The Draw

Oblong of DreamsvEverything’s AOR

And so we get to elect a new Favourite Song. In the red-and-white striped corner, perennial contender Everything’s AOR, closing song from the band’s third studio album, 1991’s McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt. It made the round of 32 in our 2011 tournament, the semi-finals in 2015 (both times losing to National Shite Day) and the quarter finals in 2019 (losing to Light at the End of the Tunnel). In the Voltarol-coloured corner, Oblong of Dreams, closing song from the band’s most recent album, in its first tournament, putting in the strongest ever performance for a new song. Both are massive gig favourites, with Everything’s AOR having been performed in 62 of the last 64 gigs, and Oblong of Dreams in all 17 gigs since it was first heard live. The brilliant Half Man Half Biscuit Data Retrieval System site has loads of live versions of both songs to choose from, but here’s a great example of each if it helps with your deliberations.

If you have a definite favourite and would like to explain its genius, please free to do so in the comments below. You never know, it might persuade a few people!

Oblong of Dreams

Everything’s AOR