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A Country Practice (1998)
For What Is Chatteris… (2005)

And so we face the final curtain. It would be unfair of me to write anything here other than to list the facts, and put in videos of both songs.

A Country Practice won its group stage by a country mile, and had the 6th best performance of any song while doing so, with 57% of the voters for Four Lads giving it their vote of approval. It then went on a progressively more difficult route to the final, beating Irk The Purists, Tending The Wrong Grave, Them’s The Vagaries and The Trumpton Riots.

For What Is Chatteris… also won its qualifying group comfortably, despite Achtung Bono being the only album to get four songs into the last 32, and therefore staking a claim to being the strongest album of all. With 63% of the voters of that album supporting it, the song was the 2nd best performer in the whole of the group stages. It then had a consistently tough path to the final, beating 24-Hour Garage People, National Shite Day, Evening of Swing and The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

If you need reminding of the songs, the videos are below. If you’d like to immerse yourselves in the lyrical joy of either, click on the song titles above, and the “comments and corrections” links on those pages to read the long discussions we had about the songs while nailing the lyrics.

UPDATE: Voting is now closed. Result here.