My Outstretched Arms by Half Man Half Biscuit (2014) discussed...

Perhaps the only song to feature what in filmmaking terms would be called a “montage” — with (presumably) several months condensed into four wonderfully pithy lines as the protagonist undergoes the transformation from seven-stone weakling to muscle-bound Adonis (or so he would have us believe) — My Outstretched Arms is a wonderful tale of self-delusion and hubris. Much of the humour comes from the counterpoint between the protagonist’s overblown sense of self-importance and the bored impatience of the half-hearted object of his affections.

In his mind — and with the male and female roles reversed — he is Semele to her Zeus, unable to endure the radiance of her immortal beauty (Ray-Bans notwithstanding). But this is no Greek tragedy: the song merely ends comically, with the protagonist prostrating himself at her feet in characteristically melodramatic fashion. He’s found out the hard way that if you’re giving quarter to three and all you’re getting back is five forty-five, a happy ending in Thwaite is never going to be on the cards.

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