Bit of a PBR, this one, because I met an ex-teacher of mine in our city’s swanky new library the other day, and she was paying the fines through the groovy automated machines for a couple of books which appeared to be nine weeks overdue. Anyway, I Love You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves) wasn’t as successful as many other HMHB songs at seeing the back of its protagonists: Jim Reeves had already been dead for many years, Peggy Mount soldiered on for another 15, and Tony Bastable managed over 20, although at 62 you could say his passing was an unexpectedly early walk back to the pavilion. The song also features a rare example of some NSFW language (well, a word) which NB57 appeared to get out of his system very early on. Thanks to Tony, Martin, Nigel and EskimoEric

Update: as Charles Exford points out below there’s plenty of “down-to-earth match-going English” in subsequent albums. Maybe it just doesn’t jar as much as it does with lesser songwriters, and therefore you hardly notice it. That’s my defence anyway.

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