Twenty Four Hour Garage People by Half Man Half Biscuit (2000) discussed...

The singer claims to have committed, shortly after visiting a British prehistoric site, an allotment-related arson attack against a despised adversary. This, and the subsequent flights of fancy, are most likely imaginary: the singer claims to have bought a hyperbolic paraboloidal potato-based snack item in a flavour which has never existed; and has given inconsistent accounts of its price, of what else he bought, and of whether or not he encountered anyone he knew while making his purchases. It is conceivable that several incidents have been conflated, but even so it remains open to question as to whether different sheds have been set afire or the same one repeatedly. The fact that the garage never stocks Three Cheese and Spring Onion Sandwiches raises doubts among some researchers about the plausibility and veracity of the tale.

The lyrics and the music quote two songs famously recorded by Lead Belly (or if you prefer, LeadBelly or Leadbelly – don’t get me started…) – Rock Island Line and In The Pines. The singer may, however, have first been exposed to the cover version of the former, by British cover version artist Lonnie Donegan.

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