Jarg Armani might be a bit of a thrash, but it hides illicit vanloads of subtlety, including religious imagery, footy and some real Scouse stuff. And it may well have put the final nail in NTL’s coffin. According to my correspondent, the word ‘Jarg’ is used in Liverpool and Birkenhead as a precise synonym of ‘fake’: fake designer goods, fake footy tops, fake tickets, even fake people. ‘Snide’ is similar but even more negative with its implications of disloyalty and betrayal. I’ve noticed on Merseyside footy sites that ‘jarg’ recently became one of those ‘look at me I talk more Scouse than you’ words used to establish that you’re part of the in-crowd, and its use has at least quintupled in about the last five years. See, this site is educational too. Thanks to Charles Exford, EskimoEric and Neil

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