Moody Chops by Half Man Half Biscuit (1998) discussed...

Moody Chops is about all those musicians who continue to play the impoverished, tortured artist even when they’re on the way to sharing G&Ts in the Long Room with Mick and Sir Tim. Or at least that’s how I’ve always read it. One or two people seem to think it’s specifically about asexual vegetarian knobhead Morrissey; which is unlikely, because NB10 is never scared to name names when he’s putting the boot in. And by the way, the Dutch were never going to decide they could reclaim the IJsselmeer after all, and achieve it in six years, by 2003. Apparently.

The quote from Jimmy Rodgers’ Blue Yodel #1 (T For Texas) links the song both to A Country Practice (which also quotes it) and to Tyrolean Knockabout (“Let’s hear it for the brakeman, without him I’d have to find more words – Yodelay-ee-hoo”).

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