We’ll kick off with Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis. This was probably the one which started it all off for me. I knew all the 1986 stuff, of course, but sometime at the start of the nineties I took my girlfriend to what I thought was a comedy gig. The memory is very hazy, but the headline act was someone like Attila The Stockbroker. However, I was gradually captivated by the support band, who raced through so many brilliant cultural references during their set that I could hardly remember any of them afterwards. Soon afterwards I heard – probably on John Peel’s show – Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis and clearly recalled that particular reference during the live gig I’d heard. So the band was Half Man Half Biscuit! It must have been about the time McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt was released.

Lyrics of Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis