoff Davies retires – band to release records themselves

July 2021: The Probe Plus website has announced that “after 40 years, 76 albums and 36 singles on the Probe Plus label, Geoff Davies has finally retired. Probe Plus is no longer signing new artists or releasing any further records, however, all the titles that are still in press are fully available to buy from our online store.”

There have been numerous good wishes to Geoff posted online, including this one from Paddy Shennan and this one from Nige Tassell, both of which link to articles about Geoff’s record retailing career in their respective Twitter threads.

Paddy adds: “I’ve just been talking about him to Nigel (Blackwell), who confirmed HMHB will now be putting out their own records.” More news when we get it, although we’ll probably be the 57th to know.

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Lux Familiar Cup 2019 – The Full Story

Summer 2019: Much for the studio pundits to chew over in our four-yearly tournament to rank all the band’s songs in order. Our eventual winner had clearly been training for four years to be a knockout specialist, as it surged through to win the knockout stage from fifth place in the huge “Baguette Dilemma” Round, where over 1500 people voted in 391,950 random matchups. Read the full story here.

Latest Album Release

May 2018: After a slightly-longer-than-usual gap between albums, the band released that difficult fourteenth album on 18 May 2018, snappily titled No-one Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut and containing 13 tracks. Read everyone’s chat about the album here and see the lyrics here.

Change of Lineup: Karl Benson joins Half Man Half Biscuit

February 2018: Guitarist Ken Hancock last appeared with the band in August 2017, when he was said to be “under the weather”, and has been replaced with Karl Benson.

Karl, who had subbed at a couple of gigs in the past, came on this site to introduce himself after a few people had become confused by previously knowing him under a different (stage) name with another band.

Karl Benson joins Half Man Half Biscuit

Above: Karl Benson (left), with Nigel Blackwell at the Robin 2, Bilston, February 2018