CD (PROBE71), 20 October 2014

Seeds Records“Urge For Offal” at Seeds Records.

Album Reviews

“As fans will happily anticipate, Urge For Offal presents folk and punk rock-informed commentaries that wittily fixate on the pedantic surface to better reach the truths below” ★★★★
Ian Harrison, Mojo

“In a too often sterile and ugly world, we need someone to come along regularly and remind us that essentially we all inhabit the same strange and ridiculous reality and that it’s the odder details that are worth laughing at or crying along to.
Mark Whitby, Louder Than War

“Though Urge For Offal may feel a bit like Half Man Half Biscuit by-numbers, it acts as a reminder of what they represent. And that is something that be celebrated, albeit quietly.”
Luke Slater, The Quietus

“If Blackwell reminds me of any other songwriter, it has to be Jonathan Richman above all – simply incapable of taking himself seriously, or for that matter of taking himself any one way at any one time.”
Charles Exford, The Uffington Post blog

“The increased emphasis on guitars means that Urge for Offal is a considerably more accessible album for newcomers to HMHB and that’s no bad thing, as they deserve to finally have recognition as one of the UK’s greatest bands.”
Jon B, Backseat Mafia

“Urge for Offal, just like the rest of their catalogue, puts the emphasis on great songwriting, both in terms of melody and lyric, and in that sense it doesn’t disappoint.”
Nathan Richardson, the Nathan Richardson blog

“They may have a foot planted more firmly than usual in late night radio’s glorious past, but that’s sort of why us silly old sods listen to them and still take them so readily and happily to heart.”
The Six Days From Tomorrow blog

“During the recent World Series, viewers were subjected to a 30 second U2 spot during each commercial break. In moments like this the knowledge that somewhere in England’s north-west HMHB are preparing a new release is all that can stop you from binning music off altogether.”
Stephen Duffy, the StephenDuffyMedia blog

“It’s like a cryptic crossword of trivia set to music. Or like he’s setting us homework. But fun homework. I’m discovering more on each listen – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”
Nick Walters, the It Scarcely Seems Possible blog

“It is very good, but it’s not quite a ‘McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt’, as if that was in some way a criticism. After all, it’s like Doctor Who – you’re attached to your first one in a way unlike any others.”
John Dobson, the Dukla Prague Away Kit blog