Thanks to Vendor of Quack Nostrums, here’s the edited version of Nigel’s appearance on Roger Hill’s BBC Radio Merseyside alternative music show, Pure Musical Sensations, 2 October 2011, discussing protest songs. I guess that at over 35 minutes of speech, it’s by far the most any of us have ever heard of NB57.

Pure Musical Sensations, 2 October 2011

The music has been removed to avoid any copyright, er, protests, but thanks to our YouTube maestro Acidic Regulator for this “set list” of the songs under discussion:

Lal & Mike Waterson – Never The Same

Woody Guthrie – Mean talking blues

Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect device
Billy Bennett – She was poor but she was honest

Neil Young – Southern Man

Lord Kitchener – My landlady
Randy Newman – Louisiana 1927

Pete Seeger – Waist-deep in the big muddy

Old Man Atom – The sons of the pioneers

Poison Girls – Take the toys from the boys