• CD (RMQUALTROUGHCD001), 25 February 2022

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  • “Nigel is genuinely one of the best songwriters that we have. His observations are always funny and tragic and true. They are genuinely still as good as they ever were. Every moment of triumph just lifts you that little bit higher because he’s building something. He’s built this body of work. There’s a poetic side to this because he really chooses every single word so carefully.” – Ian Harrison, Mojo, on The Culture Bunker podcast (44m 30s)
  • “Every four years a Half Man Half Biscuit album turns up and I’m just absolutely delighted. I’ve listened to a lot of Half Man Half Biscuit obviously, and I think this really is one of the best ones.” – Andrew Harrison on The Culture Bunker podcast (44m 20s)
  • “There are gags aplenty, and the laughs are reliably deadpan and mordant, but there are also intense moments of introspection; it’s quite bleak in places. Maybe that’s what the last couple of years have done for us all. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it; it wouldn’t be the first time, I suppose. No matter, the world is a better place for having more Half Man Half Biscuit in it, and that’s a fact. Right now, I’ll take that.” – Darren Stephens on Medium
  • “Overall… the Biscuits offer a smile, a song and an escape from the advancing years – as long as you don’t think about it too much.” – Stuart McHugh in The Star, Sheffield
  • “At a time when genuine working class voices are being more and more marginalised across the arts, you wonder how many more voices like Blackwell’s we are likely to hear in the future, or whether somebody of his ilk would be given the space and time to cultivate such a body of work.” – Ben Lowes-Smith in Tribune magazine