So I’m lost in the fog
But I feel like a hundred thousand pounds
Because I ain’t got a job
Talking audio visual multimedia
Market forces in the workplace
Business management desktop consultancy
It’s the Chief Executive, fresh from Reykjavik
Motivation relocation
Target achievement supervisory
Maximising your potential
Audit sales team interpersonal
Client data validation
Type fast accurate service customer
Human Resources
Finance development keyboard millennium
Full-time negotiator
5.1 WordPerfect applicant
Continued expansion
Systems purchase challenging environment
Candidate enthusiastic
Thriving driving flexible initiative
Enterprising innovation
Hands-on profile, hands off Angela
Temporary secretary
Drunk on Ferris Wheel McCartney Hogmanay
Organising and recruiting
Spreadsheets costing variance analysis
Field support communication
Direct powerful retail growth
You stick your input in, your output out
Co-ordinate your strategy and shake it all about
And oh oh-oh-oh, here’s the bottom line
I’ll not be taken on board at this present moment in time


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