With Goth On Our Side

Well my name it is Dai Young
I’m the King of Welsh Goth
The village I come from
Is near Abersoch
I was brought up on Bauhaus
And black bedroom walls
And I had my first Snakebite
When I was in halls

Now the graveyard is calling
The sky’s getting greyer
I’ll drink the warm blood of
The Borough Surveyor
And I’ll murder the verger
I’ve seen how he gawps
And I’ll write on his headstone:
“Here lies Jones the Corpse”

Now my overweight girlfriend
She sits and she crimps
Her mother’s convinced she’s
Communing with imps
Her brother’s alright though
He’s a good lad is Wilf
‘Cos he’s into Placebo
And Cradle Of Filth

At my gig up in Butlins
The Redcoats complained
They tried to remove me
The bottles they rained
But for the first time in history
I didn’t run and hide
And the scousers in shellsuits
Had goths on their side

Now this land of my fathers
It don’t suit my needs
I’d rather be some place
Like Bradford or Leeds
Where the Gipton teenagers
Could meet in my shed
For advice on mascara
And all things undead

Now my left index finger
Is nine inches long
It’s hovering over
A world that’s gone wrong
Ask me to Prestatyn
And that’s what I’ll do
And we’ll all die together
And Dylan can’t sue


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