TV schedules are thrown into chaos as both matches go into extra-time; cue Motty apologising “to those of you who’ve tuned in to watch Tommy Walsh’s Eco House, this programme will now be shown at a later date.” Fittingly, for four cracking semi-finalists, both matches were won by the tightest of margins. From the comments on the voting pages, it would have been a brave punter to have staked much on either outcome. But in the end, our finalists are the song which, I suspect, the most people would have predicted would have got there, against the one which has generated the most discussion on the road to Wembley. Now off down the pub, all of you, because the final’s been sold to ESPN.

The Trumpton Riots138v154A Country Practice
The Light at the End of the Tunnel (is the Light of an Oncoming Train)135v142For What Is Chatteris…

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