Soft Verges

So I’m walking down the road
And heading towards me
Is somebody I know
But not like a brother
He’s seen me, and we both realise
That we’re going to have to put into operation
The tricky manoeuvre that is
Acknowledgement without breaking stride
So I keep my eyes fixed firmly on the ground
‘Til I get within ten or so feet away
With a nod of the head
And a timely hello
I can carry on walking
Don’t wanna get talking
Rule number one – carry on walking
And anyway I don’t know his name
And if I were to guess
I’d guess it all wrong
And I’d be there for a long time

How’s it going, where’re you living
Do you still see much of Steve?
Are you married, are you working
Do you still drink in The Swan?

Inside back page, Radio Times
“My Kind Of Day” with the actors and actresses…
I get up about six, and I have a cold shower
Switch on “Today”, Vitamin C
Write some letters ’til quarter past eight
When Olivia takes Oliver to school
It’s about an hour’s drive
To Shepperton from ours
So I go through the scripts in the back of the car
And if I get hungry I’ll eat a Multigrain bar

Weekends are good we can walk the South Downs as a family

But of course what most people never realise
Is that us poor actors are out of work
For ninety percent of the time

Yes of course I must have missed you
At the Job Club yesterday
Maybe you were signing on
Or finding out about free school meals

Gary doesn’t live here anymore
Gary doesn’t live here anymore
Gary doesn’t live here anymore
Gary took a dive from the second floor


Please do let me know if you see any live performance videos for this song on YouTube which haven't been listed below. Thanks!

No video, lyrics only. (05:53)

Fabulous "Amen Injection Mix" by Toastkid. (05:31)