Thanks to the magnificent efforts of numerous contributors to the Guest List page at Gez’s Half Man Half Biscuit site, the web has set lists for the band’s gigs for many years, including a continuous run since November 2000. A gallant bunch of regulars on this site (listed below) helped to add the listings from that run to a giant spreadsheet, which is featured here (you may need a large screen to take it all in!). We may update it in the future, but for now, enjoy our big grid of numbers, and don’t forget to move on to the full discussion, which is here.

Click on the image below to open the spreadsheet as a Google Sheets document. Full discussion here.

Thanks to aiwacat, Andy Harvey, Arthur Lowe, chedgzoy, Chris Gill, Dave Wiggins, David G, Eugene C, Floreat Ultonia, Gregg Z., Hagerty F., Jamie Mackie, Jeff Dreadnought, Lee Superflyingbiscuit, Lee’s Twenty First, Leigh Hunt, Nick Howe, Nigel Herron, Nigel S, Paul B, Peter French, Philip Taylor, Phillip W, Rich Wood, Simon Walpole, Stephen Wilson, Toerag and Vendor of Quack Nostrums for their work. Silver Biscuit Award to Simon P for the 2015 update, to Rob MacD for the 2017/18 update and to Charles Exford for the 2020 and 2022 updates.

Site regular Parsfan has created (and is maintaining) the Half Man Half Biscuit Data Retrieval System, which is an even nicer way of looking at the setlists, and his collection of associated video links is very nice. He introduces it here.