Thanks to Craig Cavanagh for this one. Craig writes: “As a Biscuits fan in exile in Spain and former Birkenhead resident, for a long while now I have had a keen interest in your website. Keen to contribute in any way and after perhaps one too many glasses of sherry, I started toying with the idea of translating some HMHB songs…” Which made me think that if there was any place we could bring the music of HMHB to the world, it’s here, in an obscure corner of a specialist-interest website. So, read Craig’s superb efforts, and if anyone else wants to have a go, in any language, please do. Who knows, we may find ourselves getting traffic from the Swahili, Japanese or Klingon versions of Google soon. No need to tells us what the song is (or indeed the language) …that’s going to be half the fun.