On Passing Lilac Urine

Certain things have always been and ever more shall be
Walking down this country lane I’ll almost guarantee
North south east west, twixt twelve and two
There’s a water board man in a water board van using up his hour in lieu

Don’t get too excited boy, although it’s nearly spring
‘Cos the serpent also hisses where the sweet birds do sing
Some say some day one of these fine nights
The council’s gonna ask Radiohead to switch off Blackpool lights

I’m Slim Shady
I’m the real Slim Shady
The other Slim Shady’s
Gone to play tennis

I keep well away from places where they tend to wear
Glasses I’m certain they don’t really need to wear
Feng Shui? OK, grab the DVD
Keep it upstairs till the bailiff’s been and I’ll make herbal tea


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Illustrative slideshow. (01:44)