After some magnificent research in summer 2012 by site regular Acidic Regulator, we have found videos to run alongside the lyrics of almost every song on this site, ranging from live performances to slideshows. Of course, watching YouTube videos instead of buying the music is something only done by eight-year-olds, so if you want the song, buy it, you cheapskate.

Anyway, over to Acidic Regulator, who writes:

“This is an attempt to catalogue all (ha!) HMHB-related videos available on YouTube, with links and brief comments. I haven’t included credits; if they exist, you’ll find them with the video. The music is the commercial recording except where noted. The comments are, I hope, objective: what I like, others may not, and so on, and I certainly don’t want to denigrate anyone who has taken the trouble to upload something – especially anyone who might have been disappointed with what they’d recorded at a gig but uploaded it anyway. Some of us weren’t there.

“The inevitable asterisk. I was very tempted to exclude videos which are nothing more than uploads of commercially-available tracks. Musicians deserve to get paid. But I felt it better to include everything, for the sake of completeness; and because in the case of this band, I think they’re more likely to attract new fans rather than to enable people to compile free collections. (On the other hand, I have flagged the full upload of This Leaden Pall as Inappropriate, and “Disliked” it. Join me if you agree.)

“There are no links to originals of cover versions. You should be able to find them yourself, and in some cases there is, or may be, doubt over the true original. If you think you’ve nailed down an original source, post it in the song’s Comments and Corrections thread.

“If a timing is a second or two out, don’t blame me, blame YouTube – it can change. A timing like 1:00@0:00 indicates that a video contains more than a single song, such as other song(s), clips, interviews, banter, etc., sometimes irrelevant. Only complete or near-complete songs have individual listings.

“Gig recordings are amateur videos except where noted. The distinction between amateur and professional videos isn’t meant to be personal. If a video has clear views from two or more steady cameras, it’s professional. If it has views of the back of someone’s neck or of the floor, it’s amateur. Anything between is a judgment call. “No video” means two pics or fewer, anything more attracts a comment. There are no comments on video quality, you’re here to listen, right? “Poor sound” = moderate distortion and/or some dropouts (making allowances for live recordings); “Very poor sound” = severe distortion and/or one channel silent.

“Dates have been completed or corrected, where necessary, by referring to this and to Gez’s websites. They are by no means guaranteed to be right; if you know better, say so. One or two remain untraceable, so if you know what they are … well you know what to do. BTW, to those people who identified their uploads with accurate place and date information, thank you, and to those who didn’t…”

Additions, corrections, and clarifications would be very welcome. Email me. And once again thanks to Acidic Regulator for hours retrieving the links from YouTube.

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