Get Kramer

We’ve got Kramer coming over
To produce us
So that we can show off to our specialist friends
Go down to the Falcon in Camden and say
“I’ll have a pint for myself and a pint for the ex-MC5”
Aleister Crowley knew my father, or rather
Business once took Dad up into the glens
Where in a small hotel bar Crowley asked
“Have you got change for the fruit machine chief, I’m all out?”

Dear Mr McGee,
Please find enclosed the latest demo from Liquid Greek. Derided by the mainstream as ‘shoegazing also-rans’, the band have nevertheless persevered with their off-kilter-or-nothing policy in the hope that someone like your good self will eventually realise, and thus promote, this violent yet ultimately beautiful genre which we have dubbed ‘new noise’. The first track is based upon the high-pitched lamentations of an unbalanced Lincoln woman, who nurses injured buzzards back to health inside her dead child’s wardrobe. We hope you like it.
Yours sincerely,
Liquid Greek
PS – We don’t like sport of any kind, and friends at school were very much thin on the ground

This land is my land
This land is not your land
So please get off now or I’ll go and fetch the farm hand
And he will come running in a red cap-sleeve T-shirt
And a West Country smile that says “I’ll give you Kick Out The Jams”


Please do let me know if you see any live performance videos for this song on YouTube which haven't been listed below. Thanks!

Fan Video, Peel Session version. (3:23)