Results to follow soon.

And we’re off! Voting in The Lux Familiar Cup 2023: Baguette Dilemma Round is open for 4 weeks from Sunday 14 May to Sunday 11 June 2023. If you weren’t around in 2019, 2015 or 2011, this round is pretty straightforward. You’ll be presented with two songs. Simply click on the one you prefer. That’s all there is to it! You’ll then get a chance to do it again. And again. And again.

If you don’t know one of the songs, please click ‘skip’, even if you have strong opinions about the other song. Only vote if you know both songs, and have a preference. Give up whenever you like. Come back later and do some more.

If you want to listen to any of the songs before voting…

there’s an index to them on Spotify here

and an index to them on YouTube here

Note: CtSO reserves the right to cancel ALL the votes from anyone who votes a ridiculous number of times. Ten votes is fine. A hundred is fine. Even a thousand, if you’re enjoying it that much. But 10,000, as someone with nothing better to do tried last time? That’s a no from us. This is supposed to be just a bit of harmless fun. There are 220 songs, and you won’t see the same song many times, so the chances of you being able to vote a specific song into or out of the top 32 are pretty minimal.

What happens next?

Scoring will be by win percentage, excluding skipped matches. After the voting closes, 32 songs will qualify for the knockout stages starting later in the summer. These will consist of the highest-scoring 6 songs from each of these eras in the band’s history: 1985–1993, 1995–2000, 2001–2008, and 2011–2022 (all have about the same number of songs) …joined by the 8 songs with the highest scores not qualifying through the process above.