Well, much to discuss about Joy In Leeuwarden (We Are Ready). Firstly, those sleeve notes: “Written by Henny Wassenaar and Corien Steenstra. The original version of this song was entered into a competition to celebrate the arrival of the 2010 European Korfball Championships in Leeuwarden, Netherlands (it came second but in the words of town mayor Ferd Crone – “it should have won and as a consequence of it not doing so I have much spite towards the victor”). All sounds plausible, but then again, NB57 can’t complain about any skepticism, being very much a boy who cried wolf. I’m sure the truth will come out, some way down in the comments below. Henny, Corien and Ferd all exist, that’s for sure. Not sure about Alice van der Meer, or Uncle Rudy/Rudi/Ruudi. You’ll have your own opinions. Thanks to Gregg Z and Third Rate Les.

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