Mileage Chart

I was about to buy de-icer
Check the pressure on my tyres
Burn a country compilation
Take Elaine to Mr Squires’

But how sincere were my intentions?
Was it all a rush of blood?
Without a friend around to guide me
It was you who understood

Those travel sweets so hard to open
The matrix sign near Arley Hall
To use or not to use the toll road
‘cos after Stoke it starts to crawl
And it crawls
And I’d be far from overkeen
Based upon those calculations
I stayed at home

You showed me distance in between
Mileage chart
It’s good you’re here to intervene
Mileage chart
I think you’ve changed the way I feel
Concrete heart
You showed me Ullapool to Deal
Mileage chart

In limiting my aspirations
A quiet happiness ensues
I never tried to reach for the stars
I never had platform shoes

Should I get too enthusiastic
Should my head begin to spin
Your brutal numerals appal me
And quickly douse the flame within

Armageddon notwithstanding
In Lower Nowhere I will stay
For higher calling and tomorrow
I couldn’t give an ETA
Come what may
I know you’ll never let me down
I looked across and found the answer
It’s six three five

I’ve got the distance in between
Mileage chart
Nobody knows what might have been
Mileage chart
The motive now is solid steel
Climate change
You’ve gone and locked my steering wheel
Mileage chart
Mileage chart
Mileage chart


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