Ode To Joyce

Hey Joyce
Rock and Roll never gave you a voice
It’s never given you so much as a lament
So I went to the store
And I bought a guitar
To bestow this accolade on you
Just you
Not Sally, Carrie Anne or Peggy Sue
I’m going to spend my next half day with a girl called Joyce
Going to possibly stop at Tebay with a girl called Joyce

Hey Joyce
I know you’re not as far out as Ronnie Boyce
And I am aware that you’ve got a few quirks
But it hurts when I hear
All the songs to Maria
When we haven’t really done with J
Or K
Much to my dismay
When the bad gets worse I turn to a girl called Joyce
Gonna lose myself in the thrall of a girl called Joyce

Slower ball…
Paris Fashion week caught me off guard
I was busy with trellising the yard

In a springless cart
On a sunless day
As the laudanum shortage dawns
Two fauns
Lead me through the glade
Where the gods have dumped Diana for a girl called Joyce
And displayed on high is a banner in support of Joyce
And the brook runs crystal clear
And the brook runs crystal clear
And the brook runs crystal clear
And the wind cries Joyce


Please do let me know if you see any live performance videos for this song on YouTube which haven't been listed below. Thanks!

Illustrative slideshow, with several people called Joyce and guitar-playing cats. (02:11)

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