Split Single With Happy Lounge Labelmates

I lost my Barbour
In Twickenham car park
Seems I was fazed by
My Varsity Gal
Through Donald Sinden’s
Theatrical memories
We laughed a while
Until Libby had to go home

I left my Chomsky
At the Waterstones book launch
Umberto Eco
Iranian crepes
Great Uncle Corduroy
Invited us down to his gite
Fresh bread, Kaleidoscope
Kinder Scout and Mam Tor

I blew my Giro
On debts and essentials
Cosi Fan Tutte
I’ll miss you again
I asked for water
They sent me a final demand
Placepot Uttoxeter
Down by one thirty-five


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Illustrative slideshow. (02:11)

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