Welcome to the The Lux Familiar Cup 2015. Four years on from our previous event, it’s time to see if we still have the same favourite songs.

The Baguette Dilemma (Qualifying) Round: The Voting

(See discussion on this page below). In which we decide to have a massive qualifying round where voters get randomly-selected pairs of songs. And what everyone was thinking as they voted.

The Baguette Dilemma (Qualifying) Round: The Results

In which we reveal the massive table of how the 192 songs performed in the head-to-heads, and which 32 songs qualified for the next round. We then devise an ingenious method of drawing the last 32.

The Last 32: The Voting

In which the draw for the last 32 is revealed, and the real agonising decisions begin. “Some tasty fixtures here”, observes Half Man Half Bike. “I just can’t watch!” says Loop.

The Last 32: The Results

In which we reveal the songs which went to all the effort of getting through the qualifying round, only to fall at the next hurdle. One or two surprises in there.

The Last 16: The Voting

In which we shadowed the real draw for for the FA Cup 2nd Round to make our own lineup. “I’d say most of those are too close to call”, says Gok Wan Acolyte.

The Last 16: The Results

In which we reveal the songs which made it through to the quarter-finals, and the plucky eight which did so well to get this far, really they did.

Quarter Finals: The Voting

In which we devise an even more fiendishly over-complex method of pulling balls out of a bag. “Hearts are going to be broken at every turn from hereon in”, says Two Fat Feet.

Quarter Finals: The Results

In which we realise that every song is a winner, just for taking part. But who’d want to go go out at this stage? Find out which four songs reached the semi-finals.

Semi Finals: The Voting

In which we go to a neutral venue, of course, but not Wembley. Just like in the old days. Featuring an outstanding preview by Paddy Shennan. Probably.

Semi Finals: The Results

In which two great songs fall by the wayside at that most heartbreaking of moments. “Feels like the final everyone wanted has been drawn a round early”, says Kendo Nagasaki.

The Final: The Voting

“It is the UK’s new national anthem as far as I’m concerned” vs “Simply genius couplet after genius couplet – almost every line is a gem”. It’s Shite vs Light. Over to you…

The Final: The Result

In which we had a clear winner, but it didn’t go to form, based on the Baguette Dilemma round…