I’m getting all misty-eyed with nostalgia adding the lyrics from the first album. Only two more songs to go after this, and (I think) the whole Project thing is complete; if you didn’t notice kids, we finished the other albums some time back. I aim to get the last song on the site in time for the forthcoming silver jubilee of Back In The DHSS: not long now before my publishing output’s all barren. Until a new album comes along, anyway – and we’ve got a head start on that. Anyway, here we go with 99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd – a shoo-in, I’d have thought, into the top ten best-known and most widely-quoted HMHB songs of all time. Mr Todd slips comfortably into the top twenty of those who shuffled off the quickest after getting a mention, oddly going just months after both of his sidekicks Benny Hill and Spike Milligan. Thanks to Nigel, Tony and Martin

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