(Photo: H is for Half Man Half Biscuit on YouTube)

Geoff Davies (1943–2023) was one of the most important figures in the Liverpool post-punk music scene. He will be much missed by everyone with memories of his record shop, the Probe Plus record label and his extraordinary personality.

The obituary we were hoping for

Journalist Paddy Shennan may have left the Liverpool Echo three years ago, but he was the first and only person to turn to for a newspaper obituary about Geoff. Tributes in the piece come from Geoff’s second wife, Anne; HMHB Merch Stand stalwart Miles Holmes; and of course Nigel Blackwell. Read it here.

Tributes online

There have been far too many to list. Here was one of the first.

Listen to Geoff’s story in his own words

“Stop me here if I keep waffling away and give you my whole life story!”

Here’s Geoff talking about Probe and playing tracks from the label on Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire in 2009. A tremendous hour’s listen.

And here’s 25 minutes of Geoff talking to Paul Skillen:

Read more about Geoff’s life

“The King of Liverpool’s Punk Rock Counterculture”
– Interview with Geoff by Nige Tassell in The Word magazine, 2011.

A few words on Geoff’s retirement
– A tribute written by Paddy Shennan for the Probe Plus website when Geoff retired.