Big Man Up Front

He came out of the lunch club for the morally impaired
Got into an SUV to drive the mile home
Through a park in bloom

Quick kiss on the forehead for his wife and Georgia Mae
Upstairs for his gym bag, the dog gets in his way
So his fist connects
He’s hard as nails

Downstairs and out back through the park
And she was walking through the park
In bloom

No-one ever loved her, nobody took her hand
Bore her mother’s dominance, suffered each demand
It was life without

Edgar made it tolerable, but Edgar’s in the ground
Now it’s ‘Doctors’, maybe ‘Father Brown’
It stays her thoughts
Keeps her from the brink

And he was driving through the park
As she was walking through the park

And the twain converged
And Jeep boy was out of there
And the siren’s wail
Drowned out the sound
Of the gym bag’s whine

Red lights on the dashboard, red lights on his mind
Red light up ahead, his panic now is blind
Yet the chase appeals

Across the roundabout to The Chiffons’ “He’s so fine”
Straight through McDonald’s, at least he read the sign
Ketchup everywhere
Blood on his hands

Cold truth reports that he was spared
I cursed the airbag when I heard