Token Covid Song

Most folk wrap their heads around it and cope
Others simply cross their fingers and hope
Some work every day
To keep us out the fray
Everybody striving for the cause

But Lockdown Luke just had to fetch his guitar
Lockdown Luke social media star
Eggs are eggs
That’s the truth and what’s more
There’s no show without Punch
And Lockdown Luke

Lockdown Luke is on the regional news
Sings his thing and laps up all the reviews
And as poor Jim succumbs
Luke adds up his thumbs
Was it for this the clay grew tall?

Lockdown Luke curing all from afar
Lockdown Luke for when you feel below par
Desperate Dan you’re absolutely dethroned
‘Cos twelve million likes
Lockdown Luke

You bowled your maiden over
You’re our white cliffs of Dover
We are Walmington-on-Sea

God fled when God saw the bread queues
But fear not ‘cos here’s Julie Andrews
Luke will lead us through

People craving gigs and beers with their mates
And wondering when they’ll get beyond the front gates
Some will learn to cook
Some may read a book
And you-know-who will have more songs to sing

Lockdown Luke acting out his wet dream
Lockdown Luke attention seeker supreme
Lockdown Luke for you the hills are alive
Do-re-mi-me-me Lockdown Luke
Do-re-mi-me-me Lockdown Luke
Do-re-mi so far up your own arse