Awkward Sean

Keith Muldoon said he was dead
Murdered by a giraffe
Christine Payne said: “No he’s alive,
He lives in Haverfordwest”
Chemtrail Brian has him in York
Getting dragged out of the Ouse
AirWair boots, surgical gown
Counter-majority views
Awkward Sean
Awkward Sean
Urbex Sean
Hatchback Sean

We had Slade, we had The Sweet
Sean had Chicory Tip
We thought Cruyff, Pelé or Best
Sean thought Müller or Maier
We played pool, he would arrange
Beer mats into a tower
That’s him there, stood at the back
Next to Anthony Power
Awkward Sean
Awkward Sean
Semtex Sean
Home End Sean

You’d call round but never go in
He’d always keep you for ages on the step
As Old Joe over the road
Pointed up at the roof
I once heard Jennifer Hughes
Claim she’d been in the hallway and it stank
And Old Joe was over the road
Pointing up at the roof

Awkward Sean, are you alive?
Are you still of a mind? (Awkward Sean)
Javelin, discus, hammer and shot,
20-kilometre walk (Awkward Sean)
Pop-Tart Mark, King of the Arch
Swears down you were the best (Awkward Sean)
And Christine Payne is probably wrong
I bet you live in Haverfordeast!
Awkward Sean
Awkward Sean
Abstract Sean
Toe Clip Sean
Red Star Sean
Kwai Chang Sean
Night Time Sean
Rooftop Sean